Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Appleyard London Flowers

Appleyard Flowers, Appleyard London Flowers, Appleyard Flowers blog, Appleyard flowers review
Appleyard Flowers, Appleyard London Flowers, Appleyard Flowers blog, Appleyard flowers review
Appleyard Flowers, Appleyard London Flowers, Appleyard Flowers blog, Appleyard flowers review
Appleyard Rose Envy Flowers*

I will be honest, and say there was a time where flowers would never excite me. If you wanted to buy me a gift flowers were never the top of said list. However over the past few years I have really grown to love flowers, and their beauty. So when Appleyard London asked if I'd like to review their luxury flowers I jumped at the chance!

I was instantly drawn to their Rose Envy bouquet which hosts a beautiful mix of versilla roses, memory lane roses and deep red roses nestled between glossy red berries and blue veronica. I will be honest in saying I was a little worried about how I would receive these as I know there are some companies who don't package their bouquets brilliantly, resulting in the flowers being damaged. However I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the measures they go to, to ensure that your bouquet is delivered without being damaged.

Onto the bouquet itself, and as you can see it's absolutely stunning, I adore the range of colours within and really stands out and brightens my living room. The arrangement of flowers and berries makes a stunning bouquet, that not only looks fresh and pretty but is very fragrant - instantly filling the room. The choice of colours make the perfect Autumn flowers, and the roses included in the bouquet are beautiful, I know roses can sometimes be very hit and miss but you can definitely tell the luxury quality of these. 

Appleyard's delivery service offers next day flowers alongside a nominated delivery day. This meant that my flowers were ordered on the Thursday and arrived swiftly on the friday, with the quick delivery it meant that I could fully bask in the beauty of the flowers, before having to throw them away.

Overall Appleyard go the extra mile with their beautiful flowers, and you can see this from the detailing of the flowers to ensuring that your flowers are delivered to your door in the time stated. Prices range from £22 upwards, and you can choose the size of your bouquet, meaning there are flowers for every recipient and occasion. Appleyard are currently offering you lovely lot 33% off their bouquets with the code GIFT33 - why not brighten someone's day with these beautiful flowers!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Leighton Denny Giveaway

For the release of Leighton Denny's Light and Dark perfume I've managed to get my hands on one to giveaway to my lovely readers. Light and Dark is designed for women who are looking for something out of the ordinary, this scent is described as a wild, mysterious and intoxicating smell and contains top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, peach and white pepper. 

On a side note, as October is breast cancer awareness month Leighton Denny will be donating 20% of product sales to this worthwhile cause. 

Onto the T's and C's:

The prize contains Leighton Denny's Light and Dark fragrance
Open to UK residents only (sorry!)
The giveaway will end on October 4th
To enter use the Rafflecopter widget below

Finally, good luck!

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Salon Science Haircare

Haircare is something that over the years I haven't been too fussed about and would go about my day using any old product. However it is only until recently that I have noticed I am no longer able to do this, and some products have had really bad affects on both my hair and scalp - which means I am a lot more careful in picking haircare products. So I was excited when an email popped in my inbox to try the new Salon Science range. 

Salon Science are a new haircare brand which has just launched in Boots, and the collection consists of 18 products that use plant stem cells and bio-active technology within the formulations. The range is split into four different collections, each devised to tackle specific hair or scalp problems by using one key active ingredient. I have been trying a mixture of their AquaCacteen range which is designed to help with scalp relief and their Swiss Grape range which is designed to help repair and add radiance to the hair. 

The Hydrasorb Intensive Masque* is an intensive scalp purifying treatment which contains anti-irritant actives and compounds of a rare organic cactus to help saturate the scalp with high levels of moisture, allowing your hair to feel instantly radiated. I only popped this on for 10 minutes and after the first use it began to soothe my scalp, and once washed out it left my hair looking really glossy whilst my scalp and hair felt nourished without a hint of flakiness. On another note you only need a small amount of this in your hair, which means that the tub will last quite a while - always a bonus. 

The Hydraluxe Shampoo* and conditioner* are soothing and refreshing cleansers that are formulated to target dry, flaky and distressed scalps. The hydraluxe shampoo is actually one of my favourite products from this range, as a sufferer of a dry, sore and flaky scalp this shampoo is a miracle in a tube. First things first, you only need a pea sized amount of both the shampoo and conditioner to fully cover your hair and scalp so once again the bottles are going to last a good while. There are hints of mint in this shampoo, which is nice as this acts as a cooling stimulant and it never leaves an unpleasant or irritating feeling. After a couple of washes this really helps curb my flaky scalp and leaves my scalp feeling great - no pain or dandruff in sight! All in all both products are very similar in what they do and their results, and when used together give amazing results to what was once a very sore scalp.

Onto the reprotectant thermal creme*, which is another must have item for me. As an avid user of hairdryers/straighteners and curlers a thermal creme or spray is a must have! The thermal creme contains a powerful antioxidant complex that binds to the hairs surface for advance protection, whilst using vitamin E antioxidants and UV filters for protection against daily environmental stress. This was my first experience of using a thermal creme and to begin with I was a little worried incase it made my hair greasy, but that wasn't the case. Instead my hair felt really soft and protected when using heat, as those with damaged hair will know it's lovely to feel soft hair after blasting the heat. It's a little weird to get used to as if you don't press the nozzle down completely it will release a little bit of creme just on the nozzle which is quite thick, and you have to swipe it up and then massage it into the hair. Other than that since using this my hair has felt a lot softer and in some cases a little thicker, however I put this down to the creme being a little heavy in the hair. 

Lastly we have the reglosse smoothing serum* which is a smoothing serum which contains tocopherol and grape seed extract to tame and nourish dry, frizzy and uncontrollable hair. The serum is designed to repair split ends and smooth flyways for an ultra soft finish. Now I will start by saying that I'm one of those lucky buggers that has hair that looks lovely and wavy until a brush goes near it, and then I tend to style the bushy look - never good! I think this works perfectly on second day hair where it's a little dry and it just needs that pick me up to stop it looking worn, and it really helps keep the frizz to a minimum and more manageable. The major difference I have noticed with this product is that it has helped with breakage as once again I suffer from really brittle hair and it does have the tendency to break easily, and this has really help with this. 

Overall I think that this is a fab range, these do tend to sit on the pricier side of haircare ranging from around £13 to £39. However for me personally I have come to learn the hard way that sometimes you do need to spend a bit extra on haircare as it can really work wonders for your hair. 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Finding the perfect red for your skin tone

I hate to admit it but up until recently I was scared of red lipsticks, no matter the look I always felt I could never pull a red lip off. Trend after trend red lipstick has remained a classic shade, however the search for the perfect red has not been an easy one - I've gone through just about every phase and yes that includes the horrifying clown face - that is until recently. I've been on the search and to my surprise I have found some reds that suit, which made me want to do a post on finding the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone. You could probably search this until the cows come home but I figured I'd put a little guide together of what I've found out.

Are you cool or warm toned?

The main rule of thumb is to work out your skins undertones, and once you have mastered this it should help choosing the perfect red. Undertones are described as the natural tones in your skin, and you will fall into either the cool or warm category. An easy way to determine your skin tone is by looking at your veins on your wrist, if your veins appear blue in natural daylight you will more than likely fall into the cool undertone category. If your veins look more green then you will fall into the warm undertone category. Once you have figured which tone you fit into, this will help determine which type of red lipstick will suit you better.

Those with cool undertones will tend to suit berry tones of red and blue based reds, whereas those with warm undertones will suit orangey reds and brick reds. Theoretically true red shades are meant to suit all skin tones, but it's the kind of thing you would need to swatch in store. 

Over time I've found that the colour you choose doesn't necessarily determine whether or not it will suit your skin tone. However it is how you wear that shade and how bright it is against your skin tone. As my skin is fairly light I would have never thought in a 100 years that I could ever pull off an orange based red such as MAC's Lady Danger, however when I was speaking to one of the MAC assistants she noted how well it would look against my skin tone and to my shock it did. It really popped against my skin and in a good way! Again if I want to go for a blue based red I will tend to dab this on lightly, so that it appears more appropriate for day wear. 

Honestly as a rule of thumb I think the easiest thing is to try on as many as possible and see how they suit your skin tone. This is easier to do on more high end counters as the SA can sanitise the lipstick allowing you to apply. That way you can see which colours help brighten your skin and leave you looking radiant instead of a washed out mess. If you are browsing the high street, try popping the tester on your fingertip as this is the closest colour to your lip and you can hold it up to see how it looks - germ free!

When choosing your perfect red, you don't have to always abide by the rule of skin tone as these are a generalisation to help in the hunt for a red lipstick, and will give you a better idea on the tone of red that will suit your skin. However it is always a good idea to work with the undertones in your skin rather than against them, and by most importantly swatching the lipstick will allow you to gauge if there are any underlying shades that you can pick up on to see if they match your skin tone.

What is your favourite red lipstick?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lip Balm Lovin'

LtoR: Carmex Lime Twist, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Vaseline Red Lip Tint, Soap and Glory Smooch Operation

Brrrr, now that the temperature is starting to drop I'm definitely starting to feel the cold. The drop in the weather also means that dry flaky lips are coming into force and with a vengeance may I add, which let's face it never looks or feels nice. So I just wanted to do a little post on my favourite lip balms that help keep my lips soft and moisturised in even the coldest of days. 

Carmex's Lime Twist* is a new addition to my lip balm collection, and I have to say I absolutely love this balm. Not only does it smell like fresh lemonade - one of my favourite smells - but it also leaves my lips feeling super soft. I have the worst habit of biting my lips and ripping the flaky skin off, which results in my lips feeling sore - but I find that once I pop some of this one it helps to heal the skin and give them so much needed moisture. This is basically your standard lip balm, that is cheap and cheerful but does the job!

Next up is Burt's Bees replenishing lip balm, Burt's Bees are my favourite lip balm products. I think I own every balm possible from them - I know it's bad! Saying that I really do love the pomegranate flavoured balm, it not only smells delicious but it gives the lips a slight tint which leaving them looking and feeling healthy. 

I can't talk about lip balms and not mention Vaseline, I was introduced to Vaseline as a wee teenager and it was always the in thing to have a tin of Vaseline tucked away in your school blazer. Anyways several years later and I'm still loving Vaseline. One of my favourite releases has to be the Paint the Town Red Lip Tint (so much that I bought a couple for backups at Christmas), it not only leaves a subtle tint to the lips but it also adds that much needed moisture to my lips that is definitely needed for the autumn/winter months. 

Lastly we have Soap and Glory's Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm, this was something I tried at Christmas in one of their infamous gift sets. First things first this balm contains the signature Soap and Glory scent, which for me is a big selling point to their products - as I'm sold many times based on how a product smells. Secondly this is one of those products that over night can transform my lips instantly, I do find that with this I can often skip my Lush lip scrub as this will bring my lips back to their former healthy selves just on its own. 

So there we have it, these are my choices for the perfect winter balms. I'd love to know what lip balms you rate!