Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Beauty Product of the Month - July

Ok so this is my first product of the month blog post and I hope you all like it :)

So I remember finding out about dry shampoo probably when I was around 14 I know it's been a while now, and I must say I don't think I've ever used one brand for so long. When I first started using Batiste Dry Shampoo I felt like I was using a secret product, something that not many people knew about which has become a hit in the recent years.

If you've never actually used dry shampoo before in simple terms it's talc, you spray the powder onto the hair (whether it be to clean it between washes or simply add volume) and blend it into your hair giving you a fresh feel.

I know this may sound a bit biased but I haven't actually used any other dry shampoo brand on the market mainly for the simple reason this is a product I really like and it does the job. I find it blends into my hair really easy after a couple of rubs, this may be down to the fact that I have light hair but I have friends with dark hair and they love the product.

The company have also released dry shampoo's aimed at different hair colours called the colour tone range so that will help the white marks on darker hair as the spray is actually coloured to help when blending.

What I like about this product is it's vast range of products, I began by using the original can but delved into the different cans and found that they are all awesome. Currently I'm using the Blush can which has a lovely fragrance to it and not only leaves my hair looking fresh but smelling good too!

Somethings else they have released are the small cans which are a lifesaver, you can pop one into your bag to freshen up during the day, now when your hair is prone to getting greasy like mine in carrying a tin of this is great, it gives you the fresh look you need mid-afteroon.

It's reasonably priced as well at around £2 a can so you think a product which depending on how it's used can last anything from 3 weeks to a couple of months it's great really.

This is a great summer product whether you're at festivals or just out during the day it's a lifesaver. I recommend this product to anyone who has never used dry shampoo, and after a few uses of it you wonder how you coped without it. Like I said I've been using it for many years and never changed to another brand, and so for this it's my product of the month.

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