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MUA Eyeshadow Palettes

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Anyways enough of my ramblings and onto my MUA reviews.

So I've had both the Heaven and Earth and Starry Night pallets from Make Up Academy for a couple of weeks now and this has given me time to use them and let you guys know what I think of them. These palettes retail at £4.00 each which is a bargain considering you get 12 shadows so I will definitely getting my hands on the other ones.

Heaven and Earth

These palettes are proving very quickly at the moment, and if you don't want to fork out the prices that Urban Decay are asking for their Naked Palette pop into your local Superdrug and get this.

The shades that you get are perfect for creating everyday looks, but with some of the darker shades allow you to take that everyday look to an evening/night out look.

I was really shocked at the quality of these eyeshadows considering the price, because you do think it when purchasing cheap cosmetics that the quality isn't gonna be brill, but it's completely the opposite.

When I've applied them I've found that the shadows are really pigmented, some of the highlighter colours do need the additional layer putting on to help make them visible but like I said they are highlight colours.

Here's a swatch of the colours:

The shades have a very wide range when looking at the swatches going from champagne colours to bronze colours then to smokey browns. Making this a palette of many looks. These are also very smooth to touch which again is a shocker for something so cheap.

It does come with the applicator brush which I never use, and I wouldn't recommend using it on the palette as I did try it out of curiosity and it does tear the shades up a bit leaving them quite messy which isn't too good.

Another thing that shocked me with the palette was when wearing this I found that they didn't crease or fade during the day, which has been an added bonus to this great palette.

For the money this product is an absolute steal, and if you don't have the money for the UB Naked palette or are just starting out and experimenting with looks this is a great staple piece.

Starry Night

This is the second palette I got from the MUA range and again this product hasn't disappointed me. These can be great for day looks but I do prefer to wear these when going out due to the colours featured.

Just like the other palette they are very pigmented which is great, because some lower priced shadows you do often have to put lots of layers on to actually see the colour which can be annoying.

These shimmery shades can be used to create so many looks, you can use the pink and purple for day looks but then transform it to night simply by blending it with the darker colours to help create that lovely smokey eye.

I've found that these shades also last all day, I thought that with these being more visible colours in comparison to the heaven and earth palette I'd notice the wear on them but I really don't, again no fading or creases.

Here's a swatch of the colours:

I love the white shade that you get with it, I thought it would be a very faint colour but once you've built a couple of strokes on your brush it does come out very vivid which can be seen on the photo.

The only one problem I have found with this though is that a couple of the shades are very samey which is a bit of let down as you then feel like there are less colours.

These palettes are great value for money at only £4 a palette and they contain 12 eyeshadows. The packaging is a bit boring but oh well that doesn't bother me too much as I'm more interested in the product itself.

I think that there are 6 palettes altogether from MUA so I will be getting my hands on the others shortly, but these are my favourites of the collection. Thanks to these great products I'll be looking at purchasing more MUA products.

If you do wanna get these make sure you're quick as they do seem to sell out quick from Superdrug.

Have you tried these before? If not I really do recommend doing so. So yeah as I said keep your eyes peeled for some videos coming shortly.

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