Friday, 22 July 2011

Sigma Brushes

I didn't get chance to post this yesterday, but I had a little package come in the form of Sigma brushes.

I had been looking for new some brushes for a while now as mine were getting old and worn and I looked at Mac but didn't really fancy paying Mac prices so came across the Sigma brushes. The only problem was with it being a US site I didn't really fancy waiting up til 8 weeks for my package (if you do get them sent quicker to the UK let me know).

So I came across this lovely website where they actually are a UK certified seller for these brushes so I figured I'd get them from there as the delivery times would be a lot quicker.

These brushes are retailed at reasonable prices from £4.95 to £17.95 or alternatively you can purchase them in different sets. I chose to get mine separately so I knew that the brushes I'd be getting would be used.

Here are the brushes I got:

As you can see I got 6 brushes and because of spending over a certain amount you do also receive a free gift which I'll talk about later in the post.

Onto the brushes themselves:

Large Powder F30

This brush is great for applying powder to the face and body, it's a massive brush but you can tell when holding it that it's also very sturdy. The bristles are very soft which means it's great when applying you're makeup to the face.

Even though the brush is quite big it still gives you precise application over the face whether you're applying powder or bronzer. I also find when putting powder onto the brush it says well because I have had brushes before where I've applied powder and within moving to my mirror it starts falling off.

I've found that it also works great with both pressed and loose powder, normally I don't tend to use brushes with pressed powder but as I mentioned it works wonders with both.

A great brush which cost me £12.95 so a bargain price for what you get.

Large Angled Contour F40

The F40 is an ideal brush when applying either bronzer or blush to the face allowing you to easily blend.

This is probably one of my favourite brushes out of the set that I purchased, again because it's so soft but the way it works. It picks my powder up brilliantly and the size of it, it's the perfect size for applying blush or bronzer as I've never liked using a big brush because we all know what happens if you apply a bit too much blush.

I find that when dipping this into my blush it always picks up a decent amount for my face so I never feel like I'm overdoing it.

However I do after a few more uses feel that it's gonna lose it's lovely white bristles but I'm hoping after looking at the quality of these they'll be easy to wash.

The bargain price I got this for was £10.95.

Foundation F60

What this does is probably given away in the title with it being a foundation brush, but what I like about this is that you can not only apply liquid and cream foundation but also your moisturiser.

Now I've never actually used a brush before to apply my foundation with I've always been a fan of sponges but I've fell in love with this brush.

Everything about it is just perfect from the size of the brush to it's stiffness, it applies my foundation seamlessly where with sponges I've had to go over areas to allow them to blend more naturally my brush works wonders. I will probably say this about all the brushes but yet again a very soft brush.

My mom said to me that I might end up using more foundation with this method but I find that I'm probably using less because the coverage is better.

My fave brush totalled in at £8.95 so I'll be sure to get another.

Concealer F70

Another lovely to add to my collection is the F70 concealer brush which is perfect for applying concealer under the eyes and any other small areas.

Again this is another way I haven't tried before simply because I've been content with using sponges and my hands to blend my concealer in.

The concealer that I currently use also has a brush on the end of that to apply and blend your concealer but I don't really like to use that because if you press a bit too hard the top is caked in it and this little brush is a gem.

I was a bit torn between this and the larger concealer brush but this is the one for me, because I only really apply concealer under my eyes and in small areas where I have blemishes and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all which I was most worried about, again thanks to its soft bristles.

Gets the job done perfectly.

Eye Shading E55

The eye shading brush is perfect for applying both pressed or loose eyeshadow to the lid, and I don't know about you but I find I have millions of these brushes lying around.

In comparison to my Urban Decay one it's not as stiff which I am completely fine about because I do like the softer brush when applying my eye shadow, but in comparison to Superdrugs own it's bigger and the shape is a lot better.

While talking about the shape, I love its shape I find it makes applying eyeshadow easier in comparison to other brushes I've used. I've found that the amount of shadow on the brush is brilliant as there doesn't seem to be a fallout when applying which is great.

The other thing I like about this brush that it also does a good job of blending, now I don't use this as my main blending brush but if you want to save money and not buy both the blending and shading brush then just stick with the shading as it will do both anyways.

Depending however on the colours that you're using I have found that on some of the lighter shades that I apply quite a bit of on my lids I do have to keep applying more on the brush, but I find that with any brush so not a big problem really.

Cheap price at £7.95

Blending E25

The blending brush says what it does on the tin really, blends your eyeshadow or harsh lines. What I also like about this is that it can be used to apply eye primer and base shadows which can be helpful.

Again I have a feeling depending on the colour eyeshadow I use it won't stay white for long as I do like to wear the darker colour here and now. As I've said with the others another really soft brush so it's not gonna irritate your eyes which I find brilliant as I do have sensitive skin so anything really can bring me out.

What I love about using this brush is that I won't have to worry about harsh lines from where I've applied my eyeshadow you get a really soft finish, which again is great if you're using darker colours.

I've also used this for applying eyeshadow that I've just wanted a small coat over another colour and it's brilliant for that also, so it will do a fair few jobs for you.

Again cheaply priced at £8.95

Now when I said I'd go back to my free gift (which at first I was a bit miffed about) I did get the travel size of this brush also.

At first I thought oh so I've spent money on the full sized one to now receive one for free, but after using it those thoughts when straight out of my head because this travel sized one is perfect to go with you anywhere.

I'm going on holiday soon and it's great that I don't have to worry about taking my big E25 because I have the smaller one. I did compare them also to see if there was anything else different expect for the size as sometimes the quality may not be as good but it is.

The brushes are exactly the same in quality and length, the only thing is the travel one is slighter smaller in its width but it's not a major size difference hardly noticeable.

So that is the collection that I got and I've found these brushes to be really great so soft and do the job brilliantly. If you don't want to pay Mac prices than I definitely recommend these as a cheaper alternative, I really can't fault these. If you do spend over £30 you do get the free travel sized brush which is always a bonus.

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