Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wedding Outfit

Hey guys,

So I will be attending the wedding of my boyfriends aunt next month, and I have to say I haven't been to a wedding since I was a child and I so happened to be the bridesmaid, so I don't really know the wedding etiquette that well. I have managed however to get an outfit together that I thought I'd share with you guys, so hope you enjoy.

The Dress:

I know it's white but it does have a pattern to it which I've chosen to focus on with having coloured accessories: cardigan and clutch bag. The picture I got off the internet really doesn't do the dress justice it's more colourful that the picture and the pattern is slightly smoother.

It's from the AX Paris range in New Look which was originally meant to be £30 but it was on a summer sale special and I was able to get it for a bargain price of £15, they do have the same dress in a blue shade which is again the same price so if you're hanging in New Look I'd definitely recommend having a look at the dress.

The Cardigan:

I spoke about this in my haul video and this was from Peacocks, it's a cropped pointelle cardigan and it feels so soft to put on and fits great. I felt that by getting this cardigan it looks lovely with the dress and will take the focus away from the white of the dress.

The cardigan will also be great for when the temperature drops on the night and means that I will have something to cover my shoulders with. I initially wanted a bolero to wear but when I noticed this on the website and then sought it out in store I felt it was definitely worth the money.

This is priced at £14 but I managed to get this with a 20% coupon, which totalled at around £12, but if you do have student discount you will get some knocked off the price which is always a winner.

The Shoes:

Again these were mentioned in my haul video and I got them from Dorothy Perkins these are just a perfect fit. I know that these are cream and my dress is white but the good thing with being short that my feet won't actually be on show, but I have tried them on today with the dress and blend really lovely.

My favourite thing about the shoes has to be the inside lining, I know that you won't see the lining inside the shoe once they're on your feet but I really do prefer shoes with nice linings as opposed to plain ones. The knot on the front I think makes the shoes look more formal also: perfect for a wedding!

These to me were a bit pricey at £32 but definitely worth it, but again I did manage to get student discount totally at around £28.

The Bag:

I got this bag for the simple reason it matches the cardigan, this and a few other reasons. I knew that I didn't want to spend much on a bag I wasn't sure I'd use after the wedding but after getting this one I feel like perhaps I would because I do have shades of pink in my wardrobe but it would also go with other basic colours.

I love the design of the bag, it's weave design make it different to a lot of the bags on the market at the moment the majority have stuff like bows and flowers on them but I like the simplicity of it. The satin make it feel more glamourous which make it a perfect piece to use for the wedding.

Another factor that made me get it is because some clutches are quite small as in you could only fit your phone in but I love that with this bag I can get my brick of a blackberry in it but also other things like a small brush and purse so that is a plus.

The price is just an added bonus at only £8.99 it's a great price to pay for something that may only be used a handful of times. Again the good ol' student discount came in knocking 89p off, it's what a student lives for!


So I thought I'd combine the jewellery post basically because the items I'm wearing are stuff I already own so I saved myself a bit there. I find that if you have some really lovely jewellery that may have only been worn a handful of times this can be perfect to wear, means you get wear out of something you may have worn a couple of times but you also get to save some money.

The earrings I'm wearing I've had for nearly 4 years I had them to wear to prom and I can honestly say have only been worn about 5 times so I thought a perfect opportunity to wear them as they are subtle and won't take the eye away from the dress as I always think that when wearing a maxi dress you should avoid statement jewellery as sometimes if you have a dress with a bold print it's going to take all the attention away from that.

I think these earring were around £35 when I got them because I purchased them from the shop which I got my prom dress so again it's going to tie in with the formalness of a wedding.

My bracelet is a simple t-chain which I got from Tiffany's I do have the matching necklace but like I said I don't like wearing too much jewellery with maxi's. I figured with something like a Tiffany bracelet automatically a winning item, it's simple enough to wear but is still going to look elegant.

I got this when I was on holiday in Hawaii so I think at the time I paid around $150 for it but I'm not too sure on what the price for the bracelet is now.

Anyways that was my ramblings on about my wedding outfit so I hope you enjoy reading and if you have any questions just pop me a comment and I'll try and respond.

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