Thursday, 18 August 2011

Crown Brushes

Hey lovelies,

It's only going to be a short post today as I've been at work and quite tired (not used to doing this many hours typical student). But I got home today to a lovely little package of Crown brushes.

I ordered these Tuesday after seeing them in either Look or More magazine (can't remember which) and they were recommended so I figured why not try them as they range from quite cheap to middle priced.

I'm amazed at how quickly I received these brushes as they were ordered Tuesday night so that's the first thing I was really happy about, secondly the quality of these brushes.

The first one I ordered was the C406 Large Duo Fibre Face Brush, this was £8.91 and I'm really happy with the quality of this brush, it's ever so soft to touch but quite firm which will make it great to apply my foundation.

I find this brush very similar to the Mac 187 which is great because I find £32.50 quite expensive for a brush so this is a great cheaper alternative.

Now when paying less than a tenner for this brush you don't expect much, but I'm really happy with it. It's very sturdy so I feel that it's not going to snap anytime soon and as I've mentioned soft to touch.

This brush is perfect for applying and blending fluid which this is what I'll be using it for, as I love my foundation brush but I prefer these brushes for blending as you don't get the brush lines like you do with foundation brushes.

The second brush I got was the C414 Deluxe Brow/Lash Groomer, I was amazed at the price of this an amazing £3.10 which is very cheap for the quality. I've been after a decent brow brush and I think I've finally found it.

As I said this is cheap brush, but the brow brush part is extremely sturdy yet soft at the same time as you can find with some of these brushes that they are that sturdy they hurt when applying it to your brows.

This is a brush I can definitely see myself buying again if anything happens to this not only for the price but for how good it seems, I will have to use it a bit more to see if I still feel the same but I doubt I'll be changing my opinion on this little gem

Lastly I got the BK10 Oval Concealer brush again a cheap brush at £3.33 which you can't really complain about.

Now if you remember my Sigma post I do already have a concealer brush but I got this for the purpose to put in my travel makeup bag because of it being cheap. This is a great brush as the size of the brush is great for applying concealer under the eyes and specific areas.

The website does state that this brush is for applying concealer to precise areas and under the eyes, and with the tip of the brush being rounded makes it great for the eye area. Again another soft brush and I had a play around with it under my eyes and it's so soft and won't irritate them in the slightest.

Another happy little purchase.

So yeah I've never tried this brand before but I am extremely happy so far, the products seem great and the delivery time was fast. As I mentioned at the beginning the prices do range from anything from a couple of pound to over 10.

My only problem with this brand however is that the minimum spend is £15 so if you only want a couple of brushes this could be a problem, but if you know what you want you can easily spend the amount.

Have you tried Crown brushes before? If so I wanna know about your experiences with them.

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