Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Estee Lauder Foundation Review

Hey guys, so in my last blog post I talked about Estee Lauder double wear foundations. I got two samples to try out the first I tried was double wear light and the one I'll be doing my review on is double wear stay in place foundation. I love both of these I find them great so I'll probably be getting both full products to blend but I think my favourite out the two is the double wear stay in place.

I have my drugstore/high street holy grail foundation in the form of Bourjois' healthy mix, but I do want to find the holy grail of the higher end products and so far this is my favourite.

So if you pop into your local boots/department store and you want to try any of the Estee Lauder foundations out they will give you a little sample pot that you can test to see if you like the foundation. They will also colour match you so instead of looking at samples and choosing one that might not be the right colour for you the SA can do that.

I got the colour 1C1 Shell with being quite pale in double wear stay in place in intensity 1.

Getting back to DW Stay in place, this has won the SHE beauty and fragrance awards in 2010 for the best liquid foundation. So you do expect this foundation to be good. The product also has 15 hours staying power and won't change colour, smudge or come off on clothes.

Eep, this is going to be a first I thought I'd show you guys a before and after shot, I figured it would be a good time to show you the effect it has on my skin as I've had a breakout which is never good and a good foundation will help cover your blemishes. Apologises for looking bad.



The first photo was taken after adding a bit of blush to my cheeks, eyeshadow and eyeliner just to complete the look, where the second photo is just purely the foundation.

I haven't added any powder during the day and found it's lasted 8 hours with no shine which is great as I have oil prone skin. The other good thing about this is I thought I'd have to touch my blemishes up with concealer but I haven't because it does hide them well so I'm happy about that.

I find this this a really great foundation and so I figured when I go on holiday this will be top of my to get list as it does seem good for £26.50. The other reason I say this is because it's different to the double wear light in terms of texture this is very runny and I found a little bit does go a long way so I was scooping bits back into the little tub of my hand. So do be carful when putting some on your hand because it will start running right off as I found.

So yeah really great product and I will definitely be getting the full bottle as I said probably of both, but this is the winner out the two for me.

Hope you enjoyed, and do you have Estee Lauder's foundations? If so let me know.

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