Sunday, 14 August 2011

Holiday Makeup Haul

Hey guys, so as I've mentioned I bought quite a lot of stuff while on holiday and I figured I'd do a mini makeup haul and show you guys what I got.

LtoR: Accessorize blusher, NYX jumbo pencil, Estee Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear Light, Mac Mineralise skin finish, NYX round lipstick, Topshop blush.

So I got a few little bits mainly basics, foundation wise I got round to buying the full versions of Estee Lauder's Double Wear and Double Wear light. One of my earlier posts was a review on the samples I got and I do love these foundations my HG.

Starting again from left to right I got my first blush from Accesorize's range of makeup products. The colour I got was 'Quiver', I was surprised at how light this blush comes out as it doesn't seem light in the packaging.

I wasn't sure about the quality of the blush as I've never gotten any makeup from Accessorize's range before, so I was pleasantly surprised with this little gem. With it being so light it does take a few attempts before you get any colour but I'm fine with that as I'm only pale.

It's a lovely pale pink colour that's great for the summer but also the autumn to give some colour. As I said the product isn't very pigmented I have to get quite a bit of product on the brush but once you do it's a lovely colour with hints of shimmer.

Onto my NYX jumbo pencil in the colour 'Strawberry Milk', this was a product I really excited about getting as I've heard so much about these pencils.

I managed to get this at a bargain price of £2.95 which I was really proud of, I cannot believe how pigmented they are for the price. I wanted a change from my powder eyeshadows and these are great for that, they're really creamy and I've found that with a primer they last for the time I'm wearing it.

The colour not only stands out when applying but also when blended.

The colour range is amazing, I've ordered myself a few more as they are cheap. My only problem is which I'll have to discover is how they will sharpen, I have a new one on it's way from ELF but they don't look like they'll sharpen easy.

The next set of products I got were from Estee Lauder, and I'm not going to go into too much detail on these because I did a review on them in an earlier post, and these were the 'Double Wear' and 'Double Wear Light' foundations.

I got these in the colour 'NC1:Shell' and 'Intensity 1'.

One of my favourites of the haul is the Mac Mineralised skin finish powder, this is one of my all time favourite powders I love the finish that it gives and the colour matches me perfectly.

I got this in the colour 'light' it's pretty much a translucent powder and this can last a long time without my skin showing signs of becoming oily. I find that I don't need to put much of this product on my brush either for it to give me a decent finish which is great meaning that it lasts me a while.

Going back to NYX I got hold of their round lipstick in the colour 'Jupiter'.

This again was a cheap purchase for me at £2.95, and I absolutely love the colour. You can really build this colour to create different looks, applying a couple of coats gives it a light pink finish brilliant for day times but you can apply a couple more almost making it a berry colour.

Here's a lil swatch for you.

As I said it's a lovely pigmented colour and normally I'll coat lipstick with gloss but this is one of those lipsticks that I feel simply doesn't need it.

While I'm on the note of my lipstick I'd like to RIP it as I managed to destroy it, me being silly I was talking to my mom while putting the lid back on and I forgot to wind it back down, but luckily enough she's treated me to a new one that's on its way. Yay.

Lastly I'm onto my Topshop blush in the colour 'Head Over Heels'.

This is one of those products I feel looks completely different out of the packaging. It's the first cream blush I've purchased as I normally prefer the powders but I'm really happy with this. I adore the packing Topshop use for their cosmetics really stands out in your collection.

This creamy texture is great to apply to your cheeks and for the price you get a lot of product as I don't use much of this on my cheeks.

Here is a blended and unblended swatch:

Now this isn't usually a colour I'd go for in terms of blushers but I really like the colour when blended. I find I can wear this for any look whether it be day or night, with being pale it does help the blusher stand out which I like, but not orangey stand out which is always good.

For £6 this for me is an absolute steal and I think I'll be venturing more into the Topshop blusher range.

Anyways that was it for my haul I hope you enjoyed, and if you've tried any of these products I'd love to know.

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