Thursday, 11 August 2011

Make Up Storage + Urban Decay Looks

Hey guys, so I did promise yesterday I'd get some UD looks up but with being busy I couldn't so putting them up now along with my new makeup storage.

So if you watched my last video a couple of posts back you'd see that the majority of my makeup was either in my makeup bag or stuffed in a plastic carry container or if you watch Jersey Shore it was in Vinnys shower bag.

I decided I needed a change of storage after buying too much over the weekend so I popped into my local TKmaxx and WHSmiths and picked up a few lovelies.

This is a picture of my storage:

So it makes a difference from sitting on the floor applying my makeup which I've been used to for years and having my makeup scattered everywhere. This way I'm able to keep it all in one place tidy on my desk (which is a first).

Some close ups:

The top box I got from TKmaxx and this holds all my nail varnishes I really love the design of it, I should have took a separate piccy to show you guys, but it's simply in the design of a book and was only something like £5.99 so mega cheap.

Underneath are my buys from WHSmiths which were both reduced, the smaller of the two was £3.99 and this holds all my palettes whereas the box was £9.99 which again is a bargain, it means I have drawers for each type of product (but I do see me investing in another).

I also while in there got hold of a cute pink pen pot which I've used to put my brushes in so they aren't making a mess of my floor, this was £2.99 so again really cheap.

So yeah I'm really happy with my buys, the other new thing I got was the tall mirror as I was getting bored of my small GHD one which was £14.99 from Home sense.

Hope you like it.

Finally onto what I've been promising for a while, some Urban Decay looks. Apologies now for not looking brill and for some reason the second colours were coming out different on camera to what they did look, but I'll talk through the colours used.

The first look I use as a simple everyday summer look using just three colours out the palette.

So this is basically just a golden summer look really easy, and just what I like to use most days. The colours I used for this were:

Start with virgin and sin just to give you a base.
Then simply apply half baked over it, I like to put quite a few layers on to build the colour.

That's it really and then just finish with eyeliner and mascara the usual really.

The second look is using four of the colours as I wanted to go for a more bronzed look. In the pictures it doesn't look too different but it's a darker bronzed look which I suppose you could turn the first look into this by using some of the darker colours to transform this into a night look, but I'm using it here for a day one.

Onto the dreaded mug shots as I like to call them again apologies for looking a mess.

So for this again I'm using Virgin and Sin as base colours, I then built colour by using Toasted (one I haven't used much but will be now) then put a small bit of Hustle on the crease and upper lid which I blended, but wanting to add a bit more colour I simply used my blending brush on the palette so it wasn't as harsh to add to.

Anyways, that was my attempt at walking you through these two looks, sorry if they're a bit crap. Hope you enjoyed my post and just want to know how do you like to store your makeup? and also if you have any favourite colours you like to use in Naked palette?

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