Monday, 22 August 2011

Savings Gone Haul is Here

Sorry about the lack of posts over the past few days been working quite a bit so been too tired to do a post. I figured as I hadn't shown you guys what I got when ELF were doing their 50% off offer I'd do a big collective haul of that and a few other products I got. So I apologise now for the length of the post and warning you now it'll be pic heavy.

Starting with my NYX products, as you may recall when I was doing my last haul I said about how I managed to destroy my NYX lippy I got another one and a few other things from NYX.

I love the jumbo pencils so I got the colours: milk, lavender, gold and iced mocha. I replaced my lippy and got another in the colour rose bud.


LtoR: Milk, Lavender, Gold, Iced Mocha, Rose Bud

Avon have released new matte nail varnishes which looked gorgeous so got my hands on the colour grey cement and red velvet.

I did some swatches of these so if you wanna see them let me know, and I'll be using grey cement on my nails sometime this week.

Onto the big order that was ELF.

Starting with the nail varnishes...

I got the colours (from LtoR) golden goddess, glitter glam and twinkle. I love glitter nail varnishes it makes me feel like a little kid again.

Again I have swatched these if you wanna see them.

I haven't used cream eye shadows in a while so I wanted to try ELF's in the colours: Candlelight, Dawn and Eggplant.

These are really heavily pigmented which I love, swatches below:

I also got the double eye sharpener but to keep the post short I haven't uploaded it.

The next couple of things I got were the mineral lipstick and gloss.

I got these in nicely nude and sorority girl. However when I received my lipstick it was broken which I've heard can be common with ELF lipsticks but I'm in the process of sorting it out with the ELF customer services.


I also got my hands on the flawless finish foundation in porcelain I believe.

I had heard on some reviews that people didn't like the smell that is attached to this foundation but I strangely like it. For the price it doesn't seem a bad foundation either, the coverage is great.

I wanted to try the translucent powder not too much to say about this, haven't had chance to use it yet but will let you guys know.

I'm currently loving blushers at the moment so was really happy with the blush and duo sets I got.

I got this in Mellow Mauve which is lovely, and not too dark.

The blush and bronzer compact colours are simply called: blushed/bronzed.

Concluding the ELF part will be the brushes.

The first couple are eyeliner brushes, but I must say I'm not too pleased with the eyeliner brush as it seems a bit thick for it's intended purpose, but the angled is great.

Bronzing brush:

Complexion brush:

Stipple brush (sorry about it being a bit orange been using it):


That was it for my cosmetics.

I also wanted to show you what my amazing boyfriend got me while we were on holiday. This gorgeous gem.

I love it! :D

Anyways sorry if I've rambled I've tried to keep it short, and let me know if you've tried ELF and what you're experiences are with them.

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