Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Urban Decay Anniversary Palette Review

Urban Decay have become a blogging household name thanks to their famous palettes such as the 'Book of Shadows', 'Naked Palette' and many others. They have recently released a limited edition anniversary palette which is heading for the same fame as the others.

I finally got round to doing this review, I wanted to do it when I first got my hands on it but I've been able to play around with the palette so I can give you guys a better review.

The palette comes with 15 new shades that can be used by anyone and for any occasion. Ranging from neutral colours to heavily pigments brights.

The case itself is just worth buying from the jewelled 'UD' to its reflective case which doubles as a mirror on the opposite side. Not only this but the case can also be used to store items by lifting the top lid which holds the eye shadows.

Urban Decay describes this as:

'15 ALL-NEW shadows for our big 15! You get neutrals, brights AND deep shades in a sleek gunmetal collectible box (our most luxe EVER!)'.

I love the range of colours that you get in this palette, all but 'blackout' are shimmery whereas this is matte. Nowhere in my experience have I seen a palette with such a mix of colours, going from neutrals to pastels to your smokey eye basics.

What I like about some of these colours are the fact that they are so bright making them statement colours, with reference to the pink and green.

Here's a swatch of the colours on my arms for you guys:

LtoR: Midnight Rodeo, Tainted, Deeper, Midnight 15, Junkshow, M.I.A, Vanilla, Omen, Ace, Flow, Evidence, Blackout, Chase, Deep End, Half Truth.

And some close ups:

LtoR: Midnight Rodeo, Tainted, Deeper, Midnight 15

LtoR: Junkshow, M.I.A, Vanilla, Omen

LtoR: Ace, Flow, Evidence, Blackout

LtoR: Blackout (again)Chase, Deep End, Half Truth

What I love about this and probably repeating myself is the mix of colours you get in this palette, so many usable colours in this so worth the purchase. I haven't actually when looking through my collection been able to find dupes for these colours which is always great.

The pigmentation of the colours are brilliant also the only one I found wasn't brill in terms of pigmentation was 'vanilla' and that is probably because it's such a light yellow colour.

Some of the neutral colours however are a bit similar to the 'Naked palette' which means they sort of double up, but this isn't a big problem for me because I love neutrals.

These colours also last through the day when wearing, which I expected really with it coming from Urban Decay. I find that they also last a while without primer which I'm glad about because you are paying a lot of money for this product so you do expect quality.

You may think when looking at the bright colours that you might not use them but they can be blended to make really lovely shades, I didn't think I'd use them all but I can honestly see myself using them all.

The palette comes in at £39 which you may think is either expensive or not, but to say it's limited edition and you're getting full sized shadows it works out quite cheap.

I hope you liked my review, and I want to know if you own this palette or whether you're interested in it?

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