Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lidl's £4 Chanel Bargain

Hey guys before I start my post I want to apologise for not doing any posts for the past few days, unfortunately I've had some family problems where my dad was took into hospital but all seems to be fine now.

Anyways onto the post:

If you have read this weeks More magazine it talks about a certain perfume that beat Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle in a recent blind test, this has been the talk of other tabloids the past fews months and I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Lidl's scent a couple of weeks ago.

90% of testers preferred Lidl's bargain scent in the blind test, after reading this statistic I knew I had to get my hands on this to see if these claims were true.

This perfume was soon put to the test on the day it was purchased as I was going out, and I could not believe how strong this perfume is after one spray on my wrist I thought that was all that was needed, and surprisingly it lasted the duration which I was shocked about.

The second thing that shocked me was the resemblance the fragrance has to Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle: the citrus and the musky sensual smell that you expect. I did spray Chanel on the one wrist and Lidl's on the other and I can honestly say that if I hadn't known which was on which I wouldn't have been able to outrightly say which was which.

If the smell of this seems a big strong to begin with it does die down so you won't have to worry about the overpowering smell when around others.

I was also shocked with the packaging, for something that doesn't even cost a fiver I figured it would just be the bottle on the shelf but instead the box does look up market, you would find yourself double looking it because it doesn't look tacky in anyway.

The bottle is exactly the same it is in no way tacky looking, I find the only thing that maybe makes it look cheaper is the lid on the bottle as it's plastic and well a bit boring, where many of my perfume lids are either bejewelled or some way match the bottle (or if you're Vera Wang you make one like the Love Struck lid which speaks for itself).

Now summers over we find we might not have as much money on hand, but this little gem won't break the bank at £3.99 for 50ml compared to Chanel's price tag of £61.

This is coming from someone who would have never stepped into the shop if it weren't for this, literally you could wear this out and your friends would not know that it came from Lidl that's how great this is.

Have you tried Lidl's perfume?

Lastly, as I mentioned in my last post that I was going to do a giveaway I've got the stuff now to get it underway, unfortunately guys I am a student with little money so it's not going to be too much but I hope you will all like.

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