Thursday, 22 September 2011

NOTD: Avon Matte Nail Enamel: Red Velvet

Hey, so this is going to be a quick post just of my current nails as I've been working past couple of days and gotta be up early again tomorrow so yeah, if you read one of my hauls a while back you may have seen that I purchased a couple of Avon Matte nail varnishes. I haven't gotten round to trying them out yet so I figured as we're heading into autumn this would be the perfect opportunity.

I went for the colour Red Velvet which is a lovely rich red with purple and gold hints, and a great colour for the colder months.

After applying the one coat it literally changed from lovely and shiny to matte in less than 30 seconds I was quite shocked, and it dries extremely quick I'm not worried with this about having to wait ages for it to completely dry as it does with in a minute.

I also like the feel of this polish, I would say it's a bit velvety if that's the best way to describe it, you would think with matte it wouldn't feel too nice but it does.

I'm am probably converted now to matte nails, this was a trend that I had the stuff to try it out with but never gotten round to doing so, I absolutely love them and I can see this being my autumn and winter varnish (thank god for my matte top coat).

Some close ups:

Silly me however when first applying it thought I'd apply a top coat to help it last longer to find that instead of giving it the matte finish it unmatted it making it lovely and shiny which defeats the purpose.

I got this and another colour: grey cement which I'll try out next and got these for £3 from Avon, I think the normal price is £6 and they may have gone back up to that price I'm not 100% sure.

Anyways I really love these polishes and will be buying more colours, my only problem I have the slight feeling that because they're matte they will cheap easier, the true test will be when I'm at work tomorrow to see how they hold up, but if they do I actually don't mind touching them up because it's really quick to do.

Oh my only other gripe is that depending on the way you put it on your nails it can look a bit crappy because of the matte finish if you've done your nails perfectly it'll look fine but if you've gone a bit heaver on a part it will show.

Other than that I love it.

Anyways if you haven't seen my last post I'm currently having a giveaway so feel free to enter as it's worldwide.

Secondly have you tried matte polishes?

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