Monday, 31 October 2011


I firstly wanted to apologise for the lack of posts this past week, it's reading week this week and I've been bogged down with work due in for this week. Luckily enough I have handed in the main piece of work today so it has lightened the load a lil.

Anyways onto my face and outfit of the day. I did want to do this post on Sat but as I was rushing getting ready I took the photos with my crapberry and the photo's weren't great.


With Flash:


I didn't do a full length OOTD but I teamed this up with my black Uggs and chunky blue cardigan.

What I'm Wearing:


Foundation: My Face: shade 1
Powder: Mac Mineralised Skin Finish - Light
Blush: Elf - Mellow Mauve
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Super Liner: Black Crystals
Mascara: Lashem - Black
Lips: Revlon - Sky Line Pink


Top: Space Donuts - Drop Dead
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Asda

Hope you enjoyed my outfit and face of the day. I was hoping to do a halloween tut but unfortunately haven't had the time. In aid of halloween what are you lovelies doing?


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

NOTD: Pink Nails

Hi lovelies,

Today is just going to be a short post, feeling a bit under the weather as I've sprained my knee and the tablets they have given me are making me feel crap.

Anyways, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I wanted to paint my nails pink in honour of this, as I'm waiting on my dotting tools I wanted to do something different, and I chose to paint my ring finger with OPI's muppets collection. The reason behind this is that I wanted to show there is a glimmer of hope for cancer patients and they can overcome and beat this.

My aunt had suffered from breast cancer just under five years ago and she was luckily enough to beat it and was given the all clear, so this is something that is close to my heart.

Onto my nails:

I initially started out with Models Own 'Pink Blush':

To lighten this colour I put a coat of Models Own 'Pearly Queen' on top:

For my ring finger I used OPI's Muppets 'Rainbow Collection':

Close up:

So these are my nails in preparation for Friday, for the 'Wear it Pink' fundraiser.

For more information on this:

Will you be doing anything in preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness Day?


Saturday, 22 October 2011

London Haul

I asked at the end of my last post whether you guys wanted to see a haul and you lovelies told me on twitter that you wanted to see a haul.

A couple of these products were purchased before I went away but for the weekend so I figured I'd pop them into this haul too.

Gonna start on the makeup first:

LtoR: Collection 2000 big fake mascara, Soap and Glory lipstick, Revlon Facets of Fuchsia, Witch Skin Clearing Primer, Rimmel lipstick, F&F Lipsticks, Collection 2000 Creme puff, Burt's Bees lip balm, Rimmel matte nail polish, Bourjois lipstick.

I'm not going to bore you with reviews as I'll probably do separate reviews for these products.

Collection 2000 Big Fake Mascara

I like this as an everyday mascara, it is supposed to give you the effect of fake lashes which I find it doesn't. It does however give some length and great volume. This mascara is waterproof which is a great extra and quite cheap which is a bonus.

Soap and Glory Lipstick

When I heard about soap and glory releasing cosmetics I had to get my hands on their stuff, I got the lipstick in Naked Beige and I adore this. I wore this the majority of the weekend and fell in love with it. It's lovely nude colour with shimmer so it does look as if you have lipstick on but very subtly. I will deffo be getting more of their products.

Revlon Fachets of Fuchsia

If you're a fan of Britain and Irelands Next Top Model you will know the winner Jade is the face of Revlon and this is part of the collection, this is a great autumn varnish. I love that it looks different to what it does in the bottle, a dupe for Deborah Lippmans 'Bad Romance' and if you do like this I'd recommend snapping it up quickly as it's selling out quickly.

Witch Skin Clearing Primer

I figured after hearing Witch had released a cosmetics range I'd try their primer as my skin has been bad lately, and this is a great product. I find this has helped clear my skin and it does so quite quickly. I don't necessarily think it's the best primer in the world for prolonging your makeup but it does help your skin.

Rimmel Latino Lipstick

This was one of those impulse buys that you find yourself getting, I love the colour of this and it's quite similar to Mac's Bombshell, it has the similar pink gold look to it for half the price. This is the kind of pink that I adore so I couldn't help but buy it.

Tesco F&F Lipstick

These two products I actually got the Monday I got back as I had the day of uni to recover, the Tesco I live closely to re-opened Monday after being redone (and it's massive) so my mom and I raced to the makeup counter and I felt like a kid in a candy store as the testers were brand new, I did pick up the lipsticks 'Penny Lane' and 'Shhh...' these again are lovely pink colours and great for everyday wear. The packaging of these are black, chic and stylish and remind me of Kate Moss' lipsticks. These are one of the products once I've tried I want to do a full review for you guys.

Collection 2000 Creme Puff Lipgloss

This is my HG of lipgloss, purely for the fact when it comes to the colder months I don't like shimmery lipgloss and this is actually matte which I love. I got the colour Cotton Candy and it's a bright pink, but once you apply it to your lips I find it doesn't appear so bright. The smell is also something I love about this, cheaply priced and will definitely repurchase.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm

I have heard a lot about this product both in the blogging world and magazines and I figured I'd try it out as Debenhams had a 750 points offer in store. I got the red one as I believe there are two colours to choose from? I adore this product, I normally suffer from dry lips and this is a great product to combat that, I've tried other cheaper products and they also do the job but there's something about this that I just love, not sure whether it's the smell or not but I love this.

Rimmel Matte Finish Topcoat

As you may now I love matte nails, and I currently have Elf's top coat but I figured I'd branch out and try Rimmels. I have yet to try this but hope to this week, I love Rimmel varnishes so I'm hoping this doesn't disappoint, will let you guys know how I get on with this.

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick

As you may see I have an obsession with lipsticks, and this is actually my first Bourjois lipstick. I have other products of theirs so I figured if it's as good as other products I'll be onto a winner. This is another shimmery rosy pink and looks lovely on, my only gripe with this is no matter how pretty the packaging looks it can be a pain to open as you have to push the little button down. Other than that I love it.

Benefit Project Flawless

A little treat from my mom, I was after Bella Bamba and when I saw this for £29 I figured why not as it's just a bit more than the price of Bella Bamba, and I'm loving the products I get with this. Haven't properly tried everything out but again full review to come.

OPI Varnishes

I love OPI and I managed to get my hands on three polishes, two from the Miss Universe collection 'Crown Me Already' and 'It's my Year' the last one I got is one I've been waiting ages for and it's the 'Rainbow Connection' from the muppets collection.

I got this little gem from Past Times which I adore:

Top from Drop Dead:

Topshop socks (couldn't resists):

and lastly my boyfriend treated me to this cute teddy from Madame Tussauds:

I did get a lot more but some of the stuff I'm either wearing (as I forgot to take PJ's so had to hunt for some *blonde moment* or is in the wash.

As a couple of you asked about my placement I'm doing it with News Team International in Birmingham and I love it.

Just want to know what you're favourite products are at the moment?


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

Hi lovelies,

Sorry I've been inactive the past couple with working and packing I've been quite busy. The weekend I went to London for my brothers 18th birthday which we had a great time. I managed to buy quite a few things considering (I'll post a haul up if you guys want to see it).

Anyways I figured I'd show you guys some photos from my weekend:

My brothers cake (he's a massive fan of drop dead):

Drop Dead shop:

Madame Tussauds:

Short and sweet photo, and like I said if you wanna see my haul let me know.

My giveaway has ended and I'll try and get the winner up shortly.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Boots Haul

Boots have released their Christmas gift catalogue and my mom gladly picked one up yesterday, so of course me being me decided to have a flick through and was amazed by the products in their Christmas campaign. Now I'll be the first to agree it's a tad bit early to be thinking about xmas but their range is amazing so I hopped off in the car to go and have a look in store.

Here's a couple of items I got (I got my mom the third gift hence why there's only 2 items in photo)

The first item I purchased was the Minnie Mouse vanity bag, I saw this in the magazine and I melted, it's just so cute and great as I'm going to London the weekend and I always steal my moms vanity bag so now I have my own.

Firstly the design is super cute and I'm loving the little bow and lace design on the front. I love the overall design of the bag, the only problem I found was with the first compartment the button popper had ripped so I had to exchange it, so I don't think the button and material are that strong but oh well I love it anyways.

The zipper has a cute Minnie Mouse face silhouette and strap and it's just the little things on this bag that really win it for me. I love that there is a longer strap on this so you could get away with using it as a holiday bag not just a vanity bag, the size is also great I will be able to fit all my makeup in there and more which is a bonus.

This cost £20 so it's a bit expensive as I stated the material doesn't seem strong enough for something of this price tag, but for the overall cuteness of it I love it!

Now being a Fearne Cotton fan I couldn't resist this:

Again I saw this in the catalogue, and I'm loving her range, when I went in store and saw the products in person I wanted to buy them all, but with my birthday being next month my mom has kindly said she will get some of the Fearne products for me.

This was at the top of my list to get from her range as I thought £16 for 10 brushes isn't too bad, so I wasn't really expecting much from them. Seriously though they may be crap but the fact that they're Fearne and look pretty I won't care too much.

When testing them out when I got home I found one of the powder brushes to be a bit scratchy on my hand but on the fact it didn't bother me too much, whereas some of the brushes were the softest ever which I was surprised at.

My favourite on testing on my hand and overall looks would be the eyeliner brush but this could all change when I get round to testing them this week.

I love the cuteness of these brushes I think the designs on them really help as a lot of brushes are just plain back handled and these have lovely flowers. I'm loving the case they came in, this will be great for travel purposes as I never like to put my brushes in with my makeup so this will come in handy.

Some closeups of the brushes:

This may sound a little weird but I like the length of the brushes also, because with some you find with longer handles can be tricky to use if you want to get close to the mirror you end up either smacking yourself with the brush or the mirror but these are a great length.

I will probably do a proper review once I've tried them out but these are just first impressions.

As I mentioned these cost £16 but when you think about it you're getting 10 brushes and a case it's a great deal.

Anyways this was my mini boots haul, like I said they have some great 3 for 2 offers on at the moment with their xmas gifts so even if you're not looking to buy pressies have a look just for yourself you'll be amazed at what you can find.

Have you purchased any of the Boots gifts yet?

Just a little side note, so happy I've got work experience with a news company and I'm currently writing articles everyday for them online and in Jan get time to go into the offices and do some journalism work then. Happy days.

Lastly if you haven't entered my comp you only have a couple of days left to do so!


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance Review

Britney Spears has recently released her latest fragrance 'Cosmic Radiance' and the princess of pop doesn't disappoint with her tenth fragrance to hit the shelves.

I've always had a soft spot for her fragrances due to their sweet feminine scents and I adore this perfume for that. I was probably 14 when I first got my hands on her fragrances and have continued to use them (still have fantasy on the go) for everyday purposes. This very fruity fragrance is inspired by the idea of 'luminous sensuality', with hints of vanilla and jasmine. This girlie perfume is really sweet smelling meaning that it's going to be great to wear everyday for university and work as the scent isn't too strong.

The perfume contains amber, mandarin, pear along with vanilla and jasmine which I already noted. This fruity floral perfume is a must for me, I can see myself using up the sample pretty quickly and be heading to the shops to get the full bottle.

I've tried this out a few times and found the staying power of this is great, depending on how long I need to wear this for I sometimes need to pop a bit more on my wrist which is usually when I'm working and at uni (so it's a long day).

I really can't get enough of this smell, and if you're a fan of her fragrances this is to be a sure hit with you.

Pricing for this starts at £23 for a 30ml to £38 for a 100ml, all in all not a bad price really comparing to other perfumes on the market.

Have you tried Britney's latest fragrance?

Just want to apologise also for the lack of posts the past few days been busy with work and getting uni work done. I might not be able to do posts every other day now to getting some experience with an online news site which I'm writing for everyday, but if not I'm gonna try and do it every two days.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cheeky Mac Haul

I mentioned when doing my September I'd do a review on Mac's Stunner, well I had to pop into Mac last weekend to get some replacements products and I was cheeky and also got a new lipstick, so I thought I'd share this with you along with the blush.

Mac Stunner has been a massive hit in the blogging world since its release as part of the MAC me over collection. This was a pain in the arse to get ahold of, I initially went to buy it when Debehams had an offer but they sold out, and then MAC online also sold out. Luckily enough I rang House of Fraser up in Wolverhampton and they had this little beauty which made me happy.

I can say the trouble really was worth it for this gem, I love the colour of this. It's a soft coral / pink with shimmer which I love to wear for the autumn months. I was a bit worried when getting this that it may have been too pink for my face but looks lovely on.

When putting this on it gives a healthy glow which looks natural and can be build able depending how pink you want your cheeks. You don't see much of the coral sheen when first applying it to your cheeks, it's only once blended that you do.

The lasting power is great, I can apply it in a morning before uni and when it comes to taking my makeup off at night it's still on, so no touch ups during the day.

This for me is becoming one of my favourite blushers beating Benefits Sugar Bomb, it's priced at £17 which to me seems reasonable not only for MAC and in comparison to Benefit blushers it works out cheaper.

Onto Mac Bombshell

When it comes to lipsticks I have so many different brands (mainly drugstore as I don't want to pay too much for them) and only owned one MAC lipstick before this. While I was waiting to be served I had a ganders at the lipsticks and instantly fell in love with this, you could say it was an impulse buy with how quickly it took me to decide I was having it.

What made me fall in love with this was the colour and the golden shimmer, anything with a shimmer is a winner for me. I love the twist that the gold has on the lipstick, without it I think it would look very much like a pinup pink, however the gold calms this down and makes it looks more fashionable and young.

The frost finish means that it's not the most pigmented lipstick in the world but that doesn't bother me too much, as it's build able so when I'm at uni if I want just a bit of lipstick on it means I only need one to two coats, and then if I'm down out I can build this up.

I love the smell of MAC lipsticks, they smell a little like vanilla but you don't actually taste this when applying. The lasting power is great, I find when eating and drinking there is wear which you expect but there is still colour there and I normally top up after eating or drinking but it will literally need just the one coat if you were to do this.

Swatched on lips:

This again like Stunner is becoming one of my favourite products and I will definitely repurchase.

Have you tried either of these products? Do you have any MAC recommendations?


Monday, 3 October 2011

NOTD: Models Own

A while back I purchased my first nail polishes from Models Own when they had the 50% off offer, I can't believe I haven't tried them before but when I did last night I can surely say I'm loving them so far.

You've probably seen the nail trend going round lately where you paint your ring finger a different colour to the others and I thought I'd give this a try.

I used the colours Lilac Dream (main colour) and Mystic Mauve (ring colour), and I love these colours together. I figured with the sunny weather (which is a first for October in the UK) I'd paint my nails to match.

At first when I was painting my nails with Lilac Dream leaving the ring finger out it looked strange and I wasn't sure if I'd like it but once I popped a coat of Mystic Mauve I really liked the look of it and today it has really grown on me.

Here are some close ups:

(with flash)


I was really happy with the quality of these polishes, it dried quite quickly and I do tend to knock my nails after 5 minutes of doing them so this works in my favour. The glitter coat I found dried more quickly as it was thinner than the pastel lilac. My only gripe I found when doing my left hand the Lilac Dream was a bit too thick and my thumb has those annoying little dots but I couldn't be bothered to redo.

I haven't put a top coat of my nails either yet because I wanted to see how they lasted without so I'll be able to update you with that once they begin to chip.

I'm loving the shine on mystic mauve, I can see me wearing this colour on all my nails soon as it's really pretty. What's great about this is you don't need many coats either literally two were enough. When doing my nails last night my mom wasn't keen on the ring finger fashion but today she complimented me on how nice it looked.

These are £5 and are currently available on models own website or in Boots.

Have you guys ever tried Models Own?

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