Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Boots Haul

Boots have released their Christmas gift catalogue and my mom gladly picked one up yesterday, so of course me being me decided to have a flick through and was amazed by the products in their Christmas campaign. Now I'll be the first to agree it's a tad bit early to be thinking about xmas but their range is amazing so I hopped off in the car to go and have a look in store.

Here's a couple of items I got (I got my mom the third gift hence why there's only 2 items in photo)

The first item I purchased was the Minnie Mouse vanity bag, I saw this in the magazine and I melted, it's just so cute and great as I'm going to London the weekend and I always steal my moms vanity bag so now I have my own.

Firstly the design is super cute and I'm loving the little bow and lace design on the front. I love the overall design of the bag, the only problem I found was with the first compartment the button popper had ripped so I had to exchange it, so I don't think the button and material are that strong but oh well I love it anyways.

The zipper has a cute Minnie Mouse face silhouette and strap and it's just the little things on this bag that really win it for me. I love that there is a longer strap on this so you could get away with using it as a holiday bag not just a vanity bag, the size is also great I will be able to fit all my makeup in there and more which is a bonus.

This cost £20 so it's a bit expensive as I stated the material doesn't seem strong enough for something of this price tag, but for the overall cuteness of it I love it!

Now being a Fearne Cotton fan I couldn't resist this:

Again I saw this in the catalogue, and I'm loving her range, when I went in store and saw the products in person I wanted to buy them all, but with my birthday being next month my mom has kindly said she will get some of the Fearne products for me.

This was at the top of my list to get from her range as I thought £16 for 10 brushes isn't too bad, so I wasn't really expecting much from them. Seriously though they may be crap but the fact that they're Fearne and look pretty I won't care too much.

When testing them out when I got home I found one of the powder brushes to be a bit scratchy on my hand but on the fact it didn't bother me too much, whereas some of the brushes were the softest ever which I was surprised at.

My favourite on testing on my hand and overall looks would be the eyeliner brush but this could all change when I get round to testing them this week.

I love the cuteness of these brushes I think the designs on them really help as a lot of brushes are just plain back handled and these have lovely flowers. I'm loving the case they came in, this will be great for travel purposes as I never like to put my brushes in with my makeup so this will come in handy.

Some closeups of the brushes:

This may sound a little weird but I like the length of the brushes also, because with some you find with longer handles can be tricky to use if you want to get close to the mirror you end up either smacking yourself with the brush or the mirror but these are a great length.

I will probably do a proper review once I've tried them out but these are just first impressions.

As I mentioned these cost £16 but when you think about it you're getting 10 brushes and a case it's a great deal.

Anyways this was my mini boots haul, like I said they have some great 3 for 2 offers on at the moment with their xmas gifts so even if you're not looking to buy pressies have a look just for yourself you'll be amazed at what you can find.

Have you purchased any of the Boots gifts yet?

Just a little side note, so happy I've got work experience with a news company and I'm currently writing articles everyday for them online and in Jan get time to go into the offices and do some journalism work then. Happy days.

Lastly if you haven't entered my comp you only have a couple of days left to do so!

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