Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cheeky Mac Haul

I mentioned when doing my September I'd do a review on Mac's Stunner, well I had to pop into Mac last weekend to get some replacements products and I was cheeky and also got a new lipstick, so I thought I'd share this with you along with the blush.

Mac Stunner has been a massive hit in the blogging world since its release as part of the MAC me over collection. This was a pain in the arse to get ahold of, I initially went to buy it when Debehams had an offer but they sold out, and then MAC online also sold out. Luckily enough I rang House of Fraser up in Wolverhampton and they had this little beauty which made me happy.

I can say the trouble really was worth it for this gem, I love the colour of this. It's a soft coral / pink with shimmer which I love to wear for the autumn months. I was a bit worried when getting this that it may have been too pink for my face but looks lovely on.

When putting this on it gives a healthy glow which looks natural and can be build able depending how pink you want your cheeks. You don't see much of the coral sheen when first applying it to your cheeks, it's only once blended that you do.

The lasting power is great, I can apply it in a morning before uni and when it comes to taking my makeup off at night it's still on, so no touch ups during the day.

This for me is becoming one of my favourite blushers beating Benefits Sugar Bomb, it's priced at £17 which to me seems reasonable not only for MAC and in comparison to Benefit blushers it works out cheaper.

Onto Mac Bombshell

When it comes to lipsticks I have so many different brands (mainly drugstore as I don't want to pay too much for them) and only owned one MAC lipstick before this. While I was waiting to be served I had a ganders at the lipsticks and instantly fell in love with this, you could say it was an impulse buy with how quickly it took me to decide I was having it.

What made me fall in love with this was the colour and the golden shimmer, anything with a shimmer is a winner for me. I love the twist that the gold has on the lipstick, without it I think it would look very much like a pinup pink, however the gold calms this down and makes it looks more fashionable and young.

The frost finish means that it's not the most pigmented lipstick in the world but that doesn't bother me too much, as it's build able so when I'm at uni if I want just a bit of lipstick on it means I only need one to two coats, and then if I'm down out I can build this up.

I love the smell of MAC lipsticks, they smell a little like vanilla but you don't actually taste this when applying. The lasting power is great, I find when eating and drinking there is wear which you expect but there is still colour there and I normally top up after eating or drinking but it will literally need just the one coat if you were to do this.

Swatched on lips:

This again like Stunner is becoming one of my favourite products and I will definitely repurchase.

Have you tried either of these products? Do you have any MAC recommendations?

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