Monday, 28 November 2011

Top 5 Mondays: Liquid Eyeliner

Hi lovelies,

So I wanted to do a regular weekly feature post on my blog and I figured I'd begin by doing a weekly top 5 of various products, this will be anything beauty related from eyeliners to polishes.

This week I'm starting with liquid eyeliners, something I use everyday and have so many of and I thought I'd share my top five with you:

1. L'Oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss

This is my all time favourite liner, I own it in the colours: Carbon Gloss and Black Crystals I like the product that much. I love the felt applicator that comes with this, it makes applying the eyeliner ever so easy.

Literally only takes me two minutes to apply when using this eyeliner, however my only little problem with this is that it's not waterproof and can smudge quite easily. This is sometimes not a problem if you make a mistake, means you can quickly take it off and re-apply.

My HG of drugstore liquid eyeliners, and a great product for eyeliner beginners.

This comes in at £6.49

2. Collection 2000 Extreme 24hour Felt Tip Liner

I heard about this from the lovely Charlotte over at Beautyramblings, and this is a lovely product to use and really cheap (which is an added bonus). The felt tip applicator again make this product really easy to apply, and when going for the winged look this product makes the process very easy.

I find when applying this it's like using a pen so it's easier then other products, the staying power for this is great and I would say this is waterproof as I find the staying power is a bit better than the L'Oreal liner.

This is a bargain price of £2.99

3. Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner

This is a product I used when I was younger and wasn't a fan of, but recently I used this again and love the product. The wand is great for applying small lines, something I've found other liners don't allow easily.

I think they've changed the wand since the last time I used it, and I prefer the new wand, it makes applying the liner easier. The staying power is great, I just don't think this product is waterproof as it smudges easily.

However that doesn't bother me too much as this is a lovely product and very cheap. Again it's easy to remove so if you make a mistake you can quickly wipe it off and start over again.

It's priced at £3.79

4. Barry M Wink Marker Pen

This is a product I hated when I first got it, but after using it a few times it has become one of my favourites. This looks like a felt tip pen which again makes applying it a doddle, and I've found this product is probably my favourite when creating a 'wink'.

However the staying powder isn't great I would recommend using a primer as it does wear easily. But if you have applied a primer or shadow on your eye I find the product so black it looks great. I was a bit worried the tip would be a little thick but you can use it to apply thin and thick lines.

The other thing I like about this is the matte finish it gives as some of the liners give quite glossy finishes which is great when applying with eye shadows but sometimes you just want pure matte black and this gives that.

This comes in at £4.59

5. Barry M Liquid Eyeliner

Lastly I've chosen Barry M's liquid eyeliner, this is another product I've used since I was around 14/15 and I love it. This again makes applying your eyeliner really easy and the staying power of this is great. This however is not waterproof so if you do cry you'll look like a panda.

I love the colour choices available with this product, I don't think I know of another liner with so many choices. The pigmentation of this is also great, a lovely matte black which is something in a liner I love.

This product allows you to apply your liner really easily and smoothly as I find with some liners when creating a line it is not always straight but with this I find my line is always dead straight.

This comes in at £4.79

Here are swatches of all products mentioned:

LtoR: Rimmel Exaggerate, Barry M Liquid Eyeliner, L'Oreal super liner, Barry M Wink Eyeliner, Collection 2000 24hour tip liner.

If you like the idea of my Top 5 Monday's let me know what you'd like to see next.


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mac Glitter and Ice: Lip Bag: Sultry

Hi lovelies,

So if you saw my birthday haul you will have seen that one of my presents was a lip set from Mac's latest collection: glitter and ice.

I've been using this since Monday (yes I know we're only on Thursday but I love it already) and it's quickly becoming my favourite everyday lippie and gloss combo.

So this is what you get in the collection, a cute lil bag and the silver circle acts as a small pouch to put maybe a mirror in, the set comes with a lipstick, gloss and liner.

Onto the lipstick:

This Cremesheen lipstick is in the colour 'I Love Winter' which is a gorgeous neutral pink, it's creamy texture means it applies really easily and I find I don't need many coats for colour.

I find this lasts a good few hours even with drinking and eating which is great and you aren't constantly re-applying during the day.

The lipgloss comes in the colour 'Deelight' which again in a natural pink which I love on top of the lipstick. This is a colour I could see myself wearing separately, and has a lovely gloss shine to it.

A great gloss if you want to just simply add shine as the colour is natural, and something I would consider repurchasing.

Lastly is the lip liner in the colour 'Boldly Bare' this is a neutral pinky/brown which is a lovely colour but something I wouldn't personally use a lot of because I'm not a liner girl. I do however use it with the lipstick as I find together they look quite nice.

Here are swatches of all three:

(with flash)

As a whole package I love this set I find the colours are very wearable and something I think every girl needs in her makeup bag.

The set is priced at £31 so it works out cheaper including the small bag which is always a bonus. Especially if you try and work out what you'd be paying if purchased separately.

The small bag isn't brilliant, but I find if you just want to chuck in some basics as in lippie, eye liner, mascara it will fit, but it's not gonna hold a lot.

I find this set perfect for the winter and something I'd repurchase when I run out (if they still have it). The wear on this is great, I put it on at the beginning of my uni day (around 9ish) and it's still on by the time I get home which is mid afternoon, and this is after numerous drinks and food.

Probably one of my favourite mac ranges to be released.

Have you lovelies got anything yet from the new range?


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Birthday Haul

Hi Lovelies,

Here's my birthday Haul as requested, some of these products were presents and some I treated myself to.

Warning: Pic Heavy.

The boyfriends lovely card

I've wanted this jewellery box since the summer after seeing it in Past Times.

Yes I'm sad, but I love these acts from last years X-Factor (and I love my mom for getting me the Harry cover of One Directions album)

Two of these were purchased from the CCO and got them dirt cheap.

Another item from the CCO, I've wanted to try this for ages and was so happy when they had it in my shade.

If you read my blog you may notice I already own this brush, but because I love it so much I couldn't resist getting another at a lower price.

Last CCO purchase, but probably one of my favourites.

A lot of hype about these at the moment, so wanted to try these and couldn't resist the colours (neither could my mom)

I love this bracelet, first got it with the New Moon collection, but mine has now stretched so got this to replace it.

Presents from the mama:

Yay, wanted my Mac brush for a while but could never justify the money.

Where I normally buy my OPI from were having an offer 3 for 2 so I couldn't resist and the minis were 4 for £10

I was most excited about this, part of Mac's Ice and Glitter collection

The boyfriends present from Topshop, but the picture does this coat no justice

From the brother

Treated myself to these two items from Asda's G21, I really love their range of clothes

Last pressie, I had waiting for me tonight when I got home <3

Anyways I hope I haven't bored you too much and you enjoyed my birthday haul.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

NOTD: OPI Miss Universe Collection

Hi Lovelies,

So a while back I did a haul with some OPI polishes and some of you lovelies requested swatches of the polishes and for my birthday I've chosen to use OPI's 'It's my Year' from the Miss Universe Collection.

Now what I love about this colour is that it has hints of purple/gold and subtle hints of red, in different lights you see different colours and shades.

This is quickly becoming a favourite of mine due to the colours and I find this is great for all year round. The colour looks really different from one coat to three.

Here are swatches with and without flash:

I paired this with Barry M's three in one top coat.

Today as an early birthday treat I picked some more OPI polishes which I'll do a haul on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

So yeah as it's my birthday Monday I probably won't get a post now until mid next week, just let me know if you want to see a birthday haul?

And quick question just wondering if you lovelies had any tips for storing nail varnishes, currently by box I keep them in is full and the lip is sticking up cause I have so many. My bad.


Thursday, 17 November 2011


Heylo lovelies!

Don't you just love finding items of clothing that you completely forgot you had, well I did this I was looking in my wardrobe for something to wear when I came across my jumper which was still brand new and I couldn't believe that I had yet to wear it.

At the moment with winter I'm a big fan of wearing chunky knits with tube skirts, I dunno why I think it just makes it a bit different to going back to wearing jeans.

Where it's from:

Jumper: F&F at Tesco
Skirt: New Look
Tights: Asda
Boots: Uggs
Hat: H&M
Bag: River Island

Also did a FOTD for you guys:

With Flash:


What I'm Wearing

Foundation: Garnier BB Cream
Powder: Mac Mineralised Skin Finish Light
Blush: Collection 2000 shimmer shades
Eyeliner: Barry M Wink liner
Mascara: Benefit's They're Real
Lipstick: Tesco F&F in Sshh...
Ligloss: Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Cotton Candy

And that's it, my skin has cleared a bit which is good means I can be lazy and stick some BB cream on instead of foundation.

Also if you notice my hair is a little darker, I figured with the colder months I wanted to go for a butterscotch colour so added some low lights to it.

Lately I'm in love with Tesco makeup and clothing, have you ever got anything from either ranges?


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades

Hi Lovelies,

I've been a bad blogger the past week, but been swamped with work and uni and haven't been able to find the time to blog.

I do have some posts in the works however, got my hair done Thursday so have some pics to show you along with some looks and tips.

Today I wanted to do a little review and dupe for Collection 2000's Shimmer Shades in Blushalicious. I recently got this in the Superdrug 3 for 2 offer but only started using it a couple of days ago and already it's become a top blush of mine.

When I first got this blusher I automatically thought about how similar it was to Benefits Sugabomb, and after using it I've found the two are quite similar.

The shades vary slightly, but if I'm being completely honest I prefer the shade choice in Collection 2000's set.

What I like about these four blush sets is that they can either be applied separately or mix them together, this in comparison to Benefits is one I could see myself using the shades separately because the size of each shade is bigger.

Here are swatches of Collection's:

Without Flash:


When I put these colours on my hand I didn't think they were very pigmented but looking at the photos they appear to be.

Here's a photo of the colours blended:

Just to show you the similarities to Benefits done some quick swatches:


Like I said the Collection 2000 swatches look pigmented whereas the Benefit don't, and blended together the Sugabomb looks a lot lighter and paler where the Collection 2000 is quite pink which I like.

When applying another difference I found was Sugabomb was much more shimmery, but you can easily add shimmer to your Collection 2000.


To be fair I do love my Benefit blusher, but in comparison you pay £21.50 for Benefit and Collection 2000's is £4.19 and in my opinion nicer. This is definitely a dupe worth purchasing if you're a fan of Benefit's Sugabomb.

Have you guys tried either of these? Or seen any other quad blushers I'd love to hear of some other brands?

And I promise to try and be a better blogger, and update a bit more regularly. Also my birthday is on Monday so I will hopefully have a birthday haul to do for you as I have requested some lovely mac goodies.

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