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Belated Top 5 Monday: Blushers

Hi lovelies,

So as it states in the title this is a belated top 5 post, I didn't get round to posting this yesterday as I was at Clothes Show, but when I got back I wasn't feeling brill so just rested.

Anyways onto blushers, this is a product I love and I end up buying so many of them in various colours. Here are my top 5:

1. Mac Stunner

As soon as I heard about this product I release I knew I had to get my hands on it, and found it was selling out fast so when it came to getting it Mac had sold out online and in one of my local shops but luckily enough I have a few Mac shops close to me so managed to get it.

This is a lovely product, the colour I find is different to what it looks likes in the package. I find it a lot lighter yet buildable which is something I love in a blush. It applies lovely and is a fresh glowing nude pink which can be used everyday or even for special events.

The blush lasts for ages after application which is something you expect when paying the money you do for this blush. All in all this is a great product something I've been usually a lot since getting and I think this will last me a while as I don't need to apply too much for everyday looks.

This comes in at a heft £13 from Mac counters and department stores.

2. Benefit Sugabomb

I cannot say enough good things about this product, this was nearly my top blush but was narrowly beaten by my Mac. I love how this can either be one blended blush or four separate colours depending on the look and colour you are after.

When blended you get a lovely nude peach colour which is great for everyday looks and I find most mornings I reach for this when getting ready for uni. My only problem with this (but then again I'm pale faced so it doesn't matter too much) is I find it's not the most pigmented of blushers I own, but like I said with being pale that sorta benefits me in a way.

I love the packaging of this also, the box makes it really different to other blushers I own and I like the little brush you get with it makes it great for travelling purposes and handy to pop in your bag. This does last all day but I find without setting it you can wipe your hand on your cheek and see the majority of your blush on your hand.

This comes in at a pricey £23.50 and can be purchased from Benefit, department stores and Boots.

3. Topshop Cream Blush

Firstly apologises for the state of this (it's been well used) and yay for the xmas decorations showing in the mirror.

Anyways I'm in love with Topshop makeup and need more of their blushers in my life, this was the first cream blush I ever tried as I just love powder blushers too much, and I can say I adore this product it goes on like a dream and is so pigmented I only need the littlest amount on my brush to get a lovely colour.

This staying powder of this is also great I find sometimes it can go patchy in the day but I just easily re-blend and top it up. When I first got this I was worried that I'd come out looking orange but in fact it's a gorgeous coral colour which is great for the winter, and perks your cheeks up.

The packaging of this is super cute (it would have to be as it's Topshop after all) it's quite sleek and I love carrying it with me. The little mirror proves useful if you apply during the day as sometimes blushers don't carry mirrors with them which can be a pain.

I find this goes on best with either a stipple brush or flat top kabuki and has a matte finish once applied.

Best bit of all it's only £6 and available from Topshop

4. Mac Peachykeen

This was one of those products I wasn't 100% on after buying as I swatched it in Selfridges but then though as it's quite pigmented and dark how it would actually look on my face.

By golly wow I'm glad I did get it, as the name states it's a gorgeous peach colour (even though you can't really tell on this photo) and is really pigmented so when applied heavily it can almost look rosy but when blended is a gorgeous peach colour - great for the summer. I have been wearing it a lot the past month or so and just love it.

Again the staying power of this is great, as considering I apply the smallest amount of this I didn't expect it to. This is something that can be used in different looks but I find myself mainly using it for going out looks just out of preference.

This is again a bit pricey at £13 from Mac counters and Department Stores.

5. Accessorize Quiver

Now I'm gonna be truthful and say when I first purchased this I wasn't expecting much from it but I can say I was pleasantly surprised. This has to be the little gem within my collection, and an absolute bargain.

The colour of this is a light pink which I didn't expect from this baked blusher as you can see the darker colours within the blush. I love applying this, it's not really pigmented which means you can build it up to go for whatever look you want.

I love applying this in the winter and find it gives you a glowing fresh look, the staying powder is also good it will last the day at uni, it's not the best out of them all but when you pay less than the others mentioned you don't expect it to.

It has a shimmery finish which also make it a great product for the summer, and what's nice about it it's shimmery but doesn't actually contain any glitter.

This is at the bargain price of £5.50 and can be purchased from Accessorize or Superdrug.

Onto the swatches of each:

LtoR: Benefit Sugabomb, Mac Stunner, Mac Peachykeen, Topshop Head Over Heels, Accessorize Quiver

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you'd like to see on next weeks Top 5.

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