Thursday, 8 December 2011

TK Maxx Bargain Finds

Hi Lovelies,

So with Christmas fast approaching I wanted to share with you some great TK Maxx finds that I have come across, and these could make great Christmas friends for those beauty fans.

Firstly onto the biggest bargain and the happiest one of them all:

I had gone in the previous day just for a ganders and saw they had a different set to this, oranges and greens and unfortunately the green had leaked so I didn't really want to get that (and I'm not a fan of those colours) but as I was in the area yesterday I popped back into my local TK Maxx and saw this little gem standing there and without hesitation I snapped it up off the shelves before anyone else got the chance to.

I was in shock when I saw the price, £12.99 for three OPI polishes, now in the UK these are normally stupid prices ranging from £9.50-£10.50 a bottle and that cannot always be justified so I have started getting mine online.

I just couldn't believe the price of these this works out at just over £4 a bottle. BARGAIN!

I was really happy with the colour choices in this collection also, I love the pink and orange colour in it, I'm not sure about the middle brown just yet I will have to swatch it on my nails to make an opinion.

Come To Poppy

Crepes Suzi-ette

Mediterranean Moonlight

Now onto the next bargains I found, unfortunately I haven't got any pics to show you as I have got them for xmas off my mom and she's put them away (have to forget I have them) but I will take pics to show you when I get them at xmas.

The first two were sets of Nails Inc nail varnish.

One seems to be a Christmas set of polishes (don't know the name of the collection) with a glitter red, dark burgundy red and a classic red. These in the shop a bargain price of £12.99 and the colours you get are gorgeous.

I really wish I had took some pics yesterday to show you guys.

The second set I got my hands on had a gold, beige and pink the one is very similar to Basil Street but yet again this was £12.99 and I couldn't resist.

The last bargain I purchased was the NYX nude palette that I have had my eyes on for a while and in the shop was only £14.99 which you can't complain at, and this has been compared to UD's Naked palette.

Anyways these were the bargains that I had purchased but I did also have a look round at what else they had in. Currently in my store I found they are also selling other Nails Inc sets:

You can get three mini's and false lashes for £12.99 and I spotted three different sets, you can choose from sets containing: pinks, golds, purples - lots of range to choose from. The lashes look pretty normal (but unfortunately I'm not a lash fan).

I also spotted the Nails Inc 2010 Christmas gift set for £19.99 this contains 6 full size bottles and 4 minis. The colours range from: pinks, purples, golds, green, blues and reds.

Other bargains I spotted were more NYX products including lipgloss sets and eyeshadows sets which ranged from £9.99 to £20 (I think). Elf products which I love from £3.99 to £7.99, Revlon set of 4 polishes for £7.99 and Bourjois sets for I think £9.99.

Sorry I didn't have photos of these but they do currently have some great offers in and these would make great Christmas presents, I'm going to become quite obsessed with checking my local TK Maxx as I've heard they have around 12 different sets of the OPI polishes.

The weekend I will be doing a Christmas presents post including different price ranges, brands (including high street) and for different ages.

Hope you enjoyed the post sorry it's been a bit more text than usual but I wanted to share these great offers with you.

PS. Here's a pic of my Xmas tree, random but I love it.

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