Monday, 30 January 2012

Top 5 Monday: Foundations

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all had a great weekend, back to uni this week which in a way I'm glad to be going back after so long off but then it's the stress of all the work again boo.

Anyways, onto my top 5 Monday and today I'm looking at foundations, it's one of those I own so many because you have to try so many to find the one you love. For me I have a few for different occasions and that's just my personal preference.

Here are the top 5:

1. Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation: Warm Ivory

I fell in love with this foundation after getting it at the CCO in November and since then have been using it constantly. It's a light dewy finish which I love and considering I have oily prone skin it doesn't look like an oily mess. I find when applying this it looks really natural yet has great coverage, it hides the redness in my face.

I find this foundation slightly on the yellow side but find that helps with my skins complexion, it's probably the closest out of all of them to my skin colour. When wearing this it feels really light and not like I'm wearing foundation.

I did get this at a discounted price but wouldn't mind paying the full price as I know this is a great foundation, and my favourite.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear: Intensity 1

This is yet again another great foundation, I find this great for if I'm going out and need a full coverage foundation that is going to stay in place regardless.

I love wearing this as it's very build-able so if I want the full coverage I know I can use this but also if I want a light finish this will also do the job. I find when my skin is bad this is my go to foundation as I know it will hide blemishes and reduce the redness. I actually did a post on this foundation a while back showing a comparison of this from bare face to after applying my foundation.

My only gripe with this is I've heard don't go near a flash with it as I've heard it makes you go pale face - not good!

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - Shade 51&53

This is an affordable yet great foundation, a light dewy finish yet gives great coverage. This foundation is slightly scented which is nice as you get some foundations which can smell horrible and you don't want to put on your face.

I find even though this is a dewy finish it's not too oily for my face, and does help control my skin a little. This is really easy to blend, and I compare two shades as I don't find their colour range too impressive.

What I also like about this foundation is that is gives a healthy glow to the skin and I've found it wakes my skin up. For a drugstore brand this is really great and surpasses some higher brand foundations.

4. Myface Mymix Foundation - Fair 01

I had heard a lot about this foundation a while back so while Boots had a 3 for 2 offer my mom nabbed two of their foundations allowing me to get this one for free.

Again for a drugstore brand it completely knocks some of the higher ones off their top spot, I love the texture of this foundation it makes blending a dream and find a little goes a long way. With this foundation I find the finish quite matte which is great because I find I don't need to apply powder with this.

I was quite shocked with how the colour matched my skin as I doubted it would as they separate their colours into skin shades such as fair and then three colours based on that shade.

5. NYC Skin Matching Foundation - 685 Fair

You may think why has this been included into the mix when looking at other choices but I find this foundation cheap and cheerful. The reason behind this is not because it's one of the best on the market but when you pay £3 this is a dream.

The smell of this reminds me of suntan lotion which means I love using it as I love the smell, but find it has a decent coverage. I find this lasts as long as other foundations - which isn't something I expected with a foundation costing so little.

This completely blew me away though when I started using it, this blends really easily and reminds me of a tinted moisturiser which I don't mind.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 of this week, and look out for my top 5 lipstick swatches, January's Glossybox and a NOTD which I have just painted.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NOTD: Fifth Avenue

Hi lovelies,

Today I'm doing my NOTD post featuring China Glaze's Fifth Avenue and the Fast Forward Dry Coat.

This was the first time using China Glaze as I can only get them from my local Sally's and I must say I'm really surprised by this polish, I love the colour and the finish is super glossy.

I figured as I was using China Glaze I'd pair this up with my Fast Forward Dry Coat, which I love. It dries really quickly and gives the nails a glossy shine, I've had my nails painted since Sunday and they are still really glossy.

My only gripe with this top coat is the smell but apart from that it's a great top coat.

Hope you enjoyed, and a few of you asked for swatches of my top 5 lip products so I will try and get some swatches up the weekend.


Monday, 23 January 2012

Top 5 Monday: Lipstick

Hi lovelies,

I can't believe I haven't been on the blog for a week, I've been really busy with work experience and hospital visits so sorry for that.

Anyways onto the usual Monday post which is the top 5 and today I'm doing lipsticks, now this one was very hard to do probably harder than the nail varnish post because I have so many gorgeous colours I wanted to feature but couldn't.

Here are my top five anyways I wanted to try and mix brands as much as I could so hope you enjoy:

1. Revlon Amethyst Shell

I've been religiously wearing this colour all week, I love this. I find a lot of the time I go for the lighter colours when it comes to everyday lipstick but I've been loving this of lately. I find even though it looks bright it isn't as bright on the lips, and is long lasting.

This is a gorgeous pink on the lips and is subtle enough to wear everyday but then can be worn on a night out. I love Revlon lipsticks I find when I apply this my lips feel great and creamy.

2. Revlon Skyline Pink

A second favourite Revlon lipstick, I was a big fan of Jade from BINTM and I couldn't wait for her collection to be released. When I first got this I wasn't 100% sure if a lighter lipstick would suit me but found it really does.

I love wearing this colour this is my main go to for a natural everyday lip and I find even though it's pale it will last a while. This colour is a very frosted pink so it does need a few coats but once they're on they do stay. I'm not going to say if you constantly drink or eat to expect it to stay but if you have a little drink through the day expect it to still be there.

3. Estee Lauder Crystal Baby

I got this on my birthday last year and I must say I have fallen in love with this lipstick. When I looked at the colour at the bottom of the case I wasn't 100% sure but after reading blog reviews I knew I had to get it.

This lipstick is on the pricer side of brands but it really is worth it, I love the formula of this lipstick and makes my lips feel lush. Second of all the packaging is gorgeous I really do love it and it's probably my favourite packaging of a lipstick.

The colour has a blue tint in it which I love and no matter how many coats you put on it looks great. I find it has a really glossy finish which means I don't have to put gloss on, and I adore the smell of this polish - yum!

4. Mac Bombshell

This is probably my favourite Mac shade, I find this great for any time of the year and with the frost finish I find it not only looks great but also feels great. I love the hints of gold within this polish and is another colour I've found that can be used for both day and night looks.

My favourite lipstick for lasting finish, it might be because of the darker colour it appears to last longer, but I find it really does. I like how this colour can be built upon as a couple of coats can give a pale pink look whereas a couple of coats give a darker girlie pink.

This is probably my go-to girly colour.

5. Avon Pink Freeze

Now this lipstick is different to any of my others, this is a mint tasting lipstick from Avon which I love. The colour of this is another light shade of pink which a gorgeous shimmer, and I find this is another colour which I love for everyday looks.

My lips do burn a little when I put this on because of the mint within the lipstick but I do love how it feels with the mint on makes me feel all refreshed. I find this colour a little bit lighter than Estee Lauder's Crystal baby but is still really gorgeous.

I could literally sit and smell this all day it smells that nice, this has a frosted finish which means the colour application is really smooth and soft. Bargain price also which makes it an added bonus.

Here are swatches of the colours:

LtoR: Revlon Amethyst Shell, Revlon Skyline Pink, Estee Lauder Crystal Baby,

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 products of the week, I've tried to give a range of products and colours.

I promise I'll try and get some more posts up during the week as I've done my nails and got the photos ready for NOTD. Would like to know though what posts you'd like to see from me?


Monday, 16 January 2012

Top 5 Monday: Makeup Brushes

Hi lovelies,

Here is the top 5 Monday post and today I'm looking at makeup brushes, brushes are something I love and I find once I have my collection I will just simply replace them and have a mixture of high end and drugstore brushes.

Anyways onto the top 5:

These are in no particular order as these are the brushes I use everyday.

1. Estee Lauder Foundation Brush

I had been in search of the perfect foundation brush and I've found that they either don't apply right or apply streaky and it does my head in. Once I got round to using this (as my mom had it in her stash and had never used it) it completely changed my mind on foundation brushes, as I fell in love with this. This is my second brush as the first one was getting a bit tatty. Love love love it.

I find when applying foundation with this brush application is light and it's not streaky, it blends really well and is a great brush to use. I find also when using this brush it doesn't take me too long to apply my foundation.

2. Sigma Flat Kabuki F80

I got this brush for my birthday a couple of months back and I've loved it ever since, I use this alongside my foundation brush to apply my foundation and love the way it applies. Sometimes I will use this without my foundation brush and on its own it is also great to apply foundation. The application is seamless no streaks, and blends effortlessly, I find it takes me a couple of minutes to apply foundation with this brush.

This is also great for powder and other makeup, I find this is a multipurpose brush and may end up getting another solely for powder purposes as I hate mixing one brush for different purposes (if that makes sense).

3. Mac 187

This is the infamous 187 brush you have all probably heard about, again another brush I was given for my birthday. I didn't initially want this brush I did want the Sigma version as I couldn't stand paying the amount asked for this, however despite the price I do love this brush.

Again another brush I use for foundation and I also love using this for cream blush, another multipurpose brush. This is one I use to spread my foundation, I find the finish is lovely and I basically dab my foundation with this. Lovely brush.

4. Elf Powder Brush

For me this brush is too soft to apply powder with so instead I use this to apply blush and I love the way this applies it. I find it picks enough product to apply it lightly and evenly and gives a lovely finish.

This brush was part of the more expensive product range from ELF and is a lovely brush, I love the tapered finish on the brush which again makes it perfect for blush.

5. Sigma F30

This has got to be my all time favourite powder brush probably because of its size, this means I only have to apply a small amount of powder for it to cover my face and helps me save product. This has great application, and I've been using this brush nonstop since I've had it.

I've washed it a few times and found its never lost its shape and is still plump and round. The size of this brush for me is simply a winner.

That was my top 5 picks, I hope you enjoyed.

Anyways had my first day at work experience today and loved it, I have to fight the urge of going to the Mailbox but that's why I'm grateful for my knee it stops me walking over there. I have my MRI tomorrow so wish me luck as I've never had one before, but thank goodness I can find out what's going on.


Saturday, 14 January 2012

NOTD: Barefoot In Barcelona

Hi lovelies,

I'm so sorry about the lack of posts this week its been assignment week at uni so major stress as deadlines were this week. Thankfully thats all handed in how and I have two weeks of work experience next week, going to be fun! Hopefully I'll be able to get some more posts in next week.

Anyways my nails have been pretty bare the past couple of weeks because I've been sticking nail envy on them to help strengthen them after having falsies on.

Onto the NOTD:


Base coat: OPI Natural Base Coat
Top coat: OPI Nail Envy

I love this colour, I chose it to wear for next week as I felt it was quite a subtle colour to wear and this way it would suit my outfit choices for next week.

Hope you like, and again sorry for being so MIA this week.


Monday, 9 January 2012

Top 5 Monday: Nail Varnish

Hi lovelies,

So today's top 5 will be nail varnishes, I found this probably the hardest to do because I own so many polishes to narrow it down to 5 was extremely hard, so I may end up doing top 5 for different brands.

I've chosen different brands to vary it up a bit, and tried to vary the texture - like not feature all glitters because realistically I'm not always going to wear glitters, so I've added different ones.

I hope you enjoy, and onto the top 5:

1. Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

I love love love this colour! This is one of those when it was first released I had to get my hands on it, this looks great matte also. Glitter polishes are a favourite of mine and I think this has the right consistency of colour and glitter. When you first apply it you think it's going to be quite thin and will need a lot of layers but becomes opaque after two.

I wasn't sure on how vivid the purple glitter would be with the colour having such a dark base but it doesn't get lost in the base colour. This colour is very similar to Deborah Lippman's 'Bad Romance' however I've never been a fan of the price of her polishes so this is great as it only retails at £6.49.

2. China Glaze Fifth Avenue

When I saw this colour in Sally's I was instantly drawn to it, I love pink colours this shade as sometimes bright and pastel pinks can be a bit boring and I love this colour. The colour is a little darker than it appears in the bottle but is still gorgeous. It reminds me of a vintage pink which is always my favourite shade of pink, I really want to pair this up with glitter as I think it will look lovely to glam it up a bit.

The consistency of this polish is great, when I first got it I thought it would be really sheer but it's opaque after two coats which is a bonus. The polish I found to be a little thick but once applied it went on really smooth. This is also a reasonably priced polish at £6.49 and when I got this Sally's actually had a 3 for 2 offer on China Glaze so do keep an eye out for those offers.

3. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Now most of you have probably heard about this colour, but it is a classic. This is a really dark purple and is gorgeous on the nails (sometimes a pain to remove because of how dark it is). I love layering this polish with glitters I find it transforms the look so much, one of my favourite ways to wear this is combined with Lily I love you, it makes the polish look very different. A combo on paper doesn't seem to work but on the nails is lovely.

This is a really vampy shade and that's one of the reasons I love it, another one that after two coats it's opaque. This is a winner for me in the darker shades category.

4. OPI Teenage Dream

This is one of the cutest colours I own, yes I used the word cute to describe a polish. This colour reminds me of Lily I love you for the fact it's a sheer glitter but I like wearing this both alone and under a black shatter. After three coats it is still see through but that doesn't bother me too much because I like colours like this to be sheer, as it means I can wear it alone or with other colours.

I love the glitter in this polish, as it appears to have peachy coloured glitter in it and it spreads evenly which I love. However like most glitters it is a bugger to remove but like mentioned in my last post bring on the tin foil method.

I was actually asked in my last post what the tin foil method was and I'll quickly explain that basically you soak cotton wool in polish remover and then put tin foil over your nails and leave the foil on for around 5-10 minutes and then slide them off with the cotton wool and it should remove the majority of the glitter. If you want to see a tutorial just let me know.

5. Nubar Pharaoh's Purple

Love this shade of purple, I had been on the hunt for ages for OPI's Parlez Vous (if anyone knows where to get it from link me up) and once I found out this was a dupe for it I had to get my hands on it. What I like about this colour is that it's a musky purple with grey tones.

Just like the majority of the polishes mentioned this was opaque in two coats, which is fab. This was the first Nubar polish I tried out and I'm really happy with the quality and consistency, definitely will consider buying more.

This surprisingly is the cheapest out of all the polishes featured but you wouldn't think it was £5.50 because the quality is great. I do love this colour and I find it's one of those all round colours that I can be used in both winter and summer.

I hope you enjoyed my top five, what are some of your favourite polishes?


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hyped Products, Are They Worth It: Rainbow Connection

Hi lovelies,

Firstly I'd like to thank both Amy and Katie for the blog awards, thank you lovelies :)

Secondly, I got the idea for this post after Alyssa asked me whether Rainbow Connection was worth the hype, so I figured instead of just simply replying to her my reply would be within this post.

A lot of products gather hype but that doesn't necessarily mean the product is good, so doing these posts I hope to let you guys know what hyped products I feel were either worth the hype or not.

This week I will be looking at OPI's Rainbow Connection, I first got this as soon as it was released where I usually purchase my OPI's, and looking at the bottle it looks amazing. I know a lot of comparisons were made to Deborah Lippman's Happy Birthday but when you consider the price difference between the two this product is simply a winner.

(sorry for the crappy photo but a lot of you will have seen photos of this polish)

I haven't actually used this photo over all my nails properly because I see this more as a statement polish but it's great for 'night out' looks with the different size glitters. Wearing this is definitely going to make a statement on your nails.

At first I thought was it really the hype it was getting, in a way I think yes because as a polish it is gorgeous (a bugger to remove unless you use the tin foil method) but when you think there are both cheaper and expensive dupes for this. Some of the cheaper dupes include Milani and Technic but the expensive one would be Deborah Lippman.

Colour wise yes I think it is worth it because you can get different glitter polishes but I don't have any other colour that mixes glitter like this and it does give a stunning look whether it's on all your nails or just your ring finger (my preferred way of wearing it).

I like the different colours within the polish, when you apply it each time it looks different, I was a bit weary that I would be able to pick it off but by wearing a good top coat it stops this and the wear of this is great. I do recommend when taking if off however, to use the tin foil method other you risk damaging your nails as it will scratch them and sometimes you won't get rid of the finer glitter.

Price wise when comparing it to other dupes I would consider this mid range, like I said you can get your hands on cheaper dupes and you can get expensive. However due to the popularity of this the RRP price of £10.50 has caused eBay sellers to sell them for £15+ which is ridiculous in my opinion, go to a shop and buy Deborah Lippman's if you can get it.

However if you are looking for cheaper alternatives I do like Nicole by OPI's Rainbow in the S-Kylie which you can get for £8.50 - £2 cheaper than OPI and still available from retailers unlike Rainbow Connection.

Final Verdict

Yes I do think it's a pretty polish and yes it's worth the price tag but my shop sells them for £9.90 so a little cheaper, however I wouldn't bother looking to eBay for the polish and pay stupid prices for the polish. Definitely shop around as that way you will find dupes at reasonable prices, however be aware for fakes as many of these are popping around I spotted one on eBay and couldn't believe the way it looked.

Hope you enjoyed this. Have you tried Rainbow Connection yet?


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Top 11 of 2011

Hi lovelies,

So as you know I've been doing a top 5 Monday, but instead this week I wanted to change it up with a top 11 dedicated to the year that was 2011 and showing you guys what my top 11 favourite products of the year were.

It was really hard to choose just 11 as there were so many products that I fell in love with last year (feels strange writing that) but I hope I've chosen some great products that you will all agree on.

LtoR (ToptoBottom): Benefit Sugabomb Blusher, OPI Rainbow Connection, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Lovestruck by Vera Wang, Kate Moss Lipstick Shade 8, L'Oreal Superliner, Benefit They're Real, Garnier BB Cream, Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Benefit Sugabomb Blusher - I love love love this blusher since getting my hands on it, I've found that it was my go to blusher the majority of days whether I was after an everyday look or going out. Love it.

OPI Rainbow Connection - This product has had a lot of rave in the blogging world, and where I normally get my OPI's from we have discussions on how you can't get this anywhere and what eBay is charging for it. Anyways this is a gorgeous colour, I love wearing it on it's own and with other colours. If you are after this colour you can get the exact dupe for it from the Kardashian range and it's called Rainbow in the S-Kylie if you're in the UK you can get it from Asos or Lena White.

Collection 2000 Lasting Concealer

Another product with a lot of hype, I love this concealer it gives great coverage and hide blemishes. Cheap and cheerful for me.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Enough said really, roll on Feb when the Naked palette two is out.

Love Struck by Vera Wang - This has been a gorgeous fragrance to wear, I love the smell of this and the bottle design is gorgeous.

Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 8 - I was jumping up and down when these were first released, and I love this shade such a great everyday colour which I find is nearly always in my bag.

L'Oreal Superliner - My favourite liner ever. Makes applying it a doddle, and lasts a long time.

Benefit They're Real - One of my favourite mascara's this is great to apply and doesn't flake at all.

Garnier BB Cream - Oh boy I've been wearing this so much lately, when I'm being lazy and don't want to wear foundation I just stick this on my face and love it. Great coverage and lasts a while.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner - Another of my favourite liners, this was my first gel liner to try out and I love it. It lasts ages and probably one of the blackest liners I have come across.

Anyways I kept this quite short as a lot of the products I have reviewed before so I didn't want to cover stuff I already had. I hope you enjoyed this post there were so many more products I wanted to include but these were my fave, and just want to know what your favourite products were for last year?

The other thing I wanted to know is what sort of posts would you like to see from me?

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