Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hyped Products, Are They Worth It: Rainbow Connection

Hi lovelies,

Firstly I'd like to thank both Amy and Katie for the blog awards, thank you lovelies :)

Secondly, I got the idea for this post after Alyssa asked me whether Rainbow Connection was worth the hype, so I figured instead of just simply replying to her my reply would be within this post.

A lot of products gather hype but that doesn't necessarily mean the product is good, so doing these posts I hope to let you guys know what hyped products I feel were either worth the hype or not.

This week I will be looking at OPI's Rainbow Connection, I first got this as soon as it was released where I usually purchase my OPI's, and looking at the bottle it looks amazing. I know a lot of comparisons were made to Deborah Lippman's Happy Birthday but when you consider the price difference between the two this product is simply a winner.

(sorry for the crappy photo but a lot of you will have seen photos of this polish)

I haven't actually used this photo over all my nails properly because I see this more as a statement polish but it's great for 'night out' looks with the different size glitters. Wearing this is definitely going to make a statement on your nails.

At first I thought was it really the hype it was getting, in a way I think yes because as a polish it is gorgeous (a bugger to remove unless you use the tin foil method) but when you think there are both cheaper and expensive dupes for this. Some of the cheaper dupes include Milani and Technic but the expensive one would be Deborah Lippman.

Colour wise yes I think it is worth it because you can get different glitter polishes but I don't have any other colour that mixes glitter like this and it does give a stunning look whether it's on all your nails or just your ring finger (my preferred way of wearing it).

I like the different colours within the polish, when you apply it each time it looks different, I was a bit weary that I would be able to pick it off but by wearing a good top coat it stops this and the wear of this is great. I do recommend when taking if off however, to use the tin foil method other you risk damaging your nails as it will scratch them and sometimes you won't get rid of the finer glitter.

Price wise when comparing it to other dupes I would consider this mid range, like I said you can get your hands on cheaper dupes and you can get expensive. However due to the popularity of this the RRP price of £10.50 has caused eBay sellers to sell them for £15+ which is ridiculous in my opinion, go to a shop and buy Deborah Lippman's if you can get it.

However if you are looking for cheaper alternatives I do like Nicole by OPI's Rainbow in the S-Kylie which you can get for £8.50 - £2 cheaper than OPI and still available from retailers unlike Rainbow Connection.

Final Verdict

Yes I do think it's a pretty polish and yes it's worth the price tag but my shop sells them for £9.90 so a little cheaper, however I wouldn't bother looking to eBay for the polish and pay stupid prices for the polish. Definitely shop around as that way you will find dupes at reasonable prices, however be aware for fakes as many of these are popping around I spotted one on eBay and couldn't believe the way it looked.

Hope you enjoyed this. Have you tried Rainbow Connection yet?

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