Monday, 30 January 2012

Top 5 Monday: Foundations

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all had a great weekend, back to uni this week which in a way I'm glad to be going back after so long off but then it's the stress of all the work again boo.

Anyways, onto my top 5 Monday and today I'm looking at foundations, it's one of those I own so many because you have to try so many to find the one you love. For me I have a few for different occasions and that's just my personal preference.

Here are the top 5:

1. Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation: Warm Ivory

I fell in love with this foundation after getting it at the CCO in November and since then have been using it constantly. It's a light dewy finish which I love and considering I have oily prone skin it doesn't look like an oily mess. I find when applying this it looks really natural yet has great coverage, it hides the redness in my face.

I find this foundation slightly on the yellow side but find that helps with my skins complexion, it's probably the closest out of all of them to my skin colour. When wearing this it feels really light and not like I'm wearing foundation.

I did get this at a discounted price but wouldn't mind paying the full price as I know this is a great foundation, and my favourite.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear: Intensity 1

This is yet again another great foundation, I find this great for if I'm going out and need a full coverage foundation that is going to stay in place regardless.

I love wearing this as it's very build-able so if I want the full coverage I know I can use this but also if I want a light finish this will also do the job. I find when my skin is bad this is my go to foundation as I know it will hide blemishes and reduce the redness. I actually did a post on this foundation a while back showing a comparison of this from bare face to after applying my foundation.

My only gripe with this is I've heard don't go near a flash with it as I've heard it makes you go pale face - not good!

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - Shade 51&53

This is an affordable yet great foundation, a light dewy finish yet gives great coverage. This foundation is slightly scented which is nice as you get some foundations which can smell horrible and you don't want to put on your face.

I find even though this is a dewy finish it's not too oily for my face, and does help control my skin a little. This is really easy to blend, and I compare two shades as I don't find their colour range too impressive.

What I also like about this foundation is that is gives a healthy glow to the skin and I've found it wakes my skin up. For a drugstore brand this is really great and surpasses some higher brand foundations.

4. Myface Mymix Foundation - Fair 01

I had heard a lot about this foundation a while back so while Boots had a 3 for 2 offer my mom nabbed two of their foundations allowing me to get this one for free.

Again for a drugstore brand it completely knocks some of the higher ones off their top spot, I love the texture of this foundation it makes blending a dream and find a little goes a long way. With this foundation I find the finish quite matte which is great because I find I don't need to apply powder with this.

I was quite shocked with how the colour matched my skin as I doubted it would as they separate their colours into skin shades such as fair and then three colours based on that shade.

5. NYC Skin Matching Foundation - 685 Fair

You may think why has this been included into the mix when looking at other choices but I find this foundation cheap and cheerful. The reason behind this is not because it's one of the best on the market but when you pay £3 this is a dream.

The smell of this reminds me of suntan lotion which means I love using it as I love the smell, but find it has a decent coverage. I find this lasts as long as other foundations - which isn't something I expected with a foundation costing so little.

This completely blew me away though when I started using it, this blends really easily and reminds me of a tinted moisturiser which I don't mind.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 of this week, and look out for my top 5 lipstick swatches, January's Glossybox and a NOTD which I have just painted.

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