Monday, 16 January 2012

Top 5 Monday: Makeup Brushes

Hi lovelies,

Here is the top 5 Monday post and today I'm looking at makeup brushes, brushes are something I love and I find once I have my collection I will just simply replace them and have a mixture of high end and drugstore brushes.

Anyways onto the top 5:

These are in no particular order as these are the brushes I use everyday.

1. Estee Lauder Foundation Brush

I had been in search of the perfect foundation brush and I've found that they either don't apply right or apply streaky and it does my head in. Once I got round to using this (as my mom had it in her stash and had never used it) it completely changed my mind on foundation brushes, as I fell in love with this. This is my second brush as the first one was getting a bit tatty. Love love love it.

I find when applying foundation with this brush application is light and it's not streaky, it blends really well and is a great brush to use. I find also when using this brush it doesn't take me too long to apply my foundation.

2. Sigma Flat Kabuki F80

I got this brush for my birthday a couple of months back and I've loved it ever since, I use this alongside my foundation brush to apply my foundation and love the way it applies. Sometimes I will use this without my foundation brush and on its own it is also great to apply foundation. The application is seamless no streaks, and blends effortlessly, I find it takes me a couple of minutes to apply foundation with this brush.

This is also great for powder and other makeup, I find this is a multipurpose brush and may end up getting another solely for powder purposes as I hate mixing one brush for different purposes (if that makes sense).

3. Mac 187

This is the infamous 187 brush you have all probably heard about, again another brush I was given for my birthday. I didn't initially want this brush I did want the Sigma version as I couldn't stand paying the amount asked for this, however despite the price I do love this brush.

Again another brush I use for foundation and I also love using this for cream blush, another multipurpose brush. This is one I use to spread my foundation, I find the finish is lovely and I basically dab my foundation with this. Lovely brush.

4. Elf Powder Brush

For me this brush is too soft to apply powder with so instead I use this to apply blush and I love the way this applies it. I find it picks enough product to apply it lightly and evenly and gives a lovely finish.

This brush was part of the more expensive product range from ELF and is a lovely brush, I love the tapered finish on the brush which again makes it perfect for blush.

5. Sigma F30

This has got to be my all time favourite powder brush probably because of its size, this means I only have to apply a small amount of powder for it to cover my face and helps me save product. This has great application, and I've been using this brush nonstop since I've had it.

I've washed it a few times and found its never lost its shape and is still plump and round. The size of this brush for me is simply a winner.

That was my top 5 picks, I hope you enjoyed.

Anyways had my first day at work experience today and loved it, I have to fight the urge of going to the Mailbox but that's why I'm grateful for my knee it stops me walking over there. I have my MRI tomorrow so wish me luck as I've never had one before, but thank goodness I can find out what's going on.

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