Monday, 9 January 2012

Top 5 Monday: Nail Varnish

Hi lovelies,

So today's top 5 will be nail varnishes, I found this probably the hardest to do because I own so many polishes to narrow it down to 5 was extremely hard, so I may end up doing top 5 for different brands.

I've chosen different brands to vary it up a bit, and tried to vary the texture - like not feature all glitters because realistically I'm not always going to wear glitters, so I've added different ones.

I hope you enjoy, and onto the top 5:

1. Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

I love love love this colour! This is one of those when it was first released I had to get my hands on it, this looks great matte also. Glitter polishes are a favourite of mine and I think this has the right consistency of colour and glitter. When you first apply it you think it's going to be quite thin and will need a lot of layers but becomes opaque after two.

I wasn't sure on how vivid the purple glitter would be with the colour having such a dark base but it doesn't get lost in the base colour. This colour is very similar to Deborah Lippman's 'Bad Romance' however I've never been a fan of the price of her polishes so this is great as it only retails at £6.49.

2. China Glaze Fifth Avenue

When I saw this colour in Sally's I was instantly drawn to it, I love pink colours this shade as sometimes bright and pastel pinks can be a bit boring and I love this colour. The colour is a little darker than it appears in the bottle but is still gorgeous. It reminds me of a vintage pink which is always my favourite shade of pink, I really want to pair this up with glitter as I think it will look lovely to glam it up a bit.

The consistency of this polish is great, when I first got it I thought it would be really sheer but it's opaque after two coats which is a bonus. The polish I found to be a little thick but once applied it went on really smooth. This is also a reasonably priced polish at £6.49 and when I got this Sally's actually had a 3 for 2 offer on China Glaze so do keep an eye out for those offers.

3. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Now most of you have probably heard about this colour, but it is a classic. This is a really dark purple and is gorgeous on the nails (sometimes a pain to remove because of how dark it is). I love layering this polish with glitters I find it transforms the look so much, one of my favourite ways to wear this is combined with Lily I love you, it makes the polish look very different. A combo on paper doesn't seem to work but on the nails is lovely.

This is a really vampy shade and that's one of the reasons I love it, another one that after two coats it's opaque. This is a winner for me in the darker shades category.

4. OPI Teenage Dream

This is one of the cutest colours I own, yes I used the word cute to describe a polish. This colour reminds me of Lily I love you for the fact it's a sheer glitter but I like wearing this both alone and under a black shatter. After three coats it is still see through but that doesn't bother me too much because I like colours like this to be sheer, as it means I can wear it alone or with other colours.

I love the glitter in this polish, as it appears to have peachy coloured glitter in it and it spreads evenly which I love. However like most glitters it is a bugger to remove but like mentioned in my last post bring on the tin foil method.

I was actually asked in my last post what the tin foil method was and I'll quickly explain that basically you soak cotton wool in polish remover and then put tin foil over your nails and leave the foil on for around 5-10 minutes and then slide them off with the cotton wool and it should remove the majority of the glitter. If you want to see a tutorial just let me know.

5. Nubar Pharaoh's Purple

Love this shade of purple, I had been on the hunt for ages for OPI's Parlez Vous (if anyone knows where to get it from link me up) and once I found out this was a dupe for it I had to get my hands on it. What I like about this colour is that it's a musky purple with grey tones.

Just like the majority of the polishes mentioned this was opaque in two coats, which is fab. This was the first Nubar polish I tried out and I'm really happy with the quality and consistency, definitely will consider buying more.

This surprisingly is the cheapest out of all the polishes featured but you wouldn't think it was £5.50 because the quality is great. I do love this colour and I find it's one of those all round colours that I can be used in both winter and summer.

I hope you enjoyed my top five, what are some of your favourite polishes?

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