Friday, 17 February 2012

Naked Palette vs. Naked Palette 2

Hi lovelies,

So I've been promising a comparison between Urban Decay's Naked Palette 1 and 2, and here it finally is. I was able to get my hands on this early when Debenhams had the exclusive early launch. After being in love with the first palette I couldn't wait to try the second.

I did have a problem with my initial order as it came smashed which was really sad. But it all got sorted.


Firstly the packaging is quite different, the original Naked Palette feels almost velvety which is something I really like about this palette. However you do find that with this material it is prone to gathering dust and product which can sometimes be annoying.

Onto Naked 2 with this they have completely re-vamped the packaging with the golden tin it does in my opinion make the product appear high end on the outside. However when you get inside I find it then looks a bit tacky and much prefer the inside of the first.

Urban Decay Colours

Naked Palette

Naked Palette 2

As you can see the colours are pretty similar in both palettes, however I find the Naked Palette 2 has a lot more bronze colours which are great for the summer. The second palette does however feature new colours: Foxy (first colour), Bootycall (third), Tease, Snakebite, Pistol, Busted (last but one). 

However considering these are new colours I find some of them similar to those from the first palette. 

Brushes and extras

The main difference for me with NP 2 is the new brush and mini lipgloss, whereas the first brush released with this was just a pure simple eyeshadow brush the new palette comes with a double ended brush. The new brush comes with both an crease and shading brush which if I'm being honest I'm not a fan of compared to the first brush.

The other extra with NP 2 is the mini Lip Junkie Lipgloss in the colour Naked, this has a minty taste to it and is gorgeous on the lips. It has a lovely formula and I find it's not sticky at all. 

Overall thoughts

Personally I feel that if you own the one palette I don't necessarily think you need splurge out on the other palette. I find they are both very similar, but for me I think Naked 2 is that little more favourable just because of the selection of bronze shades. 

There are pros and cons to both palettes, and I do love both of them. When thinking of that both these palettes come to around £70 may sound quite steep but if you like me like to make yourself feel better when splurging think of it as £12ish pound on one individual colour and the palettes then sound like a bargain.

Both palettes are great editions to any makeup collection, but if you are unsure about getting one and about spending the money, my advice would be pop into your local drugstore or TkMaxx only because you can find cheaper alternatives such as the MUA palettes or NYX. 

However if you do want to spend on this palette I think purely for the various colours go for the first. I know I said I preferred the second but in general terms I do think the first will always be the best, and I find the brush better in that one.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post it seems like a while since I've done a full on review. Unfortunately I couldn't get decent swatches up as it's still the winter and to catch daylight when blogging is rare, especially when I was at uni til half 4. 

Do you own either or both Naked Palettes? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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