Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Soap and Glory 2 in one Foundation & Primer

Hi lovelies,

So quite a few people have asked my thoughts on this foundation and I figured I'd do a review on this foundation for you all.

I had been intrigued by this foundation for a while now as it claims to be both a foundation and primer in one. It comes with an SPF of 15 which is always good now that the weather is starting to warm up.

When I was looking at the colours in Boots I wasn't sure there would be a colour light enough for me as they all seemed quite orange. However I settled on 'The Fairest of Them All', I've found that this is probably one of the best colour matches I have in terms of foundation.

This I believe is the lightest colour they do, so for some of you this may still be quite dark. I'm not a big fan of their colours because the next colour up from this is a huge jump. It's a lot darker and orange.

Anyways onto the application: I must say now if you do put this on your hand I will warn you it will run like a bitch. I hadn't put much on but as you can see it soon started to spread on my hand.

Onto the BAD before image - I apologise for the state of my skin it's been bad of late need to get back into the sudocrem regime.

I thought by doing a before and after it would give you a more accurate look at both the coverage and sort of look this foundation will give you.


So as you can see this foundation doesn't actually give much coverage - which I don't mind when the weathers getting warmer, and for uni I don't want to go cake face. 

You can see however how it's evened my face out, whereas in the before picture I had quite a bit of redness but this does combat that and even out my skin. However you can see my imperfections still.

I do like this foundation, I find it a thin coverage foundation which can be built upon but it sort of reminds me of a tinted moisturiser. But if you want to go for a minimal look then this is perfect.

As for lasting power I do find it lasts a while, I cleanse my face with Anne French of a night and I applied this bad boy at probably 1ish and I was cleaning my face at 11 and it was still on my then - considering it's been quite warm today so I'm impressed.

If you are a fan of full coverage foundations then steer clear of this foundation as it will not be for you. However I do think this foundation is a bit pricey for the actual coverage you get, I paid £9 for this as Boots had knocked £2 off.

If you do like a natural coverage foundation and a light feel than this will be great for you, like I said I do like this for those qualities as I knew when I was getting this I wasn't getting a full coverage foundation.

It has quite a dewy finish which again is nice when it's warm, and I have oily skin and I don't have a problem with this foundation.

I hope this was helpful, have you tried this foundation before?

Ps. Quick photo from the wedding as James finally gave me his SD card:

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