Sunday, 22 April 2012

£1.99 Miracle Skin Cleanser

Hi lovelies,

So I wanted to share with you a little wonder I have found for my skin, I usually find that my skin will breakout whenever it feels like it and when I do get a breakout it's bad. However I have found that using this little beauty on a night leaves my skin feeling great.

I firstly got this product back in February in the Glossybox, and when I saw the product I wasn't actually sure about it and whether I would ever use it. However when I looked into the product in more detail I found out about the uses and one of those is a cleanser for this skin. 

Firstly, even though it doesn't look like much has been used literally three drops is all that is needed to cleanse your face so this product is going to last you ages. I initially tried this out to remove my makeup when I had run out of my Anne French and then found that it was also cleaning my skin out at the same time. One thing I've also found out about this is it does help dry out my t-zone which I normally find gets really oily. 

To apply this on the face you put around three drops on your hand and then dilute slightly with water, and apply it to the face until it lathers. While on the skin this will begin to sink in, I like to leave it on my face for around 30 seconds and then gently wash and dry my face.

The next morning my skin feels and looks great, I've found that it's reduced redness and gets rid of spots really quickly. Within a week I have noticed a huge improvement (my bad for not continuing with this, cleaning my face and then forgetting to do it again).

The product doesn't look much when applied like this but a little truly does go a long way.

Like I said it does sink it quite quickly but a little rub with later the product up again.

I couldn't believe all the different uses for this product, the list includes: cleanser, brush cleaner, shampoo, can be used on teeth and even deodorant. The list is crazy!

What I find the best thing about this product the 59ml bottle which I have is only £1.99, now that was a surprise for me. A cleaner so cheap yet so effective.

If you did have this in your Glossybox I suggest finding it out and giving it a try. 

Have you tried this product out?

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