Monday, 2 April 2012

Donut Bun Obsession

Hi lovlies,

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend been working both days so I haven't had time to get round to blogging. 

Quite happy this week and it's only Monday! I went to see the Hunger Games tonight - finally which I loved, don't think the boyfriend enjoyed my comparisons to the book but he too enjoyed it. Also had a conformation email from uni to say I had got the job of a student mentor.

Anyways being a student means I am lazy and a bit of a slob, so when it comes to doing my hair recently I've succumb to just putting it up. I always wanted to be able to do a nice big bun however was unable to with having both thin and short hair.

However once I got my beloved donut this all changed.

So as you can see I own a few of these lovely little accessories, and in different colours. The reason behind this is I've found that the darker ones blend better with my hair - even though I'm a blonde.

I've found when it comes to going to work I always stick my hair up for convenience and because it takes me like two minutes to do.

These little miracle workers can be used for various hairstyles: ballerina buns, top knot buns, messy buns - anything you want.

Lately I've been doing messy buns because I tend to prefer these to neater ones as it means if it doesn't go right when putting your hair in the bun it doesn't necessarily matter, and still looks fine.

Sorry for both the state of my room and self.

So yeah this is the look I tend to go for a messy bun and with some hair grips and hairspray I'm good to go. 

You can tighten and neaten the look for a cute bun, but I find sometimes I just can't be bothered as it takes so long to even out and all that.

It also gives the impression of more hair when you don't necessarily have it. 

These little beauties can be picked up really cheap either in stores or online. I think the most I've ever paid is a fiver and that was an expensive Asda brand - Mia or something.

I know New Look sells them at £3.99

I hope you enjoyed this post, and are you a fan of messy buns?

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