Thursday, 12 April 2012

Haul Time

Hi lovelies,

Wow the Easter hols are flying by, even though I'm not doing much. I am being a bad blogger at the moment not getting my posts up :(

Anyways, I've been doing a bit of shopping with the overdraft which is never good, and my mom also treated me to a few bits which I thought I'd share with you.

To justify my spending I've actually been buying a few bits and bobs for my holiday in the summer, I just couldn't help myself.

First up is this lovely dress from Republic, I've been eyeing this for a while now and finally got it yesterday. I love the design of this especially with the skirt. However this is quite short and I'm only 5'3 so I don't know how taller girls would manage with this.

I really like this dress apart from a couple of issues I've had with this - length and size. Slightly annoyed with the sizings of this dress I initially bought a 12 which is my size and I couldn't get the bugger on it was so tight. Now I know it's Easter and I did actually weigh myself as I'm on a bit of a diet and found that considering I'd been stuffing myself I hadn't put the weight on. However went into the store today and picked two of the same size up and noticed over an inch difference in width. WHAT!

Anyways enough of my sizing ramblings.

The next item I noticed today when swapping my dress. I had been after a pair of pink jeans - the girly side of me was screaming for a pair. These were the exact shade of pink I had been after. Even better they had been reduced to £20 and then got discount on top.

Anyways I love these not only because of the colour but also the fabric, the jeans are so soft to touch and lovely to wear. I'm going to Steps tomorrow - I know geek! And may actually wear these tomorrow.

Grr I hate taking photos in the dark they never turn out right. Anyways I got these from Dorothy Perkins, and I already own a pair of these. I love them so much they are a lovely comfy pair of jeans - almost jegging like because they are stretchy. A steal as I managed to get 25% off with a VIP code.

Lastly clothes wise I popped into TK Maxx

I was so excited to spot these yesterday, they are a lovely pair of linen shorts and once I saw they were Tommy Hilfiger I was like sold! I couldn't believe the current price and the RRP talk about bargain. I got these for the holiday and looking forward to wearing them.

Another pair of lovely shorts, I was debating these yesterday and went back to get them today. I love how cute they are and again another steal. I got them for £9.99 instead of the RRP of £45. These will be great to wear with my swim stuff around the theme parks.

Onto the makeup:

Just a couple of Avon bits, the lipstick actually came free with they eyebrow pencil. The pencil is becoming one of my favourite ones beating my beloved mac.

The rents went on holiday and I told my mom as she was going to be by a CCO to pop in and see what was there. She did pick me this beauty up and was so happy when she got me this. I loved the Villian's collection and I love this item.

Anyways, that was my haul sorry it was a bit pic heavy.

Will try and get a post up Friday might be a FOTD & OOTD as I'm seeing Steps tomorrow.

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