Thursday, 31 May 2012

Magazine Freebies

Hi lovelies,

So I was planning on doing my haul from last week, but as the new magazines were out today I figured I'd do a post on the freebies that were available this month, as there are some great products available.

Here are the ones that I picked up:

So this month Glamour have teamed up with Benefit to offer readers three products: Bad Gal Mascara, the Pore Professional and That Gal Brightening Primer. However I'm a bit disappointed to have visited too many shops to find the primer, and unfortunately couldn't get my hands on it.

The second one I picked up was Marie Claire as once again they have teamed up with Ciate to offer readers three lovely polishes. A lilac, pink and nude, however because I own so many nudes I decided to just pick the two.

The magazine states that these two samples are worth £10 and the primer £15, so you are getting a massive saving. However when looking at the product sizes compared to the full I think this is a little big of an exaggeration, I would have said about £7 but still, a great saving. 

The polishes are retailed at £9 so again you're getting a great saving on these, and also you will receive a 25% off code for more Ciate polishes which is always a bonus.

I love the polishes, especially the pink polish as the subtle glitter is just gorgeous! I may end up picking another one of these up. When you're paying £2 and £3.70 for these magazines they are really great offers!

Also this month Red have a Jemma Kid volume mascara with their magazine, InStyle are offering two Body Shop eyeliners or mascara with theirs, and Elle are giving away Reiss vests.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I think there are some really great offers this month from magazines, and it looks like there are also some great ones next month.


Monday, 28 May 2012

NOTD: Nice Stems

Hi lovelies,

So I've noticed that I haven't done a nail of the day post in a while, probably because I've been quite lazy with my nails while I was finishing uni work. But now the summer is here that means I can play around with my nails and make them pretty.

Anyways onto what I have on my nails:

So I wanted to go for something nice, bright and sparkly and what better way to do this then go bright pink. I was looking through my collection and thought I'd give a couple of the nice stems polishes from OPI a go.

So the colours I combined were Come to Poppy and I Lily Love You, and I love the way that the look together. To be fair I would have just worn ILLY on the ring finger because I think the pink is cute on it's own, but I like sparkle.

There you have it, hope you liked. What's on your nails at the moment?


Friday, 25 May 2012

May GlossyBox - 1st Birthday

Hey lovelies!,

So I had my lovely Glossybox waiting for me when I got back from work yesterday. I was quite excited about the box as it was the company's first birthday, and was hoping it would live up to the hype surrounding the box.

With it being the anniversary box GB included a few added extras, including a cute balloon and compact mirror. Usually you receive five samples, however with this months box excluding the companies extras you are receiving six samples.

Let's Go Lashes

So this is the only full sized product in this months box, and I brand that I had never heard of before - probably because I'm not a big false eyelash fan. The product states that they are made from human hair which I find a little weird. 

Like I said I'm not a big fan of false eyelashes so probably won't get any use out of these. 

Weleda Wild Rose Cream

Again this is another brand I haven't heard of, but I was quite intrigued when reading the little card of information. However one thing I wasn't a fan about was the little instruction/information booklet that is in the box, as not a word of it is in english. 

Although I am looking forward to giving this product a go.

Uniqone Hair Treatment

I was quite happy to see a hair treatment product within the box, and this product offers 10 benefits that the hair needs, including: repair the hair, protect colour and stops split ends. So can't wait to try it out.

 Noble Isle Shower Gel

One thing I've noticed with GB is that they always contain shower products (or that I've found), as as much as I like trying them out I sometimes get bored with them. However I have heard good things about these products.

Lolita Lempicka and Si Lolita

I've grouped these two together, and as much as I like the smell of the two, I don't like samples like this in boxes, especially when they are a third full. I find yes samples such as the Versace are great but these don't seem that great if I'm being honest.

The two little goodies that GlossyBox added, I love the mirror! I find it's a great product and a necessity for any girl! This might replace the little one that I have lurking in my bag somewhere. The balloon is in there for everyone to take a photo with and post it on the GB Facebook or Twitter page.

Anyways, that was this months box and I have to say I like it but don't really love it, I have now unsubscribed from GB as I found that the money I'm spending on this could be used for other products - stuff that I actually do want.

I may end up subscribing again if the box gets better in the months to come. Have you had this months box, if so what do you think


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Summer is here!: FOTD & OOTD

Hi lovelies,

Wow, summer looks like it's here - as long as it decides to stay! So with the lovely weather the boyfriend and I decided to hit Brum and do a bit of holiday shopping. As always I spent too much money - money that I don't have until I get paid, may I add but hey I enjoy shopping too much. I was also lucky to be spoilt by the boy, and he treated me to a new pair of Toms.

I might do a lil haul of what I got at the end of the week as I got some makeup bits and bobs I want to share with you all!

Anyways onto the important bits:


Vest: Topshop
Denim Waistcoat: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: F&F at Tesco
Bag: Primark
Sunglasses: New Look

Sorry the pic is a bit crappy did it on my iPhone to save time.

Anyways here is what I had on:

Foundation: Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid
Powder: Mac Mineralised Skin Finish Natural
Blush: Mac Mineralised Skin Finish Blonde
Lips: Mac CremeCup
Eyeshadow: Naked Palette 2
Mascara: 17 Va Va Voom Mascara

Anyways here you go, and I got my hair toned yesterday so it actually matches, yay! I hope you guys have been enjoying the nice weather! 


Monday, 21 May 2012


Hi lovelies,

So I am officially done with my uni work - thank god! Which means I can get back into blogging properly and to kick it off I'm doing a quick FOTD.

So yesterday I went for a belated birthday meal for my boyfriends birthday with his family and it gave me an excuse to get dressy.

Unfortunately my extensions and new hair colour don't completely match but should be getting that fixed tomorrow.

Anyways onto my face:


Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
Concealer: Smashbox Convertible 2 in 1 Concealer
Powder: Mac Mineralised Skin Finish Natural
Blush: Benefit Hervana Blush


Smashbox Blue Eyes Palette
17 Va Va Voom Mascara


Chanel Lipstick in Magnolia

So there it is, I hope you enjoyed the post and there will be plenty of regular posts from me now.


Friday, 18 May 2012

New Hair

Hi lovelies,

So today I decided to get my hair coloured, I had wanted to do so for a while and going lighter seemed the most plausible thing to do as I am going on holiday in a couple of months - making it a waste of time to stick with my old colour.

It was a shock to the system at first seeing how blonde I was, as I hadn't been this colour for a long long time.

Anyways here's a quick photo of my new look, and am going to apologise for the lack of makeup. Thank goodness my skin has started to clear up so I could post this.

(sorry for the crappy iphone pic)

Anyways this is my new hair colour and I hope you like it - just in time for the summer as the sun will lighten it anyways.

Also should be getting my posts back to every other day as I've just finished writing my 3,500 word assignment and have one assignment left - thank god!


Monday, 14 May 2012

China Glaze: The Hunger Games Collection

Hi lovelies,

I'm really really sorry for the lack of posts recently, all down to university work *sigh*, anyways the list is becoming shorter so I have done a little post for you.

I'm a massive fan of the Hunger Games and when I heard China Glaze were releasing a collection of polishes for the film I was super excited. Now I will admit I wasn't a fan of some of the colours, but I had my mind set on a certain few.

LtoR: Fast Track, Luxe and Lush, Stone Cold, Electrify, Smoke and Ashes, Dress Me Up and Foie Gras

I love the collection of polishes and have found some gorgeous colours within the set. The set is based is based on the twelve districts from the film.

Fast Track is based on District 6 (Transportation) and it's a cool beige will hint of gold flecks - which drew me to the colour. I love the twist of this colour and makes it a unique neutral colour. 

Luxe and Lush represents District 1 (Luxury) and is a gorgeous flake top coat, I think this will be a great addition to any of the polishes in the collection and can't wait to try it out.

Stone Cold is the colour that represents district 2 (Masonry), and what I love about this colour is that it is the only matte in the collection. I'm a sucker for matte colours and think this will also look gorgeous with a top coat. 

Electrify is a colour I wasn't too sure about to begin with, but so happy to have got this colour. It represents District 5 (Power) and would be great either on its own or as a top coat. I'm really fascinated with this colour and think it would be great for bonfire night.

Smoke and Ashes was the colour I craved the most with it being the official District 12 colour (Mining) and I just love the layers to this colour. Sometimes I think black can be a little dull and this really does brighten the colour up.

Dress Me Up is another favourite of mine, this colour represents District 8 (Textiles) however it was originally meant for Primm's character. I love shades of pink like this - remind me of a vintage shade. I can see this becoming a statement colour in my collection.

Foie Gras represents district 10 (Livestock) is the sort of dark mauve colour that I live for. It reminds me of Sephora's Metro chic and I think this will be great to wear throughout the year.

So this is the collection that I have purchased, hope you enjoy.

Have you got any of the collection?


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cosmopolitan Blog awards

Hi lovelies,

It's gonna be a short post today, as I'm not feeling too great and I'm still revising. Anyways I did make an exciting purchase yesterday which I can't wait to review for you guys.

Secondly it's that time of the year again where the Cosmo blog awards are going on, I would be over the moon if you lovelies could vote for me for best new beauty blog. Would mean a lot to me.




Sunday, 6 May 2012

Magazine Freebie: InStyle & Nails Inc.

Hi lovelies,

I wasn't sure I'd get a post up the weekend as uni work is getting on top of me - typical end of year stress with exams and assignment deadlines. However when I was shopping in Tesco the weekend I saw this fabulous offer I had to share it with you lovelies.

I'm one for trailing the magazine aisles for a good freebie, and when I saw this magazine I picked up all three. June's InStyle magazine includes a free Nails Inc. Polish which is worth £11, so when the magazine costs £3.80 you're getting a bargain. 

You got the following colours: InStyle Power Pink, InStyle Bluebell and InStyle Peach Sorbet, all three of these colours are limited edition have been designed specifically for the magazine. Even better about these polishes is the fact that they are the full 11ml size. 

I love the three shades that are available, and they are all perfect for the summer. I'm going to be doing my nails with the pink shade so I will be doing swatches shortly. I know I shouldn't be buying more polishes as I have so many already, and have recently got my hands on the Hunger Games collection (post to come shortly), but I really couldn't resist.

The only negative thing I can say about this is they are selling out too quickly! Get your hands on this offer quick, as I noticed there were only the three magazines left - so naturally I snapped them up.

Have you got your hand on this yet?


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

April Favourites

Hi lovelies,

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts this week, been seriously bogged down with both uni work and actual work. However on Monday I was very lucky to go to Alton Towers for free with the work lot and had lots of fun so look for the Instagram photos the end of the week.

Today was the boyfriends birthday so I don't have a big post really, as I've spent the day with him - scoffing our faces with Krispy Kremes.

Anyways I'm going to do a quick little post of this months favourite products:

1. Lynx Attract For Her

I've had this for a while and on my second can, I love this stuff. Normally I don't to care about my deodorant as long as it smells nice I don't really care too much, however when this stuff came out I wanted to try it and I've fell in love with it. I've found before with deodorants I can spray it and find myself choking on the smell, not the case.

I just hope that this stuff doesn't stay limited edition otherwise I'll have to stock up.

2. OPI Top Coat

Now usually in terms of top coat I won't pay over the odds, or just use my Nail Envy, however I have been using this over the past month and it's a godsend. Literally the best top coat I have used, now I don't know whether it's because I'm pairing it with better polishes but my nails are lasting ages. I'm going to say something that makes me sound quite scruffy but I painted my nails almost four weeks ago now and the colour on a few nails are still perfect expect for growth at the bottom (nothing major).

I've been keeping it on to see how the top coat fares and it's done really well! 

3. Revlon Colouburst

These things have been hyped ever since the get go, and this month I've found that these have been my go to lipsticks for uni, they are super soft to the lips and do last a while considering their consistency. I did a review on Strawberry Shortcake a couple of posts ago so I'm not gonna bore you with the detail here, check the review out :)

4. Bourjois 1,2,3 Pefect

So happy that I tried this foundation out, I saw it and was debating to try it out or not but I'm really glad that I did. I love this foundation, and is quickly becoming a favourite amongst my collection. It has a great consistency, coverage and overall look. I don't think it does what it says on the bottle but still a great foundation, and dries matte so no need for powder.

5. Mac Mineralised Skin Finish Blonde

Another product I've now had for a little while, but only recently have I begun to use it more. This is a lovely blusher for natural looks, its light and subtle enough for daily wear. I love that this can be used in many different ways, either one colour or blended and the shine it has makes it great for the summer.

6. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

I had this foundation years ago and fell out with it, I just didn't think it looked great on my skin. However recently I got back into it and I thought I'd give it a try, and I have to say I have fallen in love once again with the product. I love how soft it is to apply and how soft it makes my skin with it on, another matte finish so no powder is needed and find myself not using as much as I would expect.

Hope you guys enjoyed my April favourites, what are yours for this month?

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