Monday, 14 May 2012

China Glaze: The Hunger Games Collection

Hi lovelies,

I'm really really sorry for the lack of posts recently, all down to university work *sigh*, anyways the list is becoming shorter so I have done a little post for you.

I'm a massive fan of the Hunger Games and when I heard China Glaze were releasing a collection of polishes for the film I was super excited. Now I will admit I wasn't a fan of some of the colours, but I had my mind set on a certain few.

LtoR: Fast Track, Luxe and Lush, Stone Cold, Electrify, Smoke and Ashes, Dress Me Up and Foie Gras

I love the collection of polishes and have found some gorgeous colours within the set. The set is based is based on the twelve districts from the film.

Fast Track is based on District 6 (Transportation) and it's a cool beige will hint of gold flecks - which drew me to the colour. I love the twist of this colour and makes it a unique neutral colour. 

Luxe and Lush represents District 1 (Luxury) and is a gorgeous flake top coat, I think this will be a great addition to any of the polishes in the collection and can't wait to try it out.

Stone Cold is the colour that represents district 2 (Masonry), and what I love about this colour is that it is the only matte in the collection. I'm a sucker for matte colours and think this will also look gorgeous with a top coat. 

Electrify is a colour I wasn't too sure about to begin with, but so happy to have got this colour. It represents District 5 (Power) and would be great either on its own or as a top coat. I'm really fascinated with this colour and think it would be great for bonfire night.

Smoke and Ashes was the colour I craved the most with it being the official District 12 colour (Mining) and I just love the layers to this colour. Sometimes I think black can be a little dull and this really does brighten the colour up.

Dress Me Up is another favourite of mine, this colour represents District 8 (Textiles) however it was originally meant for Primm's character. I love shades of pink like this - remind me of a vintage shade. I can see this becoming a statement colour in my collection.

Foie Gras represents district 10 (Livestock) is the sort of dark mauve colour that I live for. It reminds me of Sephora's Metro chic and I think this will be great to wear throughout the year.

So this is the collection that I have purchased, hope you enjoy.

Have you got any of the collection?

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