Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Diego Dalla Palma: Snow White and the Huntsman Palette

Hi lovelies,

So when I went on a little trip to Tesco the weekend I saw this palette finally, and figured James has discount so who would say no?

With the release of Snow White and the Huntsman earlier this month, Diego Dalla Palma have created this palette which is inspired by the film. The brand are pretty new after only launching nationwide in Tesco's last year - something that may seem strange as Tesco isn't normally the place you'd go to for beauty. Especially higher end beauty as some of their prices are in line with Mac. 

Anyways, the set includes six eye shadows, three shimmer and three matte - which is something I really like, all of which are natural everyday colours. A bright red lipstick, and black kohl liner. My favourite shades from the palette would be Shield and Mirror Mirror, I find they apply really easily and are well pigmented. 

left to right: Snow, Shield, Mirror Mirror
Left to right: Fairest, Destiny, Battleground

What I like that these are very light swatches, and already you can see the pigmentation from a small swatch. Before I saw the palette I was intrigued by the colours and hoped that they'd colours I could use - definitely going to be used a lot in the summer.

The lipstick is gorgeous, now normally I don't go for darker colours or eve red for that matter, however I am looking forward to wearing this out. When I tried it on it applies lovely, it's really soft and find a little application leaves it a dark pink like you can see in the swatch and if I full on apply it, the colour is so red! I'd be interested in seeing what the staying power of this lipstick is as their range of lipsticks retail at £14. I find that this lipstick has a lovely vanilla scent slightly similar to that of Mac lipsticks.

The eyeliner also is lovely, heavily pigmented and a pencil eyeliner that I can actually use of the top of my lids - something I don't usually try and succeed with. 

I really like this palette, the stand in store states that the retail of this palette is £105 which is shocking as if I were to buy these separately I don't think I could spend that much. However at £25 it sounds a bit better - still on the steep side but when you look at what you are getting and the retail price of each individual item you are getting a great deal. 

My only gripe with this is that I find the packaging a little cheap in comparison to the products inside it and the price of those. When you compare the packaging to those of Urban Decay and even cheaper brands such I find their packaging a lot better - also this is quite bulky so it's not something I'd recommend for travel. 

Check the palette out here!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the review, have you tried this palette?

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