Thursday, 14 June 2012

I want to live in Bluebell!

Hi lovelies,

So if you watch Hart of Dixie you may understand the title of today's post *fan girl*, anyways last night I decided to pop Bluebell on my nails from the Nails Inc giveaway in last months InStyle magazine. 

Now I wasn't sure how this would apply to my nails as I tend to have a love/hate relationship with Nails Inc. sometimes I find the colour applies horribly and has to be redone loads, and others it applies lovely. Thankfully it was the latter, and this was great to apply, I found that I only needed two coats of this and topped it off with Rimmel's Nail Rescue (a quick favourite of mine). 

Apologises for the sloppiness around the bottom of my nails couldn't be bothered to be neat (I know I'm a bad blogger). Besides that I adore this colour it's unique within my collection, as i don't tend to go for dusky lilacs/blues, instead I have every variation of pink that you could possibly think of. 

On a random note I had my first session at the gym yesterday and considering I haven't done any form of fitness for a while since having all the trouble with my knee I lasted an impressive (for me) two and a half hours - however I'm feeling it today. Do you guys have any tips for weight loss?

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