Friday, 8 June 2012

May Favourites

Hi lovelies,

So I'm a bit late with my May favourites, but better late then never, eh? Now last month saw the first glimpses of summer which meant a change in my makeup and here are my most reached for products this month:

Aussie Take the Heat 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment

Now I wasn't sure what to expect from this product as I think I paid about £4 for it, however I've found that this product is perfect for my hair. Considering I haven't been great to hair - excessive backcombing to pop it in a messy bun, top setting hairdryers and all the usual stuff. So this product has been a lifesaver for my hair, and don't have the need to then put conditioner in afterwards as it's so soft when wet. 

Since going blonder I've found that my hair is prone to getting knotty in the shower easier, however using this really helps. Bargain!

Elf Studio Blush in Peachy Keen

This was a hidden gem in my collection, I forgot about a few of the ELF blushers that I got a while ago, however with the change in weather I found myself going towards orange blushers instead of my traditional pink ones. Normally I worry when it comes to this colour on my skin tone, but it blends effortlessly and doesn't leave me thinking I've gone orange.

This blush is lovely, gives a nice subtle glow and is a bargain at £3.75! Did I mention I love the packaging as well?

Topshop Cheeks in Luminescence

Again another product that I hadn't used in what seems like forever, what I love about this product is that it can be used as either a highlighter or blush. It's a gorgeous pink which when applied has a golden shimmer making it perfect for the summer. It's smooth and creamy to apply, however just have to be careful when applying it, because if you blend with your fingers you can wipe it off.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Now this was given to me by my mom a while back as she wasn't sold on this product, so I wasn't expecting a lot from it, however once I tried it I couldn't stop using it. I really love this, it's a liquid based foundation so needs a good shake before use, but when applied it's really light but gives a great coverage. 

It gives a lovely dewy finish and find that it doesn't look too oily on my skin which is great, and I can see this being one of my most used day foundations for the summer.

NYC Skin Matching Foundation

You might wonder why I've put two foundations into my monthly favourites, but there is a reason for this. Again another forgotten product but I've been trying it out again and found that for the price of this (£2.99 I think) it's fantastic.

Normally when you don't pay a lot you don't expect much, but this goes on my skin effortlessly and has  great staying power. The only thing I've found about this - as a bit of a warning is don't apply too much as it can look a bit cakey as it's a thick consistency. However apart from that I'm sold, cheap and cheerful.

Boots Witch Hazel

This is something I want to do a full review on because I find this is a gem of a product. I'm not sure whether you've heard much about witch hazel, but this is my favourite makeup remover and skin cleanser. Witch hazel has healing properties which make it perfect to remove makeup, and find it does such a good job doing so.

I've also found that this works wonders on clearing my skin, the smell isn't great but that is something I can bypass when I adore the product. I found during the month my skin had really bad patches but teamed with my Sudocrem this worked wonders.

So that was my May favourites, I hope you enjoyed! What products have you been reaching for this month?

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