Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rimmel Nail Rescue Review

Hi lovelies,

So a couple of week ago I managed to get my hands on Rimmel's Nail Rescue, I had just finished my bottle of Nail Envy from OPI and was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. I wasn't too sure that I'd find a successful replacement but it's safe to say that I think I have.

Rimmel's Nail Rescue claims to harden and improve the look of your nails in just 14 days - very similar to OPI's Nail Envy. The same rules apply to this product, you put a couple of coats on and then re-apply during the two weeks before finally removing the product.

As I couldn't face bare nails for two weeks, and they weren't too bad in terms of strength, I have chosen to use this as both a base and top coat over the application of colour. Has it worked? Oh boy it has. The main problem I have found with my nails is because they are so long some have a tendency to become a bit weak and instead of cutting a couple of nails I wanted to improve them. Honestly, no one wants to cut a long nail!

I can press quite firmly on my nails and find there is no signs of them breaking - which is great! I have had a lot of questions from friends/colleagues/customers and you guys about whether my nails are real, and they are it's just that I have started to care for my nails with the use of products such as these to help my nails grow to the length they are, and be healthy in the process.

Nail care was never at the top of my list and at one stage I could never grow long nails, but now I've found myself wanting to keep my longer nails. To do so I make sure that this product is applied to my nails, and even with colour on I will re-apply every fews days just to help the condition of my nails.

I wasn't sure how this would apply to begin with as it has a pink tint to it, and worried that it may have changed the colour of my polish, but thankfully it didn't affect the colour of my nails, and once applied was a clear coat. 

When comparing this product to OPI's Nail Envy I believe that this is a really great dupe, and a cheaper alternative! I will admit I am a self obsessive OPI fan, but when I started using this product I think I will continue to use this instead of Nail Envy, friendlier to my purse and gives the same effects.

Nail Rescue can be purchased at either Boots or Superdrug for £3.59 (bargain!)

Hope you enjoyed, have you tried this product out yet?

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