Sunday, 29 July 2012

Splurge or Save Sunday: Fake Lash Mascara

Hi dolls,

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts over the last week, I've been quite busy with working my two jobs so I haven't been able to post much. Anyways it's Sunday and you know what that means - splurge or save?  Today I will be looking at mascaras which claim to give you the false lash effect - the famous Benefit They're Real and Collection 2000's Big Fake mascara.

I love mascaras which claim to give you the false lash effect look and when I got my hands on Benefit's  They're Real mascara I knew I was on to a keeper. However at £18.50 it is quite an expensive mascara, so I was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative and happened to come across Collection 2000's Big Fake.

Packaging wise Benefit would be my favourite as I just think it's more appealing than the Collection 2000 one. I just love everything from the shape of the tube to the font - typical Benefit. 

Both mascaras have lengthening properties so they make my lashes appear longer than what they actually are, and this is where they both differ slightly. While they both lengthen your lashes I find the Collection 2000 one once built up offers more volume where the Benefit one can look a bit like spider legs.

Performance wise both have great staying power, Benefit can last to around 10 hours but isn't waterproof and Collection 2000 about 8 hours (not sure if it's waterproof) so considering the big price difference they have similar staying power. 

Sometimes I find that the Benefit one has such a great staying power that it doesn't always come off with makeup remover - both a good and a bad thing but at least you know once it's applied it's staying on.

When applying I normally find that both need around 3 layers to look great, and you can see from the first application the length that is added to your lashes. When comparing the length in both mascaras I think that the Benefit gives slightly longer lashes on the upper but they are very similar in length on the bottom. It's hard to tell as I'm convinced I have odds eyes but when I was looking in the mirror I found it hard to figure out which gave longer lashes.

Have a couple of photos of what they look like on:

Left: Benefit They're Real Right: Collection 2000

As you can see there are differences between the two mascaras but in terms of lengthening mascaras I find that the Collection 2000 is a great dupe for the Benefit mascara. 

Benefit retails at £18.50 whereas the Collection 2000 retails at £4.99.

Personally I'd splurge as I am a big fan of Benefit cosmetics in general and find that this product lasts longer than my Collection 2000 as this one I find dries quickly after a few months - but I'm sure a little drop of water would clear that up.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this edition, and because I'm so prepared next week I'll be doing lip glosses.

Would you splurge or save?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

When to Throw Away Old Makeup

Hi dolls,

So I came across an interesting article the other day on Everydayhealth about the longevity of your makeup, and when and why you should throw old products away.

We are all guilty of keeping old makeup whether it's that favourite lippy or the foundation that you spend loads on and still have half a bottle left. It can be hard throwing away products that you may have spent quite a bit on. But this is something we should do even if it's just a couple of times a year especially as old cosmetics can come with health risks.

There are sometimes tell-tale signs that makeup is on its way out - gloopy nail polish, change in colour or smell, or mascaras that have dried up beyond repair. However some products are harder to tell...

If you want to know the shelf life of your products look out for this little sign on the packaging:

This is what it looks like on packaging and can range from a couple of months to years:


Mascara carries many health risks as it's liquid - which tends to grow bacteria - and can increase the risk of eye infection. This product has the shortest lifespan of all beauty products and should be tossed two to three months after use. 

Lipgloss and Lipsticks

Lipgloss should be kept for around six months, but tell-tale signs that the product is going off include a change in smell or you notice discolouration. If you get a cold sore, throw any products that you were using away!

Lipsticks can last for around a year if not longer - it's always best to check the packaging. However if you do see any tell-tale signs such as mould or a weird smell it's time for that lipstick to see the bin. 


Foundations are one product that come with a great shelf life, and can last up to a year. However if they are not kept properly they can start to grow bacteria which present health risks. If your foundation has started to separate or feels thicks and clumpy or thin and runny it may have passed its expiration date. 

Be sure to keep your foundation in a cool, dry place and you can extend the life span of your foundation by using clean hands, a sponge or brush to apply.

Nail Polish

Probably one of the longest last products nail varnish can usually last up to two years, and have major tell-tale signs when they are on their way out. If your polish begins to separate or become gloopy it's time to throw it away.

Gloopy polish can be rescued by a nail thinner - but don't rely on that for polishes that are maybe five/six years old. Sometimes there isn't a cure. 


Powdered products are another which come with a great life span usually ranging from six months to two years. As they contain the least amount of water it means that it's harder for bacteria to grow on them. However make sure you clean the brushes you use to apply the powder regularly to stop any bacteria growing.

I hope you found the post informative, when I first started buying makeup products I would ignore the expiry date and would just continue using them. The site has included more products in their list including sun cream and hair products so feel free to take a look.

Do you take notice of makeup expiry dates?

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Splurge or Save Sunday: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Hi dolls,

I'm back with another splurge or save Sunday post, and today I'm looking at the much talked about Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation. This product is quite a splurge as it retails at £32 - which for many people is a lot to spend on just a foundation. However I do love my little foundation and do think it's worth the investment, however if you're one of the many who don't think it's worth the money I have a little treat for you all in the form of the save option: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. 

Now that we are into the summer (supposedly) not that you would gather that from the weather in the UK, we are saying goodbye to those thicker coverage foundations and hello to lighter more summery foundations. I've used both foundations for a while now and can honestly say I love both considering they are at opposite sides of the pricing scale.

One of the first things I like about both foundations are the packaging, both are easy to travel with and have the addition of the pump and nozzle so you hopefully won't waste too much foundation.

Both foundations are considered light coverage which can be built up to around a medium coverage, and I find personally that both do this well. Both give a fresh dewy finish - however don't be put off if you do have oily skin because my skin would fall under the oily combo and I don't have a problem with either foundation. 

In terms of formula both are very different when applied on the hand, however once blended on the skin I feel both are very similar. The Chanel foundation is water based which means that it needs a good shaking before you begin to apply it on the skin, which you can see how runny it is on the photos as I didn't shake the bottle so you could see the difference. Bourjois on the other hand is a thicker foundation when applied on the hand but you know one small pump will go a long way and blend easily.

I find when applying both foundations on my face - a little goes a long way so you know both will last you a while, and both feel light and smooth once applied on the skin. Once applied I find they last for around the same time which for me is anywhere between 8-12 hours. Bourjois claim their foundation will last 16 hours which unfortunately it just doesn't.

Now with the two foundations apart from price there a big difference between them for me which make me side towards the Chanel, the first being SPF: Chanel's foundation contains an SPF of 15 whereas the Bourjois has none.

A big let down for me on both foundations is the lack of colour shades available both only come with around 6 shades to choose from, now with Chanel I'm lucky because the shade I have is perfect however with Bourjois I find I have to blend two of their lighter shades for a perfect match.

Lastly we are on price, so like I said Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua comes in at a hefty £32 for a 30ml bottle, whereas the Bourjois retails for around £9.99 for the same amount and you can sometimes bag this foundation as part of an offer if Boots or Superdrug have their 3 for 2 on makeup.

Would you splurge or save?


Friday, 20 July 2012

Temporary Tattoos

Fake Tattoos*

Hi dolls,

So when you think of temporary tattoos you think of the times when you were younger and you'd get a free set of temporary tattoos from sweets. However this image is now changing as temporary tattoos are a great way of changing your look whether it's for a night out or even festival.

Fake Tattoo's once applied usually last around 3-10 days and are really easy to apply. You can choose from a vast array of designs from the Fake Tattoo's website including make your own tattoos. They have tattoo's ranging from 90p to £5. 

So once you have chosen your design the rest is really easy: (especially if you did these as a kid)

1. Grab your design and remove the plastic film on top of the design
2. Place the design anywhere on your body
3. Apply a sponge or damp cloth on top of the tattoo for 60 seconds
4. Once you have done so carefully remove the paper
5. Tadaa you are left with your design

So like I said they are really easy to do, and do last for a great time considering you just pop them on with a bit of water. I found mine lasted around a week with good wear (including wearing a watch and bracelets over it). However if you have had enough of the tattoo you can get rid of them quite easily with water and some good scrubbing.

The good thing with these is that they are FDA tested and non-toxic so they won't cause any harm to your skin. Something that was a big plus for me as I have been suffering from sensitive skin lately - if you saw my neck it looks like it's been attacked by my straighteners. 

What I love about these is they are great if you are thinking about getting a tattoo because you can get an idea of what it would look like and whether you do really want one in the desired place. 

You can check these tattoos out at their website Fake Tattoo's or Facebook page.

As a little treat for you lovelies I have a 10% discount code for you which is: Disco fever

Have you tried these out before? Would you consider fake tattoos?


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My New Toy - Fujififilm HS30EXR

Hi dolls,

So today this post is a little different to my usual beauty/fashion related posts, I got myself a now toy which I couldn't wait to share with you all. I have mentioned a few times that I wanted to get a new camera and while looking I decided instead of getting an SLR I wanted to stick with my beloved bridge camera.

I chose the Fujifilm HS30EXR which is the higher end of the bridge line and I have fallen in love with it. 

I have been playing around with it today and absolutely love it, so any photos taken from now on will be with this baby.

Bit of a random but before I put my old camera on eBay I wanted to see if any of you lovelies are interested in it, the one I previously used was the Fujifilm S1700 which has been a great little camera for my blog and you can see the quality from the photos.

If you are interested drop me a comment or an email:

Like I said I wanted to see if any of you were interested before popping it up on eBay.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blog Sale

So here it is as promised, realised I needed to do one of these as I have so many products that I don't use or have used a couple of times and then never again so they need a loving home.

The important bits:

UK and Ireland only
I only accept PayPal
Items will be on a first come first serve basis
If you leave a comment with the item and your email I will be able to send you an invoice
Postage will cost £2.75 and additional items 50p
All items will be sent 1st class
Lastly no refunds or returns

Onto the items:

China Glaze - Avalanche - Brand New - £4
Models Own - Ibiza Mix - Brand New - £3
Revlon - Gold Coin - Brand New - £3
Essie - Set in Stones - £4
Orly Mini - Razzma Tazz - Brand New - 50p
Nubar - Foundation Base Coat - Brand New - 50p Sold
Nubar - Diamond Fast Dry Topcoat - Brand New - 50p Sold

Elf and Avon products have only been opened once to check that they were ok and nothing had happened.

Elf - Champagne, Coral, Desert Haze, Metal Madness - Brand New - 99p Each or 5 for £4
Avon - Sequinned Turquoise - Brand New - 99p Sold

Barry M - Mushroom - Brand New - £1
Nail Rock Nail Wraps - Brand New - £3

Revlon - Age Defying Foundation 05 Fresh Ivory - 90% left - £4
Elf - Translucent Mattifying Powder - Used twice 90% left - £2

Bourjois Blush - 34 Rose D'Or - Brand New - £4
17 Blush - Nude - Swatched only - £2
Elf - Mineral Blush - Joy - Brand New - £3

Avon - Smokey Eyes Quad - Swatched - £3
Bourjois - Smokey Eyes Trio - Swatched - £3 or both for £5

Inika - Organic Eye Liner - Black Caviar - Brand New - £4
Eyeko - Skinny Eyeliner - Powder Pink - Brand New (end was slightly broken when I received it) - £4
Rimmel - Soft Khol Eyeliner - Stormy Grey - Brand New - £2

Murad - Skin Perfecting Primer - Swatched Once - £2
Mua - Lip Gloss - Shade 4 - Brand New - 50p

Authentic Cleansing Nectar - Brand New - £2
FAB - Gentle Body Wash - Brand New - £2
Invigorate - Body Lotion - Brand New - £2
Dove - Nourishing Oil - Brand New -£2
Bliss - Body Butter - Swatched - £2

Or any three for £5

Kiss - French Manicure Nails - Brand New - £4
Lets Go - Strip Lashes - Brand New - £4

I have also made a few subtle changes to the site including a button for my blog, hope you like.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Cosmo Blog Awards - Shortlisted!!

Hi dolls,

So I have some very exciting news for you all! I found out today that I have been shortlisted for 'Best New Beauty Blogger' this is amazing news as I didn't expect to get shortlisted at all! 

I'd like to say thank you so much to those who have nominated me for this and allowed me to be a part of the shortlist. Without you lovely readers my blog wouldn't be what it is today.

If you like my blog and would like to nominate me to win the category check out the link below.

Once again thank you to everyone. Secondly I will have a blog sale put up later this evening.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

OOTD: Pink Obsession

Hi dolls,

So yesterday I went out for a lovely meal to celebrate my parents birthdays and surprise my mom with her vast array of gifts - she ended up crying bless her. Anyways I figured I'd share with you all what I wore for the night out.

So for my outfit I must say I'm really proud of myself as all of them items are from the New Look sale. The blouse was reduced to £8, skirt £7 and the shoes were the biggest bargain - down from £25 to £10. I was so pleased with myself with this as I'm normally the one person who can never find anything in the sale no matter how hard I try to find something.

Face wise I have gone for my expensive shizz:

Primer: Benefit Porefessional
Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Blusher: Benefit Bella Bamba
Eye: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, Mac Zoom Lash Mascara and L'Oreal Superliner in Black Crystals
Brows: Avon Brow Pencil
Lips: Chanel Boy and Benefit Foxy Lady

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you been sale shopping lately?


Friday, 13 July 2012

OOTD: I'm Still Standing

Hi dolls,

So I wasn't sure I'd get a post up today as I've been under the weather since Tuesday and still no signs of perking up. However I thought I'd do a little OOTD to show you what I wore to work today, and I haven't done an outfit post for ages. Sorry for the crappy photos I took them on my phone as I couldn't be bothered to get my camera out - just wanted to go to bed and feel sorry for myself.

Jumper - Topshop
Vest - Vera Moda
Leggings - Forever 21
Brogues - Primark

So I've wanted to wear this jumper since I first got it and I saw it hanging on my window this morning (I'm in the loft so I treat my one window as a second wardrobe) and figured I'd give it a spin. I have a slight obsession with studs and have had to stop myself from buying various bits and bobs which are accompanied by studs.

Face wise it looks quite plain literally have on:

Mac Mineralised Skin Finish in Light
Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

Today was my dad's birthday and sucked that I wasn't feeling too well to celebrate it properly, but on the bright side my mom's birthday is tomorrow and we are going out for a meal on the night to celebrate so I may do another OOTD. I can't wait to surprise her tomorrow as my dad sent me out today to get some fresh air and pick up and iPad for my mom, and we'll give it to her during the meal.

So I hope you enjoyed, and are you loving any trends lately?

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