Sunday, 29 July 2012

Splurge or Save Sunday: Fake Lash Mascara

Hi dolls,

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts over the last week, I've been quite busy with working my two jobs so I haven't been able to post much. Anyways it's Sunday and you know what that means - splurge or save?  Today I will be looking at mascaras which claim to give you the false lash effect - the famous Benefit They're Real and Collection 2000's Big Fake mascara.

I love mascaras which claim to give you the false lash effect look and when I got my hands on Benefit's  They're Real mascara I knew I was on to a keeper. However at £18.50 it is quite an expensive mascara, so I was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative and happened to come across Collection 2000's Big Fake.

Packaging wise Benefit would be my favourite as I just think it's more appealing than the Collection 2000 one. I just love everything from the shape of the tube to the font - typical Benefit. 

Both mascaras have lengthening properties so they make my lashes appear longer than what they actually are, and this is where they both differ slightly. While they both lengthen your lashes I find the Collection 2000 one once built up offers more volume where the Benefit one can look a bit like spider legs.

Performance wise both have great staying power, Benefit can last to around 10 hours but isn't waterproof and Collection 2000 about 8 hours (not sure if it's waterproof) so considering the big price difference they have similar staying power. 

Sometimes I find that the Benefit one has such a great staying power that it doesn't always come off with makeup remover - both a good and a bad thing but at least you know once it's applied it's staying on.

When applying I normally find that both need around 3 layers to look great, and you can see from the first application the length that is added to your lashes. When comparing the length in both mascaras I think that the Benefit gives slightly longer lashes on the upper but they are very similar in length on the bottom. It's hard to tell as I'm convinced I have odds eyes but when I was looking in the mirror I found it hard to figure out which gave longer lashes.

Have a couple of photos of what they look like on:

Left: Benefit They're Real Right: Collection 2000

As you can see there are differences between the two mascaras but in terms of lengthening mascaras I find that the Collection 2000 is a great dupe for the Benefit mascara. 

Benefit retails at £18.50 whereas the Collection 2000 retails at £4.99.

Personally I'd splurge as I am a big fan of Benefit cosmetics in general and find that this product lasts longer than my Collection 2000 as this one I find dries quickly after a few months - but I'm sure a little drop of water would clear that up.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this edition, and because I'm so prepared next week I'll be doing lip glosses.

Would you splurge or save?
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