Sunday, 1 July 2012

Splurge or Save Sunday: Naked Palette

Hi lovelies,

So I gave all my instagram followers a little sneak peek into a post I was doing earlier today, I have come up with a new idea for Sunday posts - Splurge or Save. There are a lot of products coming out which have a hype surrounding them but sometimes these products can be very expensive and you can often find a cheaper alternative. 

This week I'm looking at Urban Decay's Naked Palette and MUA's Undressed Palette:

So when I first got my hands on MUA's Undressed Palette I did notice an uncanny resemblance to the Naked palette, something I was quite excited about. When both palettes are placed together you really can see the resemblance between the two and you can see how MUA have used the Urban Decay palette as inspiration.

So I decided to do some swatches for you so you can see the comparisons between both sets, and as you can see they are both very similar. I must admit it also - as much as I love the Naked Palette there are some shades from the MUA palette that I prefer such as Shade 7 and 9. However there are a couple that aren't as pigmented as those on the UD decay palette such as Shade 3.

However it must be said for the price difference between these palettes the MUA palette is a great cheaper alternative for the Naked Palette. The shades in this palette are really pigmented and have a great colour payoff, in terms of other palettes on the market this is probably the best dupe I have come across.

One thing I don't like when it comes to the MUA palette is the little brush that comes with the set, I do love the Urban Decay one and always end up using it with any of my eyeshadows. Although saying that I do have other eyeshadow brushes so the MUA brush doesn't matter too much but if you do find yourself using brushes from palettes I don't really recommend that one that comes with the set as I find it hard to blend and not the most strongest brush in the world - messing around doing the swatches earlier I found myself breaking the one end of the brush - oops.

The MUA Undressed Palette retails at £4 and is available online at MUA and will be available in Superdrug this month. Urban Decay's Naked Palette retails at £36 and is available from Debenhams here and other department stores.

So the main question is splurge or save? Now I would say there is tough competition here - but if you don't want to spend £36 on a palette look no further because the MUA palette really does do justice to the Naked palette.

How about you lovely people - splurge or save?

Would like to know also if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of the splurge or save products?

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