Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tangle Tamer Vs. Tangle Teezer Review

Hi lovelies,

I wanted to do a comparison post a while ago when I got my hands on Denman's Tangle Tamer, as it is quite similar to my Tangle Tamer. Both products are very similar and when put together on the shelves it can be hard to figure out which brush is best for you.

Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer dramatically reduces hair breakage, splitting and damage, resulting in beautifully shiny hair. After brushing your hair, your hair will feel silky to touch and stunning to look at. 

My mom actually introduced me to the Tangle Teezer about a year ago after she would rave on about how good this product was to comb wet hair. She knew that once my hair got wet it was always a nightmare to comb because of how knotty it gets - and has gotten worse since going lighter. So once I got my hands on my Teezer I couldn't wait to put it to the test - and I can I was happy with the way it has worked through my hair.

Compared to my comb I find this a lot softer and doesn't pull my hair as much, which has helped to improve the quality of my hair. However sometimes I find that the Teezer can be too gentle on knots making it harder to work through them, but other than that after a few attempts to get rid of knots it's a great brush. 

The brush has both long and short bristles which is designed to help to gently de-tangle your hair without the bristles breaking during use. I really like how this is now released in a variety of colours and patterns as it makes it attractive in my quite dull brush basket. 

Tangle Tamer

The super-soft nylon bristles gently glide through the hair, removing knots and tangles. An air-cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for smooth damage-free grooming. 

I got my hands on the Tangle Tamer a few months back after again hearing rave reviews and comparisons to the Tangle Teezer. However I did have my reserves about this product in the beginning as I thought the bristles would be pulling on my hair as they aren't as soft looking at the Teezer ones. 

However after using it for the first time I noticed that both brushes are quite similar, the Tamer also has different length bristles to work through hair and de-tangle knots easily. I found that using this brush on wet hair for the first time felt a little tough compared to my Teezer, but after a few uses I got used to this and found it left my hair feeling better when compared to a normal brush.

The design of this brush is a lot better than the Teezer as it comes with a handle making grip easier - sometimes when using the Teezer you find it hard to grab while the space is limited and when your hair is wet it makes the brush wet also. 

When it comes to de-tangling this brush doesn't get through knots either on the first go, you have to have a few attempts before being able to work through. 


Overall I have found that both work great on both my own hair and my extensions, and don't tug on hairs. With my extensions I have always been on the lookout for the best brush to combat knots in the safest way and I think both of these brushes fit the bill.

Personally I do really like both brushes and find they work great on both wet and dry hair. I don't know if I could personally say I have a favourite but if you do have thicker and longer hair then I would say that the Tamer may be better for you.

The Tangle Teezer comes in at the more expensive product at £12 which you can get from Boots and the Tangle Tamer retails at £6.20 which you can get from either Boots or Denmans site here.

Hope you enjoyed, and which product do you lovelies prefer?

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