Sunday, 26 August 2012

Splurge or Save: Duo Fibre Brush

Hi dolls,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently been in holiday mode getting bits and bobs and trying to sort things out as I go on holiday a week today - eep! No matter how much I have already done it still feels like there is so much more to do. 

Anywhoo onto the usual Sunday post, and today's is a little different instead of looking at makeup I've chose to focus on a hyped up brush from Mac - the 187 brush. I have always been a big fan of duo fibre brushes and find they are one of my most used brushes in my everyday makeup routine, and found a little birdie which is very similar to the Mac.

So like I said I have been a big fan of the duo fibre brush and have been through so many trying to find the perfect one. Since coming across Crown brushes last year I was pleasantly surprised to find a great quality one at such an affordable price before splurging on my Mac brush.

The duo fibre brush has many uses ranging from liquid foundations to cream blushers, duo fibre brushes are given their name because of the brush is made up of long and short hairs which is aimed to help with the application of foundation to give an airbrush look. 

As you can see from the first photo the two look very similar in terms of the brushes design, from the black and silver handle all the way to the brush. The only major difference visibly is the size of the handle as the Mac is shorter - but that doesn't matter too much. However saying that I would still find it hard to figure out which was which if you were to hide the names on the brushes. 

In terms of the brush itself the Crown brush's shape goes out diagonally whereas the Mac seems more rounded and shaped. Both are very soft to use on the face, but I do find that if you are a little heavy handed then the Crown brush does get a little hard the more you press down, something the Mac brush doesn't do as it always remains soft no matter how hard you press down.

According to both websites the brushes are made from a blend of goat and synthetic hairs which give the colouring of the brush. The synthetic fibres are the white hairs and the black are the goats hair. 

I find there is not much difference in the end puffiness of both brushes, but do find that the Mac brush is slightly puffier which I find helps with the application of liquid foundation and blend easier because of this. However for overall application both brushes work very well with liquid foundation and often alternate between the two, but as you can see since I washed them last the Crown brush has mainly been used for my cream blushers as this is a great brush to use for them. 

Both brushes have been washed a fair few times and surprisingly enough have found that the Crown brush has retained its shape better than the Mac one and you can see that from the first photo as there are a few bristles out of place in the Mac brush. 

I would say that both brushes are really great and would re-purchase the two of them, but after using both for a while I have found that there is not a lot of difference between the two and if you were after a duo fibre similar to the Mac brush this is the closest I have come to finding a similar brush.

What is best of all the C406 (Crown Brush) retails at only £8.91 whereas the Mac 187 is a whopping £32.50, however if you were going to order the Crown brush I have noticed that you have to spend £15 on the site before being able to ship it - not sure why but that has never been a problem for me as there have always been brushes I want to get. 

I hope you enjoyed this splurge or save as it was slightly different, and the main question of course: splurge or save?

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