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Splurge or Save: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light

Hi dolls,

Hope you've all had a good weekend, I had wanted to do a FOTD last night as I went out for a works do but found that when I looked at the photos on my laptop I looked really bad so didn't want to scare you lovely folks.

Anywhoo, it's Sunday and we all know what that means, the annual splurge or save post, and today I'm looking at Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light Foundation and MyFace MyMix Foundation. Now I don't know about you guys but I have found that my skin gets quite bad during that lovely time of the month, so I've found myself looking towards those heavier foundations and something that would be durable during warmer days and something that is long lasting.

I have been using both of these foundations now for a year and can honestly say I love using both, especially when I am having a bad skin day and these are always my go to foundations if I'm after heavier coverage.

After hearing about celebrity fans including Cheryl Cole I was always intrigued by MyFace and since purchasing their products I have never been disappointed. 

I was a little shocked however when researching the MyFace to find that Boots have stopped the range which is a little disappointing as I was hoping to restock mine soon. Although saying that you can buy these directly from their online site - but that may not be great for everyone if you haven't tried the range before as they have an extensive colour range so I'd recommend looking at swatches online if you were going to.


Packaging wise it's obvious that both are very similar with the plastic slim yet chic packaging, I find the Estee Lauder one comes on top in terms of luxury packaging and looks more expensive in comparison. However I do like the look of both foundations, and they come with nozzle's which means you can dispense enough foundation without wasting any which is always a bonus for me. 

The only downside to this means that when you are getting low you really have to squeeze the bottle to get product out, which sometimes results in dispensing too much product but that's to be expected when getting low. 

I find these two foundations some of the easiest to take with me for travelling purely because of the packaging as they are light and slim, which means I don't have to worry about them breaking as they are plastic and fit quite well in my makeup bag. 


When it comes to both foundations shade wise for me MyFace comes on top purely because of the way their shading is organised. Instead of going for shades such as ivory, light or intensity numbers they divide their shades by: fair, medium and medium/dark and then you can choose between 01-03.

MyFace claim that the fair range are:

"light enough to blend perfectly and naturally with fair skin, but also have enough colour to give your complexion a healthy glow. Colour-correcting formula eliminates redness from fair skin and transforms even spotty, blotchy, uneven skin tones while looking at feeling like you're not wearing any makeup at all".

Their medium range:

"celebrate the golden honey tones while colour-correcting to masque any signs of sallowness. Lightweight texture leaves skin looking and feeling like it's naturally even and flawless".

Their medium/dark range:

"are formulated with a golden-toned base that works with the natural colouring in your skin to create a rich, burnished glow to the skin. The lightweight texture won't make you feel like you're wearing makeup. Your skin looks and feels like it's naturally even and flawless."

The Estee Lauder shade range works on intensity and for me has the least amount of shade range from any of the Estee Lauder foundations. It works from intensity 1.0 - 6.0 meaning there are only six shades to choose from and I find the lightest shade is still a little orange so if you are paler than me this may not be the foundation for you.

Formula and Application

From the photos you can see the formula is a little different, the Estee Lauder I find to be slightly thicker whereas the MyFace is thinner and more runny. This means that because the formula is thicker and depending on the coverage if you want something more medium based rather than heavy the Estee Lauder foundation will go further than the MyFace. 

However when being applied to the face both blend very easily and are probably two of the best foundations I own in terms of application as I don't have to keep going back on myself to blend the foundation especially in the t-zone area (normally my worst area for application).

Neither I feel have to be built up with concealer to hide blemishes or red marks, the foundations really do cover up those little areas without looking cakey. 


Once applied on the face it appears that both foundations give a dewy look to them, however once settled on the face they turn into quite a natural finish which I find perfect for my skin especially in the summer. 

When comparing the two I do find the Estee Lauder one slightly more matte, but saying that when using both neither need the addition of powder which is always a bonus for me. 


Estee Lauder claim that their Double Wear Light foundation will last for around 15 hours which I find it will stay on for around 10 hours with heavy use and from that I mean running up and down stairs at work with a boiling hot stock room and working delivery - so that's always great.

The MyFace foundation is a good runner also as it lasts between 8-10 hours with heavy usage at work or going from uni to work. Both are smudge proof in the heat so you don't have to worry about the foundations melting from your face and will remain lightweight which are always great and you don't have to worry about touching up during the day.


Now if you are a fan of Estee Lauder foundations you will already know that the Double Wear Light foundation comes in at a hefty £27.50 - however every penny is worth it in my opinion as it is a great foundation.

The MyFace is something I was shocked about because when I first got my hands on it, it retailed at £12.99 but that has now increased to £15.99 - however if you do go onto the website and sign up for the newsletter they are giving £5 of your first order which means you could get the foundation for £10.99, which sounds a lot better. 

(Now I know some people may have wondered why I didn't compared the Estee Lauder to Revlon's Colorstay as that is another foundation that has been compared to this, but I personally did not get on with it. I didn't find it buildable, and was generally a foundation I couldn't get on with so felt the MyFace was a better comparison - however slightly more expensive).

Finally the all important question, would you spend or splurge?

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