Sunday, 12 August 2012

Splurge or Save Sunday: Estee Lauder Crystal Baby Lipstick

Hi dolls,

So it's Sunday and you know what that means my annual Splurge or Save post. I'm sorry if I end up going way off topic while writing this as I'm doing this while watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics - how amazing is it?

Anyways I first got my hands on Estee Lauder's Crystal Baby at the end of last year for my birthday and it has quickly become a staple piece is my makeup collection, it has been a hyped product among beauty bloggers and I have a cheaper alternative of this lovely lipstick in the form of Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in Shade 3. 

top on both swatches; Estee Lauder Crystal Baby bottom; Kate Moss for Rimmel in Shade 3

Now both lipsticks I am a fan of and hoped my camera would have picked up how similar the shades are in the swatches above, although saying that I think the picture of the lipsticks applied look a bit better and you can get an idea of how similar they are. 

Both of these are perfect natural colours that can be worn anytime through the year for both day and night looks, I love wearing these teamed up with a clear gloss to really give that shine. 

Packaging wise I do love both, the Rimmel one remains simple yet really cute with the Kate Moss signature whereas the Estee Lauder one is just gorgeous to look at from the gold packaging to the colour block at the bottom of the stick. However I do find the Rimmel one a little easier to pop in my bag and don't have to worry about ruining the packaging where I do with the Estee Lauder (so still have the boxes for them).

When it comes to the formula both are very soft and creamy to apply onto the lips but find there are minor differences between the two - I find the Estee Lauder slightly creamier and a frostier finish whereas the Kate Moss one sometimes comes off a little matte but no dry lips in sight. There also isn't too much difference in lasting power I find I can get a few hours wear from both lipsticks before I need to touch up. 

One thing I will say though in the Rimmel lipstick's favour is I do find that one more pigmented than the Estee Lauder one - though this maybe because the Estee Lauder lipstick does have a lip balm feel about it so it does need a few layers when applies compared to the Rimmel.

Smell for me is an important factor when buying a lipstick as I tend to shy away from those ones with the plastic smell or that are too strong. The Estee Lauder one has a lovely smell which is almost floral and sweet, I could literally smell it for ages - I'd look a bit weird sitting there smelling a lipstick but oh well.

Now onto the important stuff the Estee Lauder lipstick does retail at an expensive £18.50 so it is a splurge (but I have heard that a few CCO's have this in stock so you could get it for around the £14 mark I think) whereas the Rimmel will only cost you £5.49.

I hope you enjoyed and lastly the all important question would you splurge or save?

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