Monday, 6 August 2012

Tatler Magazine Freebie

Hi dolls,

I hope you all had a great weekend, I'm back at work tomorrow and after having a week off I need to get myself back in the mood. Anyways the other day I was trailing the shelves of my local WH Smiths and came across a freebie that I thought I should share with all you lovely people.

So this month Tatler magazine are giving away a sample sized version of Lancome's newest Hypnose Star Mascara. Now I had already been intrigued by this product from the advertising which features the much loved Betty Boop to constantly seeing it in my local Debenhams. The only thing that had put me off getting it in the first place was the hefty £21 price tag that accompanies this product.

I thought this was perfect it gave me a way of trying the product before splurging, and I'm quite glad I've had chance to try it out. Yesterday I was full blown in love with the mascara I popped it on at around 11 and it was showing no signs of budging at 7 in the evening - which is always a great sign. However when I popped it on today for the blog post I'm in two minds about it, as I just don't know if I could justify the price as I feel I can get a similar look from high street mascaras.

Though you never know I might treat myself if Sephora have it and depends how much cheaper it works out in the States.

Tatler is a bit steeper on the magazine end at £4.10 but that was money well spent as it gave me the chance to try this mascara out.

Have you got your hands on the magazine yet? If so what do you think of the mascara?

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