Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Stylfile S-File & S-Buffer

Hi dolls,

So if you are a fan of the Apprentice you will have already hear of Tom Pellereau who was the winner of the 2011 series. He first talked about his file on the show and how he had gone to Boots to pitch the idea to them, and since the show he has worked with Sir Alan Sugar to bring this into stores nationwide. 

Once I saw the advert for this a while back in OK magazine I knew that I had to get my hands on this handy file.

As you can see I didn't just buy the S-File I also got my hands on the S-Buffer - what can I say I need both in my life. The range consists of files that are designed in a unique curved 'S' shape which follows the natural shape of the nail and makes filing and buffing easier.

The S-File claims to give a professional finish to your nails, and makes filing easier even with your 'non-dominant' hand. One side of the file is used to shape the nail whereas the other side aims to smooth. When it comes to caring for your nails you may hear that you shouldn't swap the way you use your file on your nails and that it should be a constant forward stroke - however with this you can file from the edge of the nail to the centre and then file from the other edge to the centre without damaging your nail.

The file is great for creating shape to your nails and can be done within a matter of minutes. I find as well that it doesn't seem to drag on the nails either - something that I have found with other nail files.

A great thing about the file is that it is designed to last for up to 12 months so it's an investment worth the small price tag.

The S-Buffer is a 4-way buffer which is designed to follow the nails natural shape and create shine to the natural nail. A buffer nail is an important aspect of my nail care routine especially before applying polish as I like to have smooth nails before I apply.

The site claims that you don't need expensive products or varnishes for long-lasting shine instead this buffer will create that. Once again the curved shape makes buffing easier on your non-dominant hand - this is something I've never had too much trouble with but I can see how it makes it easier.

Like any buffer the file is labelled 1-4 with parts to remove ridges, smooth and polish the nail. Side 1 is used to shape the nail edge and remove any sharp edges - so it acts as a mini S-File. Side 2 is used to remove ridges on the nail which can sometime cause uneven polish application. I find you only need to swipe this over your nails a couple of times to remove the ridges. The third side is great for smoothing the nail ready for application and then the fourth side will add shine to your nail. 

I can honestly say this does add a great amount of shine to my nail - however I'm not a fan of bare nails so they are always polished. But if I were to keep them bare I would definitely use this to give my nails a lovely clean shine. 

I am really glad to have come across these products and the range even include a small emergency file which is a combination of both files for on the go. Something I definitely need to invest in as sometimes I find myself breaking my nail slightly and need to smooth it off quickly.

I find these products really cheap ranging from £4.49 to £4.99 and are definitely an investment worth taking when it comes to nail care. They can be purchased from the official Stylfile website or Boots.

PS. Have added a few more items to my blog sale so check that out here.

I hope you enjoyed, have you tried these files before?

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