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Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation Review

Hi dolls,

When you hear of Urban Decay you instantly think the famous brand behind the Naked palettes, and Primer Potions never for foundation (or is that just me). However recently they have released Naked Skin a lightweight foundation that claims to blur perfections and deliver a flawless yet natural finish.

So after being such a fan of the Naked products I knew I had to do a little naughty spending.

Urban Decay claim:

Our completely weightless formula blurs imperfections to deliver a flawless finish that looks professionally retouched and feels invisible. 

I believe this foundation has only been in the UK since the beginning of the month and was quite happy to have seen it in Debenhams on Friday. I was quite lucky as the assistant was happy enough to not only colour match me but also apply it all over (without me asking) which gave me chance to try it out and see how it applied on my face. 

The shade I had was 0.5 which is the lightest foundation available and I find it matches my skin perfectly.

This foundation has really grown on me and I love everything from the formula to the smell to the packaging. The assistant on the counter informed me that the foundation is packed with nourishing ingredients including green tea and is oil-free. 


The shade choice for this foundation in my opinion is impressive as there are 18 shades to choose from. The numbering system means that there is a colour to suit each skin tone, and shades that end in .0 are warmers shades and those that end in .5 are more neutral/cooler shades. I think this is a great system to find your shade as I was able to find my shade in a matter of seconds. 

The shades range from 0.5 - the lightest all the way to 12.0.


What may come as a bit of a surprise with this foundation is that the bottle is actually plastic, upon photos you may not realise this. However this is something I prefer for travelling purposes (as I may be taking this on holiday) it just means there is less chance of it breaking compared to glass. Although for some people this may be a turnoff as you might be a fan of glass bottles as it appears for luxurious and expensive.

Although I do like the double wall plastic packaging as it does allow it to appear different to other foundations and reminds me slightly of the MUFE foundation packaging.

The foundation also comes with a pump which is a massive bonus for me as it allows you to pump enough product for your face and avoid wasting product. 

Forumla and Application

This is a liquid based foundation so it is recommended that you shake the bottle before use and I do find the consistency very similar to YSL's Touch Eclat foundation (yes I stole them off my mom and I tried them against each other). This is probably one of the best foundations I have in terms of blending and applying as it applies so easily and apart from when I have dry skin it does look very natural. 

I would say that Naked Skin is a medium to high coverage foundation and can easily be built up. However for me one layer is certainly enough for my liking, I have noticed that it reduces the redness of spots and can easily disguise these so that it is a lovely treat and no need for concealer. 

I will say however if you have dry skin this may not be the best foundation for you to try, I have dry patches on my nose and find that it clings to the skin and looks very unflattering. It's very hard to blend if the skin is dry and no amount of primer or dewy setting spray helps. 


So like I have already mentioned the foundation is a demi-matte finish which helps it to look more natural after application. I can't complain about this because my skin can be oily so this helps combat that.

It doesn't feel heavy when applied or so dewy that it's going to fall of your face during the day, you know that once it's on it's going to have a great lasting power. With the foundation having a demi-matte formula it lives up to it's lightweight claims and you don't feel like you have much on once applied.


Now this product doesn't claim to last forever on your face like similar foundations in this price range, however considering this it still does stay on the skin anywhere from 6 hours to 8 hours without primer and for me 8 to 10 hours with primer so it's a win win situation either way.

Urban Decay however do recommend when using this foundation to use both a primer and setting spray to enhance it's staying powers. When I had this first applied in store it was combined with their primer and De Slick setting spray (which is on my holiday wishlist).

The company have also released a brush which is designed to go hand in hand with the foundation, the Optical Blurring brush is a synthetic brush that has been created to help buff the foundation and give a flawless finish. However at £18.50 it's a brush I'd like to get but will when I go on holiday.


Urban Decay's Naked Skin is retailed at quite an expensive £27 which puts it against the likes of YSL and Estee Lauder in terms of foundation pricing. However I don't mind paying this much for a foundation that I like.

Although I would say if you are a little unsure about this foundation hop on down to your local Urban Decay counter, because when I went to buy mine the Bullring had sold out of my shade so went to my local Debenhams and before I purchased the foundation I told the assistant that I was after shade 0.5 and she asked if I wanted a sample of it - so it may be worth seeing if you can snag yourself a sample of it first.

Hope you enjoyed, have you got your hands on this foundation yet?

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