Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Witch Anti-Blemish BB Cream

Hi dolls,

If you think back to a year ago the term BB cream was still relatively new to many of us and we were all eager to try them out. A year on they seem to be everywhere we look, with a new one popping up almost weekly from different companies. Witch have now hopped onto the bandwagon and expanded on their makeup range to introduce their Anti-Blemish BB Cream.

I couldn't wait to try this product out, as I have been a big fan of BB creams since getting my hands on the Garnier one. The Witch brand in general has been a favourite of mine from their range of skincare to the addition of a makeup line - may I add their primer is just awesome!

Witch claim that their BB cream is 'designed to cater for all skin tones, boosting your natural beauty and delivering flawless skin. With witch hazel extract, our unique BB cream will offer a skin-clearing formula, as well as delivering a smoothing and picture-perfect, beautiful finish. It creates a naturally flawless look, blurs imperfections and evens skin tone'.

So you may have noticed that there is no indication on the box or bottle about the shade of this BB cream, but don't worry about that because Witch have only released one shade in the cream at the moment. I am glad that this is a shade that matches my skin tone but also a little confused as to why there is just one shade after they claim that the cream caters to all skin tones. 

If I were to describe the shade I wouldn't put it into the category of ivory and lighter shades like that, but I also wouldn't put it down the line of medium shades, it's sort of in the middle with pink/rosy undertones. However saying that I do find it adapts quickly to your skin tones but I put that down to the shade being similar to what I would buy anyways.

Like other BB creams this has an SPF of 15 which is always a bonus for me, and will be perfect as I will be taking this on holiday with me to try out. 

However what makes this product really stand out from the crowd is that this is a Blemish Balm instead of a Beauty Balm which with the help of the witch hazel extract not only help hide blemishes once applied, but it helps with the overall appearance of your skin and will cleanse your skin (The reason behind why I like to use witch hazel as a toner). 

Forumla wise I find this quite similar to the Garnier BB cream, and while the formula is thick I find a little will go a long way and it applies and blends very easily. I really like the look of this, sometimes if I'm using my Garnier one I have to add a bit of powder to stop a shiny face but this actually applies very naturally with little shine. 

When I first applied this I thought it hadn't reduced redness at all, but it wasn't until I looked back in the mirror after getting my mascara that I noticed once it sinks into your skin it begins to reduce redness. Once applied it feels very light to wear which is a good thing despite it's heavier coverage (for a BB cream) and something I would definitely use for everyday use and warmer nights. 

In terms of lasting power I find this lasts around 6-8 hours before I need to apply powder (with combo skin) which is really great for a BB cream. Like I said I will be packing this next week for my hols so I will be able to let you all know how it deals with the warm Florida weather. 

So if you are after something with a bit more kick and want something that is going to help your skin in the long haul this is perfect for you!

This retails at £6.99 but if you are in Superdrug you can get this at a bargain price of £3.49, so grab it while you can!

Have you tried this out yet? What are your thoughts?

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