Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift Review

Hi dolls,

Firstly sorry if I end up rambling through this blog post been feeling under the weather for the past couple of days which has sucked! Just trying to get myself better before the end of the week with pyjama days, plenty of rest and hot water bottles.

Anywhoo I realised when looking through my review goodies that I don't review perfumes enough, I have quite a vast collection of them yet rarely review them (I believe the last review was Love Struck - yes it was that long ago). With that being said I wanted to share my thoughts with you on Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. 

Now I know I am a bit late on the bandwagon as this fragrance was released back in July and the second one is set to be released soon (Wonderstruck Enchanted - yes I will be quicker with that one), but saying that I wanted to wait until I went on holiday to get it as I was quite tempted by the rollerball option that was available in Sephora but after some thinking I had decided that I would get the bottle due to it's prettiness.

I am quite a big fan of Taylor Swift and I wasn't too sure what to expect from her debut perfume - as we all know not all the celebrity fragrances are the best. However saying that everything from the packaging to the smell is very Taylor-esque!


This is probably one of the prettiest perfume bottles in my collection - from it's purple holographic bottle to the charms that dangle from the neck. You may not know this and I only found this out through research, but the charms that are on the bottle were picked by the lady herself and were reminiscent of her stye. The charms also appear within the design of the cap which reflects her love of hidden messages. It does remind me of when J.Lo did it with her perfume but I know which I prefer!

One thing I really loved was reading about how the packaging was created from the many fabrics that Taylor picked up on her travels and I love that it will have a meaning to her. Fans of the singer will also notice the '13' embossed on the top of the box, which is recognised as her favourite number (and also making an appearance in Valentines Day). 

Even though it may make the perfume a little tacky - it would be lovely if there was a way to transform the charms into a little bracelet - that way it would make the bottle a little easier to pop into your handbag. 


Aimed at a younger market (so don't go expecting a mature husky scent) the scent is sweet yet fruity with extracts of vanilla, raspberry, apple and sandlewood - and reminds me a lot of fragrances by Britney Spears. Even with its summery smell I will continue to wear this through the Autumn and has quickly become a favourite everyday scent.

According to Taylor the scent is supposed to reflect the 'feeling that you get when you first meet someone you like' the theme which surrounds her song 'Enchanted' and really plays on the girly romantic side to her persona. 

As much as I love this scent I will warn you that the staying power isn't the best, considering it applies quite strongly in the beginning. Something that is a little shocking considering its 'Eau de Parfum' title on the packaging. So this is where the rollerball may come in use for re-applying during the day. 


Price wise this perfume will not break the bank, so you won't feel bad if you choose to re-apply during the day. The biggest bottle will set you back around £36-£38 which to me is a great price as you can pay that for the smallest bottle of some scents. 

Depending where you choose to buy the perfume from will determine the price you pay for it as I have seen the price vary from place to place. 

30ml - £18-£20
50ml - £27-£29
100ml - £36-38

I did a bit of hunting around online and have also found a gift set has been released which comes with a 30ml bottle, a travel sized 5ml and scented body lotion which retails at £23 on the Boots website. 


Despite the couple of negatives with this product, I think they are outweighed by the positives - and by which I mean the lovely fruity smell, the packaging and price. It's not the most intricate smell that you will come across but it's lovely enough to be worn either day or night, and not too overpowering which can sometimes be off putting.

I love how she has tied this fragrance with her song 'Enchanted' I think it really helps the perfume stand out, and gives it that 'fairytale' feel that I get with the song. Following my love for this I will more than likely be purchasing Taylor's second scent once it is released. 

I hope you enjoyed the review, have you tried this fragrance out yet?


Friday, 28 September 2012

ELF Super Saver Style Offer; EXTENDED

Hi dolls,

I thought I would do a little post today sharing with you all a great offer that ELF have at the moment, now if you know me you will know I am a big fan of ELF and when they are offering up to 50% off their products I am one of the first to snap this offer up.

Now this offer was set to expire today but the lovely people at ELF have extended it until the 1st October so if you're a fan of ELF I'd snap one of the three great offers up for grabs!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Review

Hi dolls,

So I've been a bad blogger since getting off holiday with the lack of posts which I blame working and going back to university unfortunately. A few of you have been asking for a review on the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions and as this has been my go to item at the moment I felt that I could share my thoughts with you lovely ladies.

So as you all know I got this little sample while I was in Sephora after accumulating enough points for a little freebie (and may I add the freebies in there are awesome!) anywhoo I'm getting a little personal here but I find that when it comes to the lady time each month my skin gets really bad and it's a pain to try and maintain my skin from those horrible little breakouts. As this time was quickly upon me I figured it would be the best time to put this correctly serum to the test.

Now I will be honest I had to check with the SA in Sephora about this product and whether it was something that would be suitable for my skin, but I was sold after speaking to her. My mom also has this in the full size and swears by it after constant use, and I must say I'm seeing great results after a weeks use!!

I have found that applying this every night before bed (and yes this has replaced my Sudocrem for the time being) has really helped the condition of my skin, I won't go and say with a week it has cleared my skin up and is a magic product but it has cleared my skin slightly where there were minor blemishes and has stopped any major breakouts from appearing in my T-Zone. I have a few nasty blemishes by my nose and have found that applying this has stopped it from getting worse and is slowly improving the healing process. 

When applied the serum is quite oily and goes a long way (I'm talking a couple of pumps), now you might think oily is bad but once it dries feels very matte and soft on the skin. This means that it is also great to apply under makeup as a primer and will reduce the need for blotting sheets. I have found this works great under BB creams as they can be notoriously oily so it will keep the oil at bay for a few hours longer which is an added bonus.

While I found that my skin didn't necessarily feel tighter to begin with it did feel a little firmer than what it did before I started using it, but I think that is something that comes with constant use, as the packaging does state that after 2 weeks of use pores appear smaller. 

I think that if you suffer from oily skin like myself or enlarged pores than this is a product you will need to store with your skincare range. At £38 it can seem quite expensive but the bottle will last you ages, I say this after using my sample size (10ml) everyday day as a primer and at night and still have plenty left and can safely say that this will be my first Clinique skincare purchase!

I hope you enjoyed, have you tried this before? What do you think?


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Florida Haul

Hi dolls,

Still trying to get my system back into UK time no matter how I try and sleep at night I am still wide awake - always the worst thing I find when coming back from holiday. Anyways, as I am a little behind on reviews (so much to review yet so little time) I figured I'd do a little haul. 

Little disclaimer; I'm not trying to show off, I spent a while saving up my money for this stuff and working two jobs and just want to share these great products with you lovely people.

So I hadn't been into a Sephora since I went in Paris and I knew I was going to go a little mad as stuff was a little cheaper and these were products I wanted at home but figured I'd get them while I was away.

So makeup wise I created a little list on the Sephora website and was lucky that they had all the items in stock. When I saw the Benefit mascara duo I knew for the same price I had to snap that up and can I just add the travel sized mascara is the cutest thing ever! Be perfect to pop in my bag incase I'm running late and can just apply this once I get to uni. 

I wanted to get the UD brush after buying the foundation, I love the way it works with the foundation and just helps apply it flawlessly, looking forward to seeing how it applies with my other foundations. 

My Mac products were mixed with repurchases and a few items that I had wanted for a while, I did manage to snap the lipgloss up in the CCO for an amazing $11 which is ridiculously cheap for Mac when converted back and this was something I was actually after in the CCO in Chester but they had none in stock apart from the tester.

Quite happy to get these Clinique products as these were the first full sized products that I have purchased from the brand (yes I know why has it took so long? ) but I tried the one lipgloss in InStyle and knew I'd purchase the full sized as I love it so much. The pore refining was actually a freebie with my Sephora card as I managed to build up quite a few points while I was over there. 

Finally managed to get my hands on the Nars Orgasm blusher, this is something I had been deciding about for absolutely ages as I wasn't sure about it but once seeing it in Sephora I was sold. 

I am in love with my Make Up Forever starter set, I knew I'd get the foundation while I was over there but when looking at the price for the foundation and the kit I figured I didn't mind spending the little bit extra as it gave me chance to try out there other great products. 

The Taylor Swift perfume was a present from the boyfriend as he decided to be nice so that was sweet, and the eyelash curlers weren't actually from Sephora but Nordstrom as nowhere seemed to have them and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get them as I tried so many stores.

Now these are 21st birthday presents from myself, family and the boyfriend so I am very grateful to both as it's not my birthday until November. 

The necklace is a piece that I just adore and have had my eye on it for ages, there was just something about it and it's so different - not the tiffany locket and was lucky to get it as we went in and the sales assistant wasn't sure that they had any but managed to get the last one that they had. 

The bag and purse were presents to myself as I wanted to start my designer bag/purse collection and knew these were two products that I will have for many years to come. You will have to ignore my little headscarf on it just don't want to dirty the patina as I've heard the oils in your hand can dirty the handles quite easily and I managed to do this slightly while I used it on holiday. The only sad thing was when buying these is that the purse cost as much as the flaming bag - but what can I say it was love at first sight!

Anyways that was it, I hope you liked and I should be doing reviews on these products soon so if there are any you want posting first let me know and I can see what I can do.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I'm Back!

Hi dolls,

So I arrived back in not so sunny England yesterday morning, after having an amazing time in sunny Florida. However saying that I have missed my little blog so once I have managed to have a decent sleep I will be back on the blogging sphere, as I managed to get a lot of pretty items and my newly beloved Vuitton duo which I can't wait to share with you all. 

Any whoo for the time being here are a few holiday snaps for you to have a look at if you want:

(being naughty as I haven't got round to buying the download yet)

So there's a few photos I should be back to my blogging self in the next couple of days as I have a lot to share with all you lovely people! And yes I am "wrestling"a gator ;)


Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Magic of Disney

Hi dolls,

So it's finally here time for me to get my bum on holiday, and I will be going to the lovely and hopefully warm Florida for two weeks before going back to university. This means I probably won't have time to update my blog but I might have some pics on instagram if you follow me - Charmed Charlee.

Anyways, I will leave you with a messy picture took yesterday while I was doing my nails, as I'm waiting for the taxi to arrive to take us to Manchester airport as we are been lazy and staying there overnight!

I couldn't resist doing some disney nails and are inspired my Minnie Mouse. 

I shall see you all in two weeks!

Much love xo

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