Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Review

Hi dolls,

So I've been a bad blogger since getting off holiday with the lack of posts which I blame working and going back to university unfortunately. A few of you have been asking for a review on the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions and as this has been my go to item at the moment I felt that I could share my thoughts with you lovely ladies.

So as you all know I got this little sample while I was in Sephora after accumulating enough points for a little freebie (and may I add the freebies in there are awesome!) anywhoo I'm getting a little personal here but I find that when it comes to the lady time each month my skin gets really bad and it's a pain to try and maintain my skin from those horrible little breakouts. As this time was quickly upon me I figured it would be the best time to put this correctly serum to the test.

Now I will be honest I had to check with the SA in Sephora about this product and whether it was something that would be suitable for my skin, but I was sold after speaking to her. My mom also has this in the full size and swears by it after constant use, and I must say I'm seeing great results after a weeks use!!

I have found that applying this every night before bed (and yes this has replaced my Sudocrem for the time being) has really helped the condition of my skin, I won't go and say with a week it has cleared my skin up and is a magic product but it has cleared my skin slightly where there were minor blemishes and has stopped any major breakouts from appearing in my T-Zone. I have a few nasty blemishes by my nose and have found that applying this has stopped it from getting worse and is slowly improving the healing process. 

When applied the serum is quite oily and goes a long way (I'm talking a couple of pumps), now you might think oily is bad but once it dries feels very matte and soft on the skin. This means that it is also great to apply under makeup as a primer and will reduce the need for blotting sheets. I have found this works great under BB creams as they can be notoriously oily so it will keep the oil at bay for a few hours longer which is an added bonus.

While I found that my skin didn't necessarily feel tighter to begin with it did feel a little firmer than what it did before I started using it, but I think that is something that comes with constant use, as the packaging does state that after 2 weeks of use pores appear smaller. 

I think that if you suffer from oily skin like myself or enlarged pores than this is a product you will need to store with your skincare range. At £38 it can seem quite expensive but the bottle will last you ages, I say this after using my sample size (10ml) everyday day as a primer and at night and still have plenty left and can safely say that this will be my first Clinique skincare purchase!

I hope you enjoyed, have you tried this before? What do you think?

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