Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blog Photography Setup and Tips

Hi dolls,

This really has been a delayed post for me as I have had people email me with the exact question of how I take the photos on my blog, and since getting the comments from a couple of lovelies on a post I figured; why not do it now?

The Camera

So first things first when it comes to taking photos on my blog the most important thing is the camera used for photography. Now I do love a bit of photography here and there so I don't mind making a little investment in one, and have always gone for bridge cameras.

One thing I will say is that you don't need a big flashy DSLR for blog photos a standard little digital camera will be fine, especially one with a macro function for those close up shots. If you can avoid taking photos on your phone as it doesn't always give you the best quality photo and camera phones so lack the functionality of digital cameras.

For those that do ask the camera that I use is my Fujifilm HS30EXR which is a bit of a beast in terms of size and price, but for me it was worth it as I don't only use it for my blog, and the good thing about bridge cameras is that they are a great way to play around with features and settings for taking photos and a way to learn before progressing to a DSLR (if you want to).


Lighting is most arguably one of the most important factors when taking blog photos, which means that it can also be one of the most hardest things to work with. For the purpose of taking photos natural light is key, and I don't just mean when the sun is out but even on slightly overcast days all will work for your photos, and if you think you're photos are slightly darker due to overcast weather you can slightly edit your photo for a brighter pic.

So when it comes to taking my photos I like to take them downstairs in my living room, as it is the brightest room in the house. I take my photos right underneath the window as this gives me the best reflection of light onto the object.

In natural lighting with flash

Now that I have hyped the importance of daylight one thing I will say is never take a photo directly towards the light as you will end up with a very dark product photo and just doesn't always look right. 

However all that said with the winter fast approaching daylight will be dwindling away quicker than we know it so you will want to know how to take good photos in the dark, which is where daylight bulbs are key!

A daylight bulb is something really easy to get your hands on and don't cost much, you can whack one of these even in your bedside lamp and use it for your photos. What this means instead of the light giving off a yellow tint it will instead be pure white light which will be better for your photos.


This is something that you will always hear different opinions of, a lot of people will not recommend using for taking your photos, but I find that when taking photos in daylight I do sometimes like to use flash as it will just lighten the photo slightly without taking away too much of the colour.

 With flash
Without flash: to me just looks dull

I will warn you though don't always rely on the flash as this can sometimes really drain the colour in your photos and leave a flash light on your photo (that annoying corner of the photo that has white in it) which is hard to edit out. 

However if you don't have a very steady hand then flash will be of great use to you as it will keep the image steady.


Macro mode is a beauty bloggers best friend, and is something I always rely on for my photos as it just makes them that much more crisp especially when focusing on certain aspects of my photos. You will find that macro not only allows you to get photos really close up of products but also focus on a product if you have items or patterns in the background.

Without macro: unsteady hands can lead to blurry photos
Yay for macro!

Composition and Background

When I take my photos I tend to try my best to get the photos in the middle of the screen just out of preference so I tend to have a grid on my screen so I can do this. Now there aren't really any rules of where to position your product on your camera screen but for me personally I like to have it right in the middle.

For my background this has recently changed, I will always try and take photos on a white background so you are just focusing on the product itself and to start with I would literally take 2-4 plain A4 pieces of paper and pop them together, but recently I got myself a sheet of A2 white card for 99p from Ryman just to make my photos easier to take. 

I think for taking photos it is better for either a clear background such as white or a cute background such as a floral background - you need something that is not going to take away from the product. 

My Setup

Now the important bit my setup:

So it's really basic but I find it works for me, a bit of card and natural light. 


Now this is one of the important steps for me when taking photos as I like to use Photoshop to edit my photos slightly. Instead of talking about it here is a photo taken in natural light and then edited:

Unedited photo

So I hope you enjoyed this post as it's something that is a little different, but practice is really key with your blogs photo. This layout isn't something I started to do until I had played around with a lot of different things from background to lighting. Now I have managed to find a way that I really like and think works well with my photos.

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