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Monu Beauty Bag: Oily Skin

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Now skincare is something I don't feature as much as I'd love to on my blog but something I spent a lot of time and money trying to perfect. I got the perfect opportunity when I was invited to become a part of the Monu blogger review panel which allows me to test their products out and got my hands on the Monu Beauty Bag for oily skin (*).

Monu have become famous for sourcing ingredients from herbs, minerals and oils which are kind to the environment and do not test on animals. Their product range features formulas that cater to all skin types so you never feel that you may have to go without or settle for something else.

The Monu Beauty Bag is a kit designed with products tailored towards specific skin types, and the ones available target: Normal, Oily and Dry skin types. Now these are not only a great way to treat your skin but also a great way to try the Monu range out before buying fuller sized products.

What I love about this bag is that I've been trying it out for just over a month now and found it's not only perfect for home use but because of the addition of the zip back it means you can pack it with you on journeys and you don't have to worry about carrying millions of bottles because it is all compact in this little bag. Because the bag is slightly bigger it means you can then pop in the additional products such as eye creams and cotton wool, meaning you have everything in this little bag.

Inside the bag comes a little card detailing the products you receive in your bag including the ingredients, and honestly the items in the bag are probably some of the easiest to use skincare items that I have come across. I tend to use just a few of the products everyday - as other items in there such as the mask are designed more to be used once or twice a week - but find this literally takes me 5/10 minutes on a night and my skin is feeling fresh and clean in an instant.

The bag contains six items all between 15ml and 50ml that are designed to help with the appearance of cleaner and blemish free skin. In the kit you get;

Clarifying Cleanser

The clarifying cleanser is simply designed to clean and balance the skin while leaving it fresh and comfortable. 

I find this a great starter to removing makeup, the first time I found the application a little weird as it states the cleanser needs to be removed with either tissue or wool and applied it with my fingers to find when I went to take it off it had dried in my skin. So I would really recommend applying it with cotton wool as it makes it a whole lot easier. 

Clarifying Toner

The clarifying toner is designed to remove the cleanser and also leave skin feeling fresh and toned.

What I really liked about this is the fact it includes Witch Hazel, which you may know I love to use of my skin. However if I'm being honest this smells and feels the same as Witch Hazel so I have a feeling it's just that in a bottle, so even though it's one of my favourite pieces in the set I would just revert back to my Witch Hazel bottle purely because it's cheaper.

Anywhoo, it's amazing to see when using this with makeup on, the amount it still fetches off after already using the toner. You feel like you have a clean face, apply this and then realise how dirty your skin must be and how it builds up oils and dirt.

Blemish Treatment

The blemish treatment is designed to help smooth skin and help make skin blemish free.

Now I was a little scared of using this product initially because I read that this treatment has acid within its ingredients which is something I wouldn't necessarily use on my face. However once using it I can safely say it has helped my skin, you do get an initial stinging but that is the formula working to heal the blemish.

I love using this when my skin is really bad, I actually put it to the test this week knowing my skin would be bad after not using it for a week found it cleared my skin really quickly and heals well. A little goes a long way with this bottle and I can it lasting a while despite its 15ml capacity.

Mattifying Lotion

The mattifying lotion basically does what it says on the tin, reduces shine in the face while also reducing the look of pores. 

This is a product that can be used morning, night and before the application of makeup, and I really like how this feels on the skin. It's quite lightweight and sinks in quickly, I have used this as a primer a few times and it does help with reducing the shine on my face throughout the day. 

One thing I will say is give it a couple of minutes to settle into the skin, because I popped it on with a foundation and because this is white it just made my foundation even paler than what it was. Now I don't know if that was because I was still tanned or what but now I thoroughly let it settle before applying foundation, because what's worse than foundation too dark for you? Foundation that is too light!

Micro Exfoliant

The exfoliant is designed to help even the skin out while giving the appearance of reduced pores.

This is one of the products which is meant to be used occasionally and the bottle actually states that depending on your skin type it affects how often this product should be used. I like this product it makes my skin feel great when it's been washed off and so soft.

A smaller bottle within the set, but I do find the product goes a long way - something I didn't really expect.

Cleansing Mask

The cleansing mask aims to give you radiant skin while leaving it fresh and clear. 

Another product designed to be used a couple of times a week, but that is what you expect with a mask.  Now the smell of this is quite strong but that is because you can smell the witch hazel, something that I have grown to love the smell of. However if you aren't a fan of the smell or that of tea tree than this might not be the best product for you.

I do find though this works really well in the evening when my skin is looking a little worse for wear and when for me the shiny head is at its peak. So I pop this on and it draws the oil from my skin really well!

This has become a staple piece within my skincare routine, something that I will continue to use and at £29.99 it is a great way to introduce yourself to Monu and try their products out if you don't want to break the bank straight away on some of the bigger bottles.

Have you ever tried Monu products?

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